When: 01.08.2019 20:00 - 04.08.2019
Venue: Czech republic - Milovice Airfield

Experience 3 nights of unforgettable ride at the world's biggest Drum & Bass festival. Let It Roll is your gateway to the world of unique stage design, each year uncovering another chapter in the story of robots.













Let It Roll is strenghtening its status as the biggest Drum & Bass festival in the world each and every year. The last year surpassed the milestone of 20 000 visitors and DnB fans. The 12th edition of the open air festival will take place in 2019 and Drum & Bass fans can already look forward to more than 9 stages, bus parties and more than 330 artists performing during 3 days and nights full of raving. Let It Roll 2019 will of course feature the most impressive decorations, light shows and fireworks and it starts on Thursday, 1st August. 
Let It Roll is not just about the artists and big stages, but most importantly about the visitors who have been joining us each year and thus became part of the festival. People from all around the world come to Czech Republic to enjoy their beloved music and to give it their all using the energy they’ve gathered throughout the entire year.



Festival transport to/from Prague will be available again for Let It Roll 2019. The complete timetable for Shuttle buses as well as ticket pre-sales will be announced soon.

You can find all the information about the ongoing Let It Roll 2019 pre-sale in the TICKETS section.
Please note that after purchasing the Combo ticket for LIR WINTER + LIR OA it is NOT possible to change the name on the ticket or ask for a refund in the GoOut network.

Festival parking lots will be available and you can get your parking ticket right on the spot. More information about parking and the ticket pre-sale will be announced soon.

Let It Roll festival offers a wide array of accomodation each year. Pre-sale for basic camping in the festival camp will be available shortly or you can rent your tent parcel right on the spot. If you’re planning to camp at the festival, you will be able to choose from 2 camps plus extra services. Please note that demand for some of the services is very high and those can therefore sell out before the festival, so we advise you to get your chosen options in time.

More information about the camps and services and about the pre-sale willl be announced soon.

Opening hours of the festival area will be announced 2 weeks before the festival at the very latest.

The full lineup with the exact set times will be announced 2 weeks before the festival at the very latest.

The Bus Parties are back for Let It Roll 2019! If you haven’t been to one of our Bus Parties before, you’re in for a treat – you won’t get kicked out of this bus for listening to loud music as that’s exactly what everyone gets on board for. We’re not stopping for anyone so get your ticket while you still can!

We’ll be announcing the list of our Bus Parties in Spring 2019.

As in the previous last 2 years, Let It Roll 2019 will be using a cashless payment system, meaning each and every transaction in the festival area will be processed through a cashless bracelet. Full information about cashless will be announced a month before the festival.

We’re trying our best to keep the environmental impact of our festival to the very minimum. We therefore use arefundable and washable cup (0,5l & 0,3l) system. There’s a deposit for each cup you get at the festival and each wristband has 5 pre-loaded tokens for cup refunds. No more paper tokens, everything is processed through the wristband. Once you have refunded 5 cups, there will be no more cup refunds available.

