Small Sports Hall sold-out for 2 days. That was Let It Roll Winter 2019!

Small Sports Hall sold-out for 2 days. That was Let It Roll Winter 2019!

After Let It Roll Winter 2019, we are standing before a difficult task: How to express the inexpressible? Your participation in this winter’s biggest indoor event has greatly exceeded our expectations. Honestly.The tickets had been disappearing really fast, so we had a hunch that this year’s edition will be special. But the thrilling atmosphere you brought to life during these two nights of relentless dancing has really pushed the boundaries of our wildest dreams. We are now absolutely committed to making next year’s event even better. We believe that imagination has the power to change reality and are ready to prove it to you.

Each year we pay special attention to all the things that make this festival one of its kind. Our main goal is to create a special spirit and atmosphere. We are glad we have succeeded in imprinting this spirit into the new character of the story, because the festival story is also an essential framework for what we do. Having seen your excitement about the Opening Ceremony, we instantly knew that the long months of intense preparation were anything but wasted. Combined with the unique music created by Abis and Current Value, Friday’s monumental opening into the world of the phattest bass lines has left us all astonished. Saturday was only a natural continuation of this fantastic expedition – a trip to the ultimate source of limitless energy.

Your first responses indicate that you liked the overarching concept of both nights, which is great news for us. We wished to offer something to everyone: from lovers of the heaviest bombshell artilleries to smooth liquid enthusiasts and uncompromising deep fans. So far it looks things turned out well. This new arrangement in which world-class artists were spread out evenly across both nights’ programme and played only one stage at a time is a clear sign of how wide-ranging, colourful and diverse our favourite music genre is. By “favourite” we mean, of course, the BEST music genre. And we wanted to prove just that.

We also care about your comfort and safety. New venue in the heart of a European metropolis, fine-tuned cashless system, collaboration with the Hard&Smart team, comfy chill-out zones, neat festival app... We have worked on all this and more over the past months inspired by your feedback and by our experience from the world’s biggest and best festivals. Put simply, all of us want to have fun and not lose time over things that hold us back from fully giving in to the magical world of music. What’s in it for our team? For example the rewarding feeling of seeing our merchandise (which receives a lot of care every year) worn by fans in Berlin, Milan, Copenhagen or Madrid. Music simply connects people, no matter where you are right now. Do you want to know another secret? Completely all of the DJs – from Dimensionto Gydra to Pola & Bryson– appeared to enjoy Let It Roll Winter 2019 with smile on their faces, and we had no reason to doubt their honesty.

In spite of all the positive things said about Let It Roll Winter 2019, we had to face several difficulties during the festival. First of all, we experienced some lineup changes regarding three artists - Dirtyphonics, Hybrid Minds and Nu Elementz - all of them had to cancel their set due to personal reasons which they apologize for and are very sorry about. Because of the last minute changes, we put all of our strength into a substitute solution,  therefore Dirtyphonics were replaced by Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Nu Elementz by Matzet, and the set time for Hybrid Minds was equally divided between Liquidators and Camo & Krooked which we got the most positive feedback for during the whole festival. Moreover, we are already working on booking the artists for our next events so you won’t miss them.

Other than that, we also faced some temperature problems. During the last week, we experienced beautiful weather, however, the temperatures went below zero on Friday and Saturday night. Although we pushed the gates as low as possible and the heating in the hall was on maximum, the warmth and comfort in the back area weren’t as high as we hoped for. Fortunately, you guys are the greatest and you managed to dance the night away anyway.

So far so good. Now what next? Apart from Liquicity Prague in March, there will be Let It Roll On Tour in Ostrava, Imagination Summer, and of course the biggest drum & bass festival in the world: Let It Roll 2019. You can find specific information about these events HERE.

We hope to see you there!