Terms & Conditions – Cashless







1. To obtain a refund for the balance remaining, each customer is required to have created a Cashless account and linked their wristband to it. Without an account and linked wristband, refunds are not possible. Minimum refundable amount is 3  BLT (150 CZK) – 1 BLT (50 CZK) is refund processing fee.


2. Customers without a Cashless account will be required to create one and complete the necessary Refund Form which can be found on the Cashless web page https://letitroll.pay.intellifest.com/ .


3. Customers cannot claim a refund if they are unable to supply their wristband UID and Security number (during the refund application process). To create a Cashless account and link your card, go to https://letitroll.pay.intellifest.com and click “register on the top of the page.


4. A customer may submit a refund application up to midnight on the 9. 9. 2019, any claim after this date will not be legible for a refund.


5. Customers are fully responsible for the accuracy of bank details provided on the refund application. Second and subsequent refund attempts due to incorrect bank details being entered will incur a 1 BLT – 50 CZK administration fee.


6. All refunds shall be processed within 15 business days of application.





7. The customer is wholly responsible for the protection for any funds uploaded to their Cashless account powered by IntelliPay. The event promoter, Intellitix or any other subcontractors are not liable for any misspent or fraudulent activity on the customers Cashless account due to loss of wristband or any other reason.


8. The customer is responsible for deactivating their wristband and dissociating it from their Cashless account if lost or at risk.


9. The customer is responsible for any and all costs incurred accessing the Cashless / IntelliPay website, whether this be Internet, WiFi, data or any other costs incurred.


10. Any complimentary credits or bonuses received if any are not eligible for refund (e.g., any ‘free’, bonus’ or ‘reward’ credits applied to the customer account as a competition prize, incentives or any other reason).


11. The event promoter reserve its right to deny access to the Festival and furthermore reserve the right to deactivate Cashless accounts and RFID wristband if deem necessary.


12. The standard data protection and privacy policies found in privacy apply.
The festival decided to satisfy the visitors and for that reason the minimal refundable amount and the refund fee has been cancelled.



If you have any other questions, please take a look in the FAQs section first – the answer you’re looking for may already be there. If you have any issues with the chip, payments or top-up (before, during or after the festival), please contact our customer support – either at the Customer Care booth or at cashless@letitroll.cz.