Event organizer’s extended terms

Event organizer’s extended terms

Event organizer's extended terms
The organizer is not liable for the validity of tickets purchased outside the official sale. The official tickets sale is only available at www.letitroll.cz / www.letitroll.eu (through GoOut), in GoOut stores and at Festicket.com.

Festival tickets are name bound and are non-transferable (this does not apply to festival services).
The buyer is obliged to check the accuracy of the data before the tickets are paid - the name and surname of the ticket holder listed on the ticket must correspond with the person who visits the festival. The name will be checked on site. A valid document (ID, driver's licence, etc.) will be required.

Ticket refunds
Tickets purchased on the official Let It Roll website can be refunded at least 14 days before the event (no refunds are possible on the door). The full price of tickets will be refunded after paying the refund fee of 7 €. To process a refund, you must cancel the entire order. For refunds, please contact GoOut (info@goout.cz). If you purchased tickets at Festicket.com, refunds will only be granted if you have purchased a "Refund Protection" in advance, full information can be found on the Festicket.com.

Tickets purchased at Storm Club are registered on name. Is NOT possible to change the name on the ticket and cannot be refunded.

Name changes of festival tickets
Change the name is possible at least 14 days before the event, for a fee of 7 €. If you purchased tickets on Let It Roll website, please contact GoOut (info@goout.cz) to change your name. If you buy tickets via Festicket.com, you need to fill in a contact form on their website. Change of name at festival ticket can also be solved at the venue of the festival (Customer care stand, fee to be confirmed).

Do you need to change the name on the ticket you’ve bought for Let It Roll Winter 2019?
The ticket is valid only in the hands of the person whose name is written on it. The name can be changed on the doors for a flat fee of 250 CZK. Please print out your ticket and come to the Customer Care cash desk near the Accreditation.


We do not guarantee the validity of the tickets bought outside official pre-sale.
Please note that after purchasing the Combo ticket for LIR WINTER + LIR OA it is NOT possible to change the name on the ticket or ask for a refund in the GoOut network.