All you need to know about The Renegade Festival

All you need to know about The Renegade Festival

We can't wait to meet all of you on the sold-out Renegade Festival. Let's sum up the 10 most important points you should not forget about.



Please follow the festival's visiting rules and respect the strict ban on bringing weapons and narcotics into the festival grounds. Pay attention to the safety of yourself and your friends and do not exceed your limits.



We recommend planning your trip to the festival ahead so you arrive on time. It is possible that any inspections will take place on the access roads, which we unfortunately can't affect and which could delay your arrival to the festival. Please note that the headliners start playing earlier than usual this time.



Due to the current situation, we are following these measures:

  • Antibacterial gels will be placed in the festival area, please use them.
  • Follow the basic hygiene, wash your hands and avoid drinking from the same straws or cups.
  • In the indoor stage it is necessary to have a face mask on the mouth and nose.



At The Renegade Festival, you can pay mainly with cash or credit cards at the main bar. The payment is accepted both in CZK and EUR, however, if you pay with EUR, you will be given back Czech money depending on the rate said on the bar/entrance. 

At the merchandise stand HERE, you will be able to purchase a new collection of  merchandise created for The Renegade Festival. You will be able to buy unisex T-shirt, women tank top, sunglasses and hand fan. At the merchandise stand, only cash is accepted. 

The Renegade Festival is a day festival and the festival area opens at 13:00. The music production starts at 14:00, we recommend coming on time so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing music. We remind you that the headliners are playing during the early hours, don't miss them! The full timetable can be found HERE.

There are two stages at The Renegade Festival - one outdoor, that will play from 14:00 to 22:00. After that, the stage switches to a Silent Disco and after borrowing the headset, you will be able to enjoy proper drum & bass in an original form. The official afterparty will continue on the indoor stage and it ends at 5:00.

The whole festival area is located at the outskirts of Mlékojedy city and because of that we would like to politely ask you to respect the night calm between 22:00 and 06:00. Be considerate of your fellow ravers, who might want to have a good sleep. Also, don’t forget that the musical area is closed between 5:00 to 9:00.

The festival area of The Renegade Festival offers many sports activities + swimming. We would like to ask you to be careful and safe while swimming in the lake. Swimming is at your own risk.

In the festival area, there will be a food zone. You will be able to buy yourself breakfast, burgers, vegan food, pasta and also ice cream.