All you need to know – Let It Roll 2022


All you need to know – Let It Roll 2022

Our summer festival is back! Let It Roll 2022 will take place on August 4-6, 2022 and we can’t wait! Are you going to go to this year’s festival? For all the visitors we’ve prepared an overview of all the practical information which you should keep an eye on whether you’re a crew of experienced festival veterans or first-comers.


All tickets purchased for the original Let It Roll 2020 and Let It Roll 2021 remain automatically valid for this year’s Let It Roll 2022 (of course only if you did not request a refund or voucher for the mentioned tickets – in which case the ticket expires, because its value is converted into a voucher or refunded).

One-day tickets can only be purchased for Friday (Pendulum Live). The ticket is valid from 12:00 on Friday to 14:00 on Saturday and includes entry to the Independent Camp with the option to set up your own tent there. Other one-day tickets will not be available.

The name can be changed online no later than 14 days before the festival. To change your name, please write an e-mail to, where they will change your name after paying a fee of 150 CZK. It will then be possible to change the name on the spot for a fee of 300 CZK.

This option is no longer available. If you cannot attend the festival, you can sell your ticket and have your name changed on it (see name change).

The option to convert your ticket to a voucher is no longer available. If you are the holder of an unused voucher, the money from it will be refunded back to your account after 31 October 2022.

A visitor who proves himself/herself with a disabilty card (with a 3rd degree of disability) and a ticket to the event is allowed to take his/her assistant with him/her free of charge. This exception only applies to those, who need a carer. 


Festival Ticket
This ticket entitles you to enter the festival. If you will stay at the accommodation outside the festival area, it’s easy, because you don’t have to deal with another ticket.

One-day ticket + camp (Friday)
This ticket entitles you to enter the festival and Independent Camp. The ticket is valid on Friday from 12 noon and expires on Saturday at 2 pm. One-day tickets will be available in advance only in this format (One-day entry to the festival + one-day entry to the Independent camp).



How does it work in Independent Camp?
The Independent Camp ticket is a ticket to a standard camping site, where you can set up your own tent wherever there is a place and create your own chill spot with friends. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to camp next to your car or book a place for your caravan both at the aforementioned Independent Camp.


Car & Tent Spot
It is a parcel for your car and your tent of 9x3m in Independent Camp. To camp with a group of friends at a Car & Tent spot, each of you will need your own Independent Camp ticket, but all you need is one Car & Tent Spot ticket, thanks to which you rent the parcel for a car and a tent.

Caravan Spot
It is a parcel for your car and your tent of 9x3m in Independent Camp. To camp with a group of friends on Caravan Spot, each of you will need your own Independent Camp ticket, but you only need one Caravan Spot ticket, thanks to which you rent the parcel for a caravan.


How does it work in Capital Camp?
The Capital Camp ticket is a ticket to more comfortable camping site, where you will find several camping options. The Capital Camp ticket is only valid with one of the following Capital Camp add-ons listed below.
So if you decide to camp with a group in Bell Tent, for example, each of you needs your own Capital Camp ticket, but you only need one Bell Tent ticket, thanks to which you rent a pre-built Bell Tent.

Capital Camp Add-Ons

Spot for 1 tent / 5 tents
Spot for 1 or up to 5 tents, where you can set up your own tent. Everyone who will camp on the spot needs their own Festival and Capital Camp ticket. By purchasing a Spot for 1 tent/5 tents, you are renting a parcel for camping. Spot for 1 tent is large 5x3m, Spot for 5 tents then 10x7m. 

Tent Inn (Black & Fresh / Black & Fresh plus)
Pre-built tent equipped with mats. Everyone who sleeps in Tent Inn needs their own Festival and Capital Camp ticket. By purchasing a Tent Inn ticket, you rent one pre-built tent.

Bell Tent (Grande)
Pre-built luxury tent with mattresses for up to 5 people (in the case of Bell Tent Grande for up to 7 people). Everyone who sleeps at Bell Tent needs their own Festival and Capital Camp ticket. By buying a Bell Tent ticket you rent one pre-built Bell Tent (Grande). Bell Tent (Grande) tickets do not include blankets, but can be rented directly at the festival at Chill Village reception.


When traveling to the festival, you can choose from several modes of transport so choose the most comfortable for you and your whole group. Will you travel together by car and camp at Capital Camp? Do you pack your backpack, buy a ticket and go on our Shuttle bus? Either way, below you will find everything you need to get to us!

Let It Roll 2022 takes place from 4 August to 6 August (festival nights) at Milovice Airport. It is located between Milovice in Central Bohemia and Boží Dar, less than forty kilometers northeast of Prague.

