Cashless FAQs




In this section, you will all the needed information about cashless payment bracelets.






What is the cashless wristband and how does it work? 

Cashless payment systems work similarly to credit/debit cards or travel passes. Your festival wristband will function as a digital wallet to be used for purchases at the festival – payments can be made by simply tapping your wristband to the chip-reading terminal. First you need to top up your wristband with the festival’s digital currency – either online or at Top Up booths in the festival area. 





What is Bolt (BLT)?
Bolt is the official Let It Roll currency. If you want to buy food, drinks or other items at the festival, you have to use Bolts on your cashless account (i.e. the wristband).


Where can I pay with Bolts? 
Most purchases at the festival can only be made using Bolts. You can pay cashless at all catering stalls, beer stalls and others. The exceptions are as follows:

    • Tickets – can be paid in cash (CZK or EUR) and by payment cards
    • Merchandise – can be paid in cash (CZK or EUR) and by cashless
    • Cashless wristband top-up at the booth – can be paid in cash (CZK or EUR) and by payment cards 





Where can I get my wristband?
When you come to check in at the wristband tents at the festival entrance, you will receive a cashless wristband.


Can I get my wristband shipped to me before the festival begins? 
It is not possible to have the bracelet sent in advance.


Does the wristband also replace the ticket?
Yes, the cashless wristband does not only function as your wallet but also as the ticket which allows you to move around the festival area. However, in order to enter the festival area, you also need an original copy of the ticket (in your mobile phone or in print). Also, you should not throw away your paper ticket in case you lose your wristband later. 





How do I set up (register) my online cashless account?

You can create your cashless account since 25.7.2019 17:00 or at time during the festival through the website We will provide the correct unique link to the website with each festival. 

Registration requires a valid email address and some basic contact information. The Intellipay system will then send you an email confirmation – just click the activation button and complete the registration at the website.

Then you can link your account with your ticket number in the “Ticket/Wristband” section. When you arrive to the festival with your ticket, your wristband will be automatically linked with your cashless account.

If you’re registering your cashless account when already at the festival, skip the ticket step and link your cashless account directly with the number of the wristband. You can find the wristband number at the inner side of the chip, below the textile band. Account registration and top-up are free of charge.


What is the cashless account good for and why should I register?

Setting up a cashless account is not required, but we highly recommend doing it – either in advance or right away after arriving to the festival. It will allow you to top up your credit online on the spot, and also to quickly block your wristband if it gets lost or stolen and transfer any remaining funds to a new one. These options are not available without a cashless account! Furthermore it allows you to view history, review spending, download online receipts or apply for a refund of unused credit.


How can I register or connect my wristband with my cashless account?

Sign in to your cashless account and simply add your ticket number in the “Ticket/Wristband” section. If you register your ticket, the wristband will be linked automatically upon pick-up. If you don’t register your ticket, you can register the wristband number directly after receiving it at the festival. Adding your ticket or wristband number is necessary in order to enable the refund of unused Bolts after the festival.


Can I use my cashless account and wristband from the previous Let It Roll?

Unfortunately no. Each event has its separate database, so you need to register a new account. For safety reasons it also not possible to use any wristbands from previous events.


Is it possible to create an account during the festival or after?

Yes, registration is possible even after the festival at, because an account is needed for the refund of unused credit. For this you also need to keep your wristband and add its number in the “Ticket/Wristband” section. You can find the wristband number at the inner side of the chip, below the textile band.


What if I don’t have a ticket, because I am on the guest list?

Contest winners, visitors with the festival tattoo and others who are on the guest list can register their account at the festival and link it directly with their wristband, skipping the ticket step. These visitors can top up their account only after they have received the wristband at the festival.


Is it possible to transfer the funds from an account to a new wristband number, if I already connected a ticket to my cashless account, made a top up and then decided to sell the ticket?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If you decide to sell the ticket that is already connected to your cashless account, please note it is not possible to transfer the funds to another account or refund the top up. This is a security measure to prevent misuse of the cashless account. 