It is strictly forbidden to start fires throughout the festival area outside of the reserved grill zones – camping areas and parking lot included! In the grill zones only grills with metal containers are allowed. Due to the high risk of fire we kindly ask you to be cautious while smoking and dispose of cigarette stubs responsibly. We kindly ask our visitors to maintain tidiness and to respect nature.
It is forbidden to bring food, drinks, narcotic and psychotropic substances or weapons of any kind into the music area of the festival. It is allowed to bring your own drinks to the camps, but those need to be in plastic bottles. It is strictly forbidden to bring glass into both camps and the music area. Security checks will be performed at the entrances. This is an important feature concerning the safety of all visitors and employees alike hence we’d like to thank you in advance for respecting it. Dogs are not allowed to enter either the camps or the festival area (regulation of the landowner). It is allowed to bring a maximum of 20 beers and 1 l of spirits per person into the camp area (none of those can be in glass though).
The “Sleep Mode” in camp applies daily from 6:00 to 12:00, meaning any kind of music production (either from cars or own soundsystems) is strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to bring your own soundsystems as well as power units to camps. It is also forbidden to bring any kind of tools or anything designed for building sheds, sails and other unsecured structures. Grilling is not allowed in the festival area and camps. It is only allowed in the special zones – “GRILL ZONE”. It is also strictly forbidden to bring glass, weapons and explosives into the camps. Every visitor is obliged to undergo a personal security check carried out by the festival security.
In case of bad weather: We strongly advise bringing appropriate “festival” footwear. Apart from sports shoes and flipflops, it is also good to bring wellies and raincoats as we can’t guarantee good stable weather throughout the whole festival. 4 of our 9 stages are situated under a fixed roof. Main Stage, Factory and Shredder are fully open-air stages (completely without roofs).
In case of a severe thunderstorm or gale the music production will stop and all visitors will be asked to leave the music area until further notice. We kindly ask you to follow this instruction which is crucial to avoid potential harm.
Your own festival garbage: each visitor with a valid ticket gets his own garbage bag when picking up his festival wristband. This bag is designed for collecting your own festival garbage in the camp area. Once your bag is full, tie it tightly and bring it to the closest bin. You can get extra garbage bags at the information stand on request in case one is not enough.

The ambulance and fire brigade headquarters will be situated in the camp area. The exact location will be published alongside the festival map.

An information stand is there to provide all the up-to-date information about the festival to the visitors. You can also get information about the festival program, a printed festival map or buy hearing protection there. It is also the place for gathering lost & found property. In case there’s a serious problem with the festival’s organisation, please report it at the information stand. You can also take an alcohol test there.

More info coming soon.

Get dressed in style and show the world exactly how much you’re looking forward to your favourite festival. The designer Let It Roll 2019 clothing will be made by Escape Wear and DNB Store.

www.escapewear.cz | www.dnbstore.cz


There’s a dedicated professional company taking care of showers and mobile toilets each year and Let It Roll 2019 will be no different. We will provide more information about capacities and provider soon.

We would like to kindly ask our visitors to keep the taps closed while not using them as the water tanks get depleted quickly while the water flows continuously, leading to a possible lack of water.


We’re trying to meet our visitors’ expectations and requirements which is why we add new food stands and items to the menu each year. We’re doing our best to meet the demand for vegan and vegetarian food as well as to offer great meals for meat lovers.
More information about food coming soon.

More information about ATMs coming soon.

Better safe than sorry! As usual, Let It Roll 2019 will provide an option for you to take an alcohol breath test. More information about prices and locations of the tests coming soon.


We used our cashless festival system for the second year in a row and we’ll be using it for Let It Roll 2019 again.
Information about the cashless festival system as well as information about registration will be revealed soon.



The chip-enabled wristband does functions not only as a “ticket” that allows visitors to move around the festival area, but also as a cashless wallet. Every visitor will receive their own wristband when entering the festival area.

It is possible to top up your cashless account online in advance (before the festival begins) or after arrival to the festival area (either online or in person at the Top Up booth).

The cashless account will use the festival’s currency – Bolts. At every Top Up booth and in the festival guide there will be a currency converter to help you with the math.

After the end of the festival, you can ask for a refund of the credit remaining in your cashless wallet to your bank account. For that you will need your wristband number (keep your wristband!) and a registered cashless account with a valid email address. Please read the refund conditions below.


What is the cashless wristband and how does it work?

Cashless payment systems work similarly to credit/debit cards or travel passes. Your festival wristband will function as a digital wallet to be used for purchases at the festival – payments can be made by simply tapping your wristband to the chip-reading terminal. First you need to top up your wristband with the festival’s digital currency – either online or at Top Up booths in the festival area.


What is Bolt (BLT)?

