Enjoy the new “Unreleased” series!

Immortalz, we decided to end this incredibly long year in a big style. We have released our own game, we have a new merchandise collection for you, and now we have another great gift for you. Over the next few weeks, we have prepared a special series for you, in which we will publish unreleased sets from Let It Roll that no one has ever seen! And you know very well what they are.


Publishing sets is a big topic for us, and even though we record several of them every year, we can’t always release them. It is often the artist or his management who doesn’t approve of the publication of the set, for several reasons. The most common one is that in his set he plays unreleased tracks (whether his own or someone else’s), which can’t see the light of the Internet just yet. It has been some time since the last sets though and now you’ll get something you have been longing for so long.


We will publish the unreleased sets on our YouTube channel Let It Roll .festival, which we recommend to subscribe to so that you do not miss anything. Now, let’s enjoy the first unreleased set together. It was summer 2019, minutes before midnight, and you just started gathering on the Portal stage looking forward to a unique performance that sold out clubs across the UK. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s enjoy the Outline show by Hybrid Minds ft. Charlotte Haining and Tempza.