How can I top up Bolts to my wristband?

You can purchase Bolts at one of the Top Up booths at the festival using either cash or payment cards. But if you want to avoid queues and enjoy the festival without worry, you can top up your wristband online, which is possible if you set up a cashless account (in advance or at the festival) and connect it with your ticket or wristband number. Cashless top up is only possible in whole Bolts (i.e. 7 BLT, but not 7.2 BLT).


Can I top up my cashless account before the festival?

Yes. At (more info in the “Ticket/Wristband” section, you will find the option to register the wristband number, but you will only know that after you’ve checked in at the festival site. For this reason, if you need to top up your cashless account before the festival, just add your ticket number, and then you can top up any amount you wish. After you arrive to the festival area and submit your ticket, your cashless account, ticket and wristband will be linked automatically. Adding your ticket or wristband number to your cashless account is also necessary for the potential refund of unused credit after the festival.

Visitors who bought their tickets in the presale via can top up their cashless account without limitations at any time from the launch of the cashless page to the end of the festival.


What time do the Top Up booths open?

The festival area and the Top Up booths open on 31. July 2019 at 16:00.


What is the minimum and maximum top-up amount?

Topping up your cashless account is only possible in whole BLT amounts, i.e. 7 BLT, not 7.2 BLT. To help you with the math, we have prepared a conversion chart, which will be available in the festival guide and at the Top Up booths in the area.

Online top-up: min. 4 Bolts / max. 400 Bolts

On-site top-up: min. 2 Bolts / max. 400 Bolts

When paying in EUR cash, the visitors can top up only with notes (5 EUR and multiples). EUR coins will not be accepted. If the visitor does not have the exact amount in cash, he or she will receive change back according to the cashier’s current options (i.e. either in EUR or in CZK). If possible, please prepare the exact EUR amount.


What is the Auto Top-up option?

The easiest way to top up your account is to use the Enable Auto Top-up function when topping up online. With this function enabled, your account will automatically increase by 10 Bolts whenever your balance drops below 3 Bolts. This way you won’t have to worry if you have enough credit whenever you need to buy something and won’t lose time in the queue at the nearest Top Up booth. The unused credit will be automatically refunded to your bank account after the festival in accordance with the refund policy. The minimum amount to be refunded is 2 Bolts + refund fee of 1 Bolt.

Please keep in mind that auto top-up will not be available if there is a processing error or if your payment is rejected. In that case you need to turn auto top-up off and reactivate it with another successful payment. If the problem persists, please contact our staff at the Customer Care booth. 





What can I pay with my wristband and what in cash?

At the festival you can pay cashless (by tapping the wristband against the chip-reading terminal) for all food, drinks and other items such as festival merchandise. You can only use cash to pay for festival tickets, cashless credit top up and merchandise.


What’s the quickest way to find out that I have a low credit?

Whenever you’re making a payment, the terminal will show the amount of Bolts remaining on your wristband.

If your balance is 6 Bolts or less, the chip will flash orange when applied to the terminal to notify you of low credit.

  • TIP: The easiest way to top up your account is to use the Enable Auto Top-up function when topping up your first credit. With this function enabled, your account will automatically increase by 10 Bolts whenever your balance drops below 3 Bolts. This way you won’t have to worry if you have enough credit whenever you need to buy something and won’t lose time searching for the nearest Top Up booth. Unused credit will be automatically refunded to your bank account after the festival. 





Can I create a shared account with a friend?

If you’re coming to the festival as a couple and want to use a single cashless account, you can do just that by linking two ticket/wristband numbers with your cashless account. In this way you can share the funds in one account. Please note that when processing refunds, we cannot separate who will get how much back to their accounts – the entire sum remaining on a shared account will be refunded to a single bank account.


Can I add more wristbands to my account?

You can add a maximum of two wristbands to your cashless account. Please keep in mind that if you connect two wristbands to a single account, the funds are always being drawn from this one account and cannot be allocated to one or the other wristband specifically. Similarly, the unused credit pertaining to both wristbands will be refunded to one bank account.


