Privacy Policy – Cashless





We appreciate your confidence. To fulfill your confidence, it is important for you to know which personal data of yours LIR Events s.r.o. (hereinafter “we” or the “Organizer”) collect(s) and how we use such data.





Our personal data protection notice is tailored to fit your needs. The extent to which such notice relates to you depends on the manner in which you will communicate with us. For example, if:

1. you register or otherwise provide your personal data to us, we shall use the data to perform our obligations as well as the obligations of our Partners vis-à-vis yourself in connection with the provision of our services;


2. when you browse our website, we use cookies to offer and provide you perfect experience tailored to your needs. What data we have and where we obtain it We collect and store various types of your data when you register, purchase by wire payments or contact us or use our website, applications and social media.





– We collect and use your data for  a number of reasons, for example for marketing purposes or for other reasons in compliance with legal requirements;
– With whom we share your data and why;
– We may share your data with our Partners, for example with a company providing non-cash services or a team or provider of the place where the festival takes place, and also with other third parties that will share the service provided
–  your choice and rights;
– You are entitled to choose whether you wish to receive marketing communications from us;
– You are also entitled to have access to your data we collect;
– care for your data;
– we always exercise our best efforts to protect your data and we safely delete it when we no longer need it.
– contact data

If you have any queries or if you wish to provide a feedback to us in connection with this notice or with how we handle your data, please do not hesitate to contact us at





– when you register we collect your data depending on the service we provide;
– when you use our website or applications, we collect your data concerning for example your browser or the equipment you use, your IP address, place where you are, website from which you came, for what you used/did not use our website/applications or what website you will visit after you leave our website. For more information on the manner in;
– which we collect such data see our Principles for Using Cookies Files.
– when you use the social media function through our website or applications and contribute to social media platforms, such social medial website provides some of your data to us.





When you register, we use your data so that we can:


– process your data connected with the registration and opening of a non-cash account;
– provide customer support to you.


For the purposes of our rightful business interests


– to perform a market survey and analyses that help us to improve and customize our services in accordance with your needs.
– for marketing purposes, unless you consent is required for such marketing;
– to send e-mails in connection with the registration and wire payments and our

customer service;
– to ensure security of our activities and activities of the Partners of our events;
– to create your profile.





To be able to provide you with information concerning our services, we can do this via e-mail or social networks platforms.





– within the framework of the company that provides us services such as wire payments, marketing, profiling, reporting and technical support;
– we can provide your data to our Partners of events so that they can organize an event and for other reasons stated in their personal data protection principles;
– to third parties that provide services to be able to process and handle your requests;
– to state administrative authorities or other authorized bodies in the events where the law so allows or requires;
– to any successor of our company or a part thereof.





Your rights You also have rights concerning handling with your personal data, in particular the following:

– right to object to our processing of your data.
– right to request that the data is deleted or that further use thereof is prohibited.
– right to request copies of your data stored by us.
– right to correction, change or updating of the data you provided to us (if you have an account with us, you can update your data after you log in).
– right to object to any automated decision made by us in respect of you. Automated decision is a decision made without any human interference that has legal consequences (for example a loan assessment). We typically do not make automated decisions but if we do, we clearly state the cases in which such decisions are made. If you wish to exercise any of your above-mentioned rights, please fill in this form Please take into account that we carefully assess every application we receive but that your rights may differ according to the place of your residence and we may not always be obliged to fulfill your rights. If it so happens, we will explain why.





To care for your data, we take security measures. The security measures used by us depend on the kind of data we collect. We only keep your data for the period required for the provision of the services requested by you, for the purposes stated in these Principles and for all legal purposes for which we are obliged to keep the data. As soon as your data is not necessary for such purposes, we shall safely delete it in compliance with the principles of our company. If you need more information or copies of the relevant documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.





If you have any queries concerning the above-mentioned facts or our approach to the protection of privacy, you can contact our specialized personal data protection department, including our personal data protection officer:


You can also contact the Personal Data Protection Office but we recommend that you first contact us.