Bolt is the official Let It Roll currency. If you want to buy food, drinks or other items at the festival, you have to use Bolts on your cashless account (i.e. the wristband).

Where can I pay with Bolts?

Most purchases at the festival can only be made using Bolts. You can pay cashless at all catering stalls, beer stalls and others. The exceptions are as follows:

  • Tickets – can be paid in cash (CZK or EUR) and by payment cards
  • Merchandise – can be paid in cash (CZK or EUR) and by cashless
  • Cashless wristband top-up at the booth – can be paid in cash (CZK or EUR) and by payment cards


Where can I get my wristband?

When you come to check in at the wristband tents at the festival entrance, you will receive a cashless wristband.

Can I get my wristband shipped to me before the festival begins?

This service is currently available only to those who purchase the VIP Package ticket. Other visitors will receive their wristband at the festival. 

Does the wristband also replace the ticket?

Yes, the cashless wristband not only functions as your wallet but also as the ticket which allows you to move around the festival area. However, in order to enter the festival area, you also need an original copy of the ticket (on your mobile phone or in print). Also, you should not throw away your paper ticket in case you lose your wristband later.


How do I set up (register) my online cashless account?

You can register your cashless account in advance two weeks before the festival or anytime at the festival. Registration requires a valid email address and some basic contact information. The Intellipay system will then send you an email confirmation – just click the activation button and complete the registration on the website.

Then you can link your account with your ticket number in the “Ticket/Wristband” section. When you arrive to the festival with your ticket, your wristband will be automatically linked with your cashless account.

If you’re registering your cashless account when already at the festival, skip the ticket step and link your cashless account directly with the number of the wristband. You can find the wristband number at the inner side of the chip, below the textile band. Account registration and top-up are free of charge.

What is the cashless account good for and why should I register?

Setting up a cashless account is not required, but we highly recommend doing it – either in advance or right away after arriving to the festival. It will allow you to top up your credit online on the spot, and also to quickly block your wristband if it gets lost or stolen and transfer any remaining funds to a new one. These options are not available without a cashless account! Furthermore it allows you to view your history, review spending, download online receipts or apply for a refund of unused credit.

How can I register or connect my wristband with my cashless account?

Sign in to your cashless account and simply add your ticket number in the “Ticket/Wristband” section. If you register your ticket, the wristband will be linked automatically upon pick-up. If you don’t register your ticket, you can register the wristband number directly after receiving it at the festival. Adding your ticket or wristband number is necessary in order to enable the refund of unused Bolts after the festival.

Can I use my cashless account and wristband from the previous Let It Roll?

Unfortunately no. Each event has its separate database, so you need to register a new account. For security reasons it also not possible to use any wristbands from previous events.

Is it possible to create an account during the festival or after?

Yes, registration is possible even after the festival, because an account is needed for the refund of unused credit. For this you also need to keep your wristband and add its number in the “Ticket/Wristband” section. You can find the wristband number on the inner side of the chip, below the textile band.

What if I don’t have a ticket, because I am on the guest list?

Contest winners, visitors with the festival tattoo and others who are on the guest list can register their account at the festival and link it directly with their wristband, skipping the ticket step. These visitors can top up their account only after they have received the wristband at the festival.

More  information about charging bracelets, shared accounts, or refunds coming soon.


It’s easy to get to the Czech Republic.


The main principle of the Schengen Area is the free movement of persons across country borders within the European Union. In other words, when you’re travelling from one EU country to another, you don’t need any special visa – a valid passport or personal ID is enough.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule: countries that are required to have visa. You can find the list of such countries including information on how to obtain visa HERE

Also please keep in mind that you need to get medical insurance. This is very important when you’re travelling abroad, as you never know what might happen and when you may be in need of free-of-charge medical care.

If you’re heading for the festival from far away (even across the ocean), we advise taking a flight landing at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. You can find the cheapest flight tickets on SKYSCANNER.



