Let It Roll 2018 reveals the details about the opening ceremony

Let It Roll, the year’s greatest drum and bass celebration, starts in less than a month! This is why the organizers revealed a few things about this year’s opening show –a grandiose ceremony that is absolutely unparalleled among all Czech festivals.  LET IT ROLL OPENING SHOW 2018 BY ABIS | JOE FORD | RIDO | …

3x DJ Contest

Winners of the best DJ set contest will have the opportunity to open the Shredder Stage on Thursday and Underworld Stage or the Shredder Stage on Friday at Let It Roll 2018. This contest is only for DJs who don’t have a confirmed show at this year’s LIR. LET IT ROLL 2018 – 3X DJ …

Let It Roll 2018 will host 17 dnb labels!

There really will be a great selection. A total of 17 overseas labels have accepted their invitation to this Let It Roll 2018. Spearhead Records, Technique Recordings, Get Hype, MethLab Recordings a Bunker will get the chance to introduce their shows for the very first time.

Let It Roll 2018 venue confirmed!

We are very happy that it’s finally official and we can confirm this year’s Milovice Airbase as the place of Let It Roll. In addition to the festival area, we have more news this year!