Cashless at Let It Roll Winter 2020! Refund your wristband now

Cashless at Let It Roll Winter 2020! Refund your wristband now

Do you want to experience festival comfortably with Cashless System? Enjoy Let It Roll Winter 2020 safely without waiting in lines and with overview of your financial status!

How you can ask for refund to get your money back find the information below.

Festival wallet
2) A safe way of paying at all saling points at the festival

In the following steps you will find out how our Cashless system works, how you recharge money, how you sign up, and how we return your money. Read carefully.

1 BLT = 50 CZK
1 EUR = 22 CZK

On Top-Up stations will be available to purchase pre-charged wristbands at these values: 
8 BLTs = 18 EUR
16 BLTs =  36 EUR
24 BLTs =  54 EUR

Accepted currency: 
Across the whole area payments only through cashless wristbands are accepted. The cashless currency is Bolt. Bolt’s exchange rate against the Czech crown is 1 BLT = 50 CZK (1 EUR = 22 CZK).

The exceptions are:

  • Tickets > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by credit/debit card
  • Cloakroom > can be paid cashless as well as in cash (CZK and EUR)
  • Lockerboxes > can be paid only cashless
  • Merchandise shop > can be paid cashless, in cash (CZK and EUR) as well as by payment card
  • Recharging cashless wristbands in Top-up stations > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by payment card


There is NO ATM in the festival area, so we recommend that you take enough cash with you. It is also possible to pay by card at the enrance, TOP-UP stations and at merchandise stand. In festival premises, you will be able to pay by Czech crowns and Euro. The exchange rate is 1€ = 22 CZK. You can find a few of them nearby Forum Karlín though..

The visitor has to pick up his cashless wristband at the Top-Up station (it is not handed out at the entrance). Top-Up stations will be located directly opposite to the cloakroom and will be clearly marked. At the Top-Up station you can pay by cash (CZK/EUR) as well as by card. We recommend to come early to avoid waiting in queues and not to miss any of the DJs or the Opening show. To speed up the process, you have the option to buy the pre-charged wristbands. You can top up those at your will once you spend the pre-charged amount.
2) We recommend that you register your bracelet at and you will have an immediate overview of your spend and in case of loss you can block your account, so you will not lose your money and you will be given a new bracelet without any problems. The advantage of registration is also the ability to recharge your bracelet online anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.
3) How do I find I have a low Bolt status on my wristband? When applying a wristband to a payment reader, the status of your account will be displayed at the start of each transaction. You can check the balance also at place marked as “Control balance”.
4) When you run out of Bolts, you can recharge your bracelet at TOP-UP stations or online.
5) If you have money left on your account (min. 3 Bolts) after the festival, you can apply for a refund. To refund the remaining funds from cashless wristbands, you must apply through the refund form at Refunds on site in cash are not possible. We charge 1 Bolt for refunds.

1) It will not be possible to precharge a cashless account online before the event. You can buy your cashless wristbands (and then recharge) right after arriving in the hall. Go to the cloakroom and then pick up your wristband at one of the Top-Up stations. The wristband is free, you pay only the amount of charge (credit).
2) Sign up with email and password (max. 16 characters) at (last year login cannot be used)
3) Enter the number of your wristband and now you can top up online or see the current balance
4)TIP: The easiest way to add a credit to your account is to enable Auto Recharge (section “Cashless settings” on the main page) when you first charge. By activating this feature, your credit will automatically be increased to 10 Bolts when account finance drops below 3 Bolts. Your unused credit will be refunded after the end of the festival once the refund form has been completed.

To refund the remaining funds from cashless wristbands, you must apply through the refund form at Refunds on site in cash are not possible. The remaining funds will be refunded only by transfer to a bank account. The refund in EUR is according to the exchange rate of the sending bank. Eventual bank fees and charges come at the expense of the customer. The refund form will be launched on Sunday 29 February 2020 at 06:00 and closed on 31 March 2020 at 12:00.

Refunds are only possible for cashless accounts with a minimum balance of 3 BLTs. Refund fee 1 BLT is charged.

We’ll help you get your money back in the next steps.

  • Prepare your bracelet with unique numbers found on the back of the chip
  • Sign up with email and password (max. 16 characters) at (last year login cannot be used)
  • Register your bracelet with a 16-digit number on the back of the chip
  • Fill out the refund form and submit
  • Your money will be refunded to you within 1 month from submitting your refund form. Please note that in case of incorrectly entered data, the refund time is extended.


  • The visitor is responsible for providing true information. In case of re-sending the payment or in case of requesting a refund after expiry of the refund period, a one-time fee of 2 Bolts will be charged (please, pay attention to the correctness of the entered data and their timely sending in your own interest)
  • Don’t throw away your chip bracelet after the festival and don’t give it to anyone if you still have money left on it.
  • If you have several different wristbands after the event, you will need to set up a separate cashless account for each wristband (ie you will need several e-mail addresses to register your cashless accounts). Therefore, we recommend that you buy the pre-charged wristband only once and then recharge it.

If there is a situation where you do not know how to use the Cashless system, please contact our Customer Service Center in the festival area (labeled as CUSTOMER CARE), or we can advise you by email at
Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully.
If you have something to say, see if we’ve not already answered your questions in the FAQs.