10 best of Let It Roll Winter 2019

10 best of Let It Roll Winter 2019

What experiences can you look forward to live through during Let It Roll Winter 2019? We bring you our 10 tips to give you a hint of what is going to be on the menu for you to enjoy, what are we preparing for you and where is our story heading next.

1) Location is key

Let’s repeat it again: the largest winter drum and bass festival has now moved to the spacious Small Sports Hall (Malá sportovní hala, Výstaviště 67) in the very heart of Prague. Will it be your first time in Prague or are you coming back over and over again, like many others? The Mother of Cities just never gets boring with its endless selection of snack bars, cafés, shops and restaurants. You will have a chance to try pretty much everything – from stylish Japanese “ramen” soups to the coolest fashion boutiques.

2) Two nights – twice as much music!

Sometimes Santa doesn’t bring you all you wanted. But we do! Here it comes: We have expanded the one-day winter edition to a two-day dance ball! What does it mean? It’s a simple formula: more days, more artists, more dancing, more party! If you’ve never been to the summer festival, have no plans for the summer or just need to add another wristband to your collection, Let It Roll Winter 2019 is exactly what you’re looking for!

3) One genre, one wave

Other festivals include artists of various genres – from techno and EDM to hip-hop. But why pay for something you’re not so much into? Let It Roll offers a top-notch drum-and-bass-only programme with a line-up as packed as a Christmas stocking! Instead of thinking about whether it is worth coming to an event with just two artists you like, you will have a hard time making it in time to all your favourite sets, because there will be more DJs than Christmas sweets on your grandma’s table: Legends of 185 bpm production as well as talented newcomers – simply the best of the best under one roof in two days.

4) Wicked stage design

An amazing sound system is one of the things that make Let It Roll what it is. We make use of the best high-end sound options available today so that you can enjoy the best performers in the most complete ways possible – crystal-clear, meaty and ear-pleasing to the last beat. Our unique stage design and light show help create an atmosphere that will just send you to another dimension. We promise the biggest version of the Portal Show so far within the festival’s history.

5) The Let It Roll story goes on

 You will have a chance to witness first-hand another chapter of our story, with every festival being one of its pieces. Each one is unique and irreproducible. This time a new character will enter the stage: a traveller through the galactic Portal who descends through quasar clouds so that she can help the Cyborg Nation with their search for another planet to move to. Accept our invitation to a journey that is absolutely unparalleled. Are Do you think your everyday reality might be boring afterwards? Maybe you’re right. But it is for sure that you won’t be the same again.

6) Opening Show

 All Let It Roll festivals always include an opening show, and Winter 2019 will be no exception. Around 11PM, we will all plunge into the endless roll of musical asteroids and sonic star eruptions, cutting through the curtain of time and space in one elegant blow. All connected. Because you are an inseparable part of Let It Roll – your hearts are connected to one another by passion for sound wizardry. We highly recommend that you don’t miss this highlight of the whole festival. Just make sure you’re in front of the stage in time. It will be worth it!

7) Experience like no other

 Whether you’re planning to come alone, with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or with a bunch of friends – at Let It Roll you willbump into people from all over the world. You can meet new friends, and maybe you will be going to the summer LIR with a new, fresh crew, including your new international mates! Also, a trip to Prague is always worth it– from Hradčany it is just a short walk to the Petřín park, chillout spots at the riverbanks of Vltava (Náplavka) or the National Museum. And one more thing: Since we honour our well-established traditions, you will once again have the opportunity to meet and greet your favourite artists. If you still don’t have the signatures of Etherwood, Ed Rush or Skeptical on your festival flag, don’t forget to bring it along!

8) Beats Evolution Workshops 2019

 If you’re really die-hard fans, you might want to look under the production hood. Wanna see how to make a badass roller track? Or maybe you’re just a professional musician who wants to catch up on the latest trends? Then make the best of your spare time in between the festival evenings and visit the Beats Evolution Workshops. This new option will feaure panel discussions on selected topics with grime, house and techno producers, production Masterclasses with our most successful artists, Demo Listening Sessions with the representatives of Czech labels as well as renowned producers, and many other curiosities from the vast world of electronic music. Come and see that making electronic music is not as easy as it seems. Or just come have a look at the Storm club. For more information see http://beatsevolution.cz.

9) Merchandise, merchandise, merchandise

 No one can take away your precious memories, but why not have a stylish keepsake to remind you of the unique experience you had at Let It Roll? At the festival there will of course be the original Let It Roll merchandise sales points with T-shirts, hoodies, hats and lots of other things essential to every raver’s wardrobe. You can look forward to a brand new clothing collection. And if you’re not into clothing, there are festival posters, of course.

10) Easy payment

Those who have been to our events know that we use cashless wristbands for all payments. This applies to Let It Roll Winter 2019 too. No more lost cash – now you can pay for pretty much anything with just one swipe of your cashless chip. And buying a beer for your friend or a Vodka Red Bull for a charming dancer you’ve just met doesn’t get any easier. You just top up your wristband quickly and dance on. If you’re in trouble, our staff will be more than willing to give you a helping hand. Read more about cashless system.