10 steps for better and improved Let It Roll 2019

10 steps for better and improved Let It Roll 2019

The summer is coming, and time is running out like a spinning record as we prepare for the moment when the gates of the festival will finally open. We are fully aware of the fact that experiencing a great festival is not only about enjoying the magnificent music and dramaturgy, but also being able to enjoy the festival with adequate comfort. We know that there are factors that take your personal experience of the biggest Drum & Bass festival on the planet to another level, so here are the 10 most important improvements you can look forward to this year:

Water: The festival's foundation
We are increasing the number of pumps for water transport, the capacity of reservoirs of domestic water and we are also creating rich water reservoirs for the festival. At Let It Roll 2019, we are going to use the most modern water tanks from France. Hi-tech music AND hi-tech water supply!

Cleanliness is next to godliness
For your comfort, we've put the shower zone closer to the camping area. Apart from that, you can also look forward to a better and more compact solution of the showers themselves - separate cabins and more comfort! Service maintenance several times a day is guaranteed, therefore you can enjoy a shower just like the one at home. So, what's it gonna be? Alone or together?

Safety first
This year, each member of security will have a personal number for easier identification; therefore, if any problem occurs (security member being rude, taking your belongings, etc.), you can easily contact us and tell us specifically who you had a problem with.

Enjoy the summer breeze
Leave your face masks at home! This year we will significantly reduce the dustiness at the festival. All indoor stages will be equipped with a floor so the only dust there will be the result of the detonation from the heavy tracks dropped by the DJs. We are already treating the lawns properly so they are prepared for any tropic weather that might occur.

Toilets within the walking distance
We are expanding the hygienic zones and will keep a constant eye on them too. We will also increase the number of toilets by 30%, meaning two things: you won't have to wait for your turn, and they will be within the walking distance! The new rule is: wherever you are, at least one toilet will be less than 200 meters away.

More shadow
The sun has been shining for 5 billion years and it will keep shining for many more years to come. For Let It Roll 2019 we are creating artificially shielded areas so the hot weather won't bother you as much as the fact that two of your favourite artists are performing at the same time.

Proper lighting
The only place where darkness will rule are the stages under the command of the dark Drum & Bass lords. You will definitely be able to find proper lighting in the camps where we will significantly increase the number of lamps. Getting into your sleeping bag comfortably was never easier. In addition, we are also adding one kilometre of light garlands so leave your headlamps at home!

Music stages within reach
After dozens of hours spent dancing, even the most trained raver will fight with his tired feet. Luckily for you, the distance between the campsites and the festival area will be shortened by half, just like our connecting distances. Would you like a segway anyway? Come on, you can do without! You can also do some DNB step in between moving from one stage to another.

Arctic cold drinks
We are increasing the number of refrigerators, freezers and ice supplies. Tons of ice cubes will cool all drafted lemonades and mixed drinks, so what's it gonna be? Cuba Libre or Bloody Mary?

Eat whatever you feel like
Carbs, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals? We have it all. You can forget about the camping cookers as we are expanding the range of food offered, even in the category of special nutrition, so everyone will find their favourite food in the design food zone. And by the way, we consider gluten-free and vegan food to be the standard.