About Us

The history of Let It Roll starts back in 2002 when the Drum & Bass scene is slowly beginning to form in the Czech Republic. Back then there was a long way ahead for the festival to develop into such a scale and worldwide acclaim as we know it today.

The first Let It Roll took place in 2002 in the club called "Mlejn" in Prague and due to its success, the night had to move frequently in the next few years to larger venues such as the legendary "Abaton" club or "Harfa" hall. It also took place outdoors for a few times but remained mainly indoor club/hall event up till 2008 when the first ever Let It Roll Open Air festival took place in the former sandpit called "Oplatil" near the small Czech town "Staré Ždánice". From this breakthrough year the festival grows continuously and attracts more and more foreign visitors each and every year, becoming very popular for the foreign DJs and producers in the process, too. While 2008 festival had the attendance of almost 3000 people, the next year it attracted 4000 visitors. During the 2011 and 2012 years, the festival had the attendance of 7000 people.

The "Oplatil" sandpit's capacity was not enough anymore, so the festival had to move to larger premises. It found a new location in the barracks located in the city of "Benešov" and that's where it took place in 2013 and 2014. During those years, the daily attendance grew to 15000 people. Since 2015, the festival has found its new home at the former military airfield in the town called "Milovice" close to Prague. In its first year there, the daily attendance has surpassed the number of 23000 people and this number is still growing up till today.