A stellar drum & bass lineup is heading to Ostrava this month!

Lead by the valedictory performance of the legendary Dutch trio Noisia, the heavyweights of the Drum & Bass scene are coming to Ostrava. The fifth local edition of Let It Roll On Tour will go down on Saturday 23th October 2021. After being forced to reschedule a couple of times, Beatworx are bringing in yet another breathtaking show with a brand new stage design for this year!

Noisia’s the very last performance in the Czech Republic as well as one of their very last performances in general is without a doubt the hottest topic of Let It Roll On Tour 2021. In fall 2019 they have publicly stated they are about to split and continue their future music endeavors separately, leading the Noisia project to cease existing with a plan for their final Farewell Tour to go down during 2020. Based on the circumstances, they were forced to reschedule the aforementioned tour so we are going to have the last chance to enjoy their show at Let It Roll On Tour 2021. And are we in for a treat! Judging by their stellar sets both at August’s Save The Rave festival as well as at Let It Roll’s stage at Hospitality In The Woods event where Skrillex even made an appearance for a couple of minutes, we expect nothing but a spectacular farewell!

Let It Roll On Tour 2021 will be the fifth edition of its name at Ostrava’s Trojhalí Karolina venue, where it has been held annually since 2016. Obviously counting out the last’s years forced gap. During those previous events we were able to witness the performances of the likes of A.M.C, Black Sun Empire, Ed Rush, Gydra, High Contrast, Hybrid Minds, Jade & Mindscape, Katharsys, Macky Gee, Mefjus, Misanthrop, Pendulum (DJ set), Phace, René LaVice, State Of Mind, Teddy Killerz, The Prototypes or The Upbeats. Besides the great DJs, the stage design was changing periodically, too, with the 2019 edition showcasing the infamous The Portal Show. This year we are in for a treat as the brand new stage design and the associated The Renegade Show will be unleashed upon us.

Originally, the fifth edition of Let It Roll On Tour in Ostrave was supposed to go down in April 2020, due to the well-known circumstances it couldn’t happen as planned and had to be rescheduled a couple of times. Now we’re finally good to go and Ostrava will get its promised show headlined by the forefront names in the scene and great DJs alike. Apart from the aforementioned flying Dutchmen we’re about to witness the performances of other superb Drum & Bass producers and DJs – Culture Shock, Levela, Muzz and Neonlight. They will also get a heavy local support by the likes of Bifidus Aktif, C.Phone, Elvis, Madface, N:Force, Pixie, Schooler and Thiew.

The tickets are still available in the 2nd release of presale!