Shuttle buses from the center of Prague and from Václav Havel Airport to the festival will be confirmed during May.


The nearest train station of the festival is called Milovice (okres Nymburk). The direct connection goes from the Prague (Praha, Masarykovo nádraží) and the journey takes about 50 minutes. You can bury tickets at the train station or on the website.


A map of the festival will be available in the month before the festival.

We will publish the time lineup 14 days before the festival.

It is possible to come to the festival on Wednesday, August 3, from 4 pm, when the camp will open. All visitors must leave the camp by 2 pm on Sunday, August 7.

At the information stand you will get information about the festival, the festival program or you can buy hearing protection and a bottle of water (1.5L). Losses and findings will also be collected here. If you have a problem with the organization of the festival in serious cases, please report it to the information stand as soon as possible.

Opening hours: Wednesday 16:00 – Sunday 14:00

Single use of the shower is charged. For visitors with a Capital Camp ticket, the use of showers is free.

There are taps with drinking water in the area and in the camp. You can take empty PET bottles with you and fill them with water inside the festival area. We ask you to close all water taps to avoid unnecessary emptying of tanks, which results in frequent water shortages.


Cups and dishes
The system of washable cups applies to 0.5 l, 0.4 and 0.3 l cups. There is a deposit in the amount of 1 Bolt from the cashless bracelet. You will not find straws or disposable plastic utensils at the festival. All material is 100% compostable.

Waste sorting and tent cleaning
Please help us to properly sort the festival waste into the appropriate bins (aluminum, glass, bio waste – compost, gastro waste – leftovers). At the information stand, you can also sort out unnecessary camping equipment, which will be handed over to homeless people.

Every visitor with a camp ticket will receive a retractable garbage bag upon entering the complex. We ask all visitors to clean up after themselves before leaving the festival. If you need another bag, ask for it at the information stand.

At the Independent Camp you will find the main station for rescue services and firefighters. During the event (Wednesday-Sunday), a non-stop helpline will be available to visitors tel. +420734792970. In the festival area you will also find the Hard & Smart stand, a preventive-intervention rest zone.

Photography and filming at the festival on cameras and mobile phones is permitted. Professional technology recording is only possible by prior arrangement and approved accreditation. When using photos and recordings, it is always necessary to visibly mention where the shots are taken from.
Our video team will be filming on site during the event. Please treat them with respect and consideration, and you may be rewarded with finding yourselves in the festival aftermovie.


  • It is strictly forbidden to open fire in the whole venue including the camp and parking lot. We also kindly ask you to be careful with cigarettes and not to throw away any garbage outside of the garbage bins. 
  • It is forbidden to bring any drinks, food, weapons, drugs, pyrotechnics, laser pointers, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic bottles, camelbacks or any sharp objects that could endanger other visitors to the music area. 
  • You are allowed to bring drinks (maximum of 20 beers and 1L of alcohol or wine) to the camp but it must be in a plastic bottles or cans. 
  • Every visitor is obliged to undergo a security check at the entrance. We would like to thank you in advance for respecting this condition. 
  • Pets are not allowed in the venue.
  • There is a quiet time from 6:00 to 12:00 in the campsite. It is prohibited to play music from any kind of speakers or cars.
  • It is forbidden to bring your own speakers into the camp. It is also forbidden to bring any tools and anything for the construction of shelters, sails and unsecured structures. 

The depository also includes lockable lockers and the ability to charge the phone. The depository is open 24 hours a day from Wednesday 16:00 to Sunday 14:00.

You can find the new Let It Roll collection at the Let It Roll Merchandise stand in the music area or online at the e-shop It is only possible to pay with a cashless bracelet or credit card at this stand.

On Let It Roll you will find two large food zones (on the runway and in the music area), which offer food for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. The campsite has a total of 7 non-stop bars and a café.

A special Platinum Day Bar (Thu 16:00 – 04:00; Fri, Sat 14:00 – 19:00) and Platinum Terrace (Fri, Sat 19:00 – 04:00) is reserved for visitors with a Gold Zone ticket, where selected alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food will be available free of charge.

Let It Roll Festival is cashless. All payments in the festival area are made through a cashless wristband. Read the complete information carefully on our website.

On the runway square (at the runway lockers / depository) you can borrow a power bank for your mobile phone or have your phones and cameras charged.

Even this year, you can measure your blood alcohol level with an alcohol tester. The measurement takes place on the runway at the depository/lockerboxes and the service is for a fee.

We will publish more information about the taxi service at the festival during May.

Thank you for your support and we wish you the best experience at Let It Roll 2022!