Can I split payments with a friend?

No, the payment terminal can only process one transaction at a time. The wristband used to initiate a transaction has to be used for its completion. If you use another wristband during an initiated transaction, the system will return an error. This is a safety function, which secures that the buyer has full control over their expenses.


Can I transfer credit from one account to another?

No, credit cannot be transferred from one personal account to another. Any unused credit will be refunded in accordance with our refund policy. 





What happens if I lose my wristband at the festival?

If you registered a cashless account and linked it with the wristband number before the loss, everything is easy. Just stop by the Customer Care booth – the staff will help you block the cashless wallet and transfer your credit to a new wristband. You can also block a lost wristband yourself in your cashless account: click on the “Freeze” icon in the “Wristband” section.

If you didn’t link your wristband with your cashless account, this option is unfortunately not available, and the situation is similar to losing a wallet with cash. A user who is not registered needs to come to the Customer Care booth, show a valid festival ticket and an ID card matching the name on the ticket, and will then receive another wristband (with no credit). 





What happens with the unspent Bolts remaining in my cashless account?

All the Bolts you have purchased and haven’t spent will be refunded to your account in accordance with the refund conditions (see above). If you only topped up your account online, the money will be automatically returned to your bank account within 15 business days. If you topped up your cashless account at the Top Up booth (doesn’t matter if you paid in cash or by card), you need to submit a request by filling out the refund form at the cashless page. In this scenario, the funds will be returned to the specified bank account within 30 days of filling out the refund form. You can request a refund until the midnight of 9th September 2019 in the “Refund” section of your cashless account. Only wristbands with a balance of 3 BLT or more can be refunded. A fee of 1 BLT is charged for every refund.

The only refund option is having the money returned to your bank account. For foreign accounts, the refund will be made in EUR according to the sending bank’s applicable rates (the selling rate of “Fio banka”).


What are the refund conditions?

Refund is only possible for accounts with 3 BLT or more. We charge a refund fee of 1 BLT.

WARNING! You will need your cashless wristband number to be able to ask for a refund. Do not dispose of your bracelet and keep it with you until you receive the refund.

The credit remaining in your account will be refunded after the festival in accordance with the conditions below:

The lowest refundable amount is 2 Bolts and the refund fee is 1 Bolt (i.e. refund is not possible for accounts with less than 3 Bolts). The refund fee of 1 Bolt applies to all refunds. Please make sure you request your refund in time and make sure you have entered correct information. If you make a mistake in the request and the money needs to be sent again or if you request a refund after the deadline, you will be charged a fee of 2 Bolts. The refund will take place in one of the following ways, depending on the top-up method:


Credit transferred via online top-up will be refunded automatically after the festival to the same payment card within 15 business days after the end of the festival in accordance with the festival’s refund policy. Please note: If you used online top up and top up on the site, it is necessary to fill out refund form. The amount that was topped up online will be returned automatically, the amount topped up on the top up stand will be returned based on the refund form. 



    • If you topped up your account at the festival, whether by cash or card payment, you need to request a refund by filling out the refund form on the website 
    • The refund form will become available on Sunday 4th August 2019 at 12:00 and will close on 9th September 2019 at midnight. If the account has sufficient balance, the money will be sent to the specified bank account within 30 business days of filling out the refund form. Refund at the festival will not be possible. The remaining funds can be only transferred to a bank account.


Can I ask for a refund for more wristbands at the same time?

If you set up a cashless account in advance and link it with two ticket numbers (yours and your partner’s), you will share the funds in the same cashless account and the unused credit will be returned to one bank account. In other cases, 1 wristband = 1 cashless account. 





Is there a fee for topping up Bolts to my account?

No, wristband top up is free of charge.


Is there a fee for the refund of unused Bolt credit?
There is a refund fee of 1 Bolt for returning your unused credit to your account. You can request a refund if you have a balance of 3 Bolts or more. 



If you need more information please contact us at