If you’re from countries neighboring the Czech Republic, you can opt not only for plane, but can also take a train or a bus going to Prague.



More information about the BUSTOURS will be announced alongside the festival venue.

You can find train timetables at GoEuro

Each year we’re arranging shuttle buses going from Prague right to the festival site. This year won’t be any different. We will announce all the information about the stops and running times of the buses soon.

The exact location of the festival will be announced very soon alongside all the information and tips on how to get to the festival easily, quickly and safely.


At the festival: The accommodation services are now available to buy in “TICKETS” section.

In a hotel: More information coming soon at Festicket.


Get dressed in style and show the world exactly how much you’re looking forward to your favourite festival. The designer Let It Roll 2019 clothing will be made by Escape Wear and DNB Store.



What is the minimum age for Let It Roll?

Our festival is for visitors of 15+ years of age. Of course rules of no cigarettes and alcohol applies for under 18s, but other than that they are more than welcome in Let It Roll.


Can I buy festival tickets as a gift?

You can buy tickets as a festival gift. Just fill in the lucky person’s name in the Visitor name section during the buying process.

Does the festival ticket include camping?

No, it does not. The festival ticket allows you only to entrance to the festival.

Does the Gold Zone ticket include camping?

No, it does not. The Gold Zone is only a service with all inclusive drinks and food, entry to the Day bar and Platinum terrace.

In case I can’t attend the event is it possible to refund the tickets?

Yes, that is possible. For refunds or name change, please, contact Goout directly at info@goout.cz. Please include your request, full name and order details. A refund fee of 7€ needs to be paid.

Can I also refund Let It Roll Winter + Summer Combo tickets?

Yes, but there is an important rule that comes with it. You can refund your ticket either before the Let It Roll Winter event. Tickets can be refunded 14 days before the festival at the latest.

Can I refund my tickets even a week before the festival?

No, you can refund your tickets 14 days before the festival at the latest.

Can I change the name on the ticket?

Yes, you can, but only the owner of the ticket can do it. It’s the same process as with refunds – please contact Goout directly at info@goout.cz. A fee of 7 € needs to be paid. You will get all the information from Goout.

I paid for all my tickets but I haven’t received them?

Check your spam folder first. If your tickets are not there, please contact Goout at info@goout.cz. They will help you with that.


Will there be a shuttle bus going from Prague?

Like every year, there will be shuttle buses available. Full offer can be found in Tickets section.

Can I bring a shelter?

Garden shelters or tents can be brought but in case of an upcoming storm or strong wind, they must be taken down.

Can I pay in Euros at Let It Roll?

Let It Roll is a cashless festival where you can pay only with your wristband. Since Let It Roll is cashless you will be able to pay in cash only at the festival entry (EUR will be accepted) and the Let It Roll official merchandise tent.

What are the prices at Let It Roll?

At the meal stands and at the bars, you will be able to purchase drinks for the average price of 1-1,5 Bolts and meals for 2-3 Bolts.

Are there any places where I can charge my phone?

A special tent with a service staff will be placed in the festival area. You can put your phone or camera there for a tiny fee and pick it up when it’s fully charged. If you are staying in Tent Inn or Chill Village (with Bell Tents) you can also do this at the reception.

Can I bring my camera to the festival site?

Cameras are allowed in the festival area but using photo or video output for commercial purposes  is forbidden and must be discussed with the festival promoters. For further information please contact us at info@letitroll.eu.

Will it be possible to store my valuables and luggage?

Every year you can store your valuables and luggage to ensure their safety. There will be a luggage depository available for big luggage and smaller locker boxes with a key for your valuables for a small fee. You can use them during the whole festival. To be sure that there are still locker boxes available, you can buy the tickets online in the Ticket section.


I signed up for the cheapest Let It Roll tickets last year. Do I have to do it again?

No, you don’t. We will send you an e-mail with a promo code once ticket sales start. And that has already happened this year.

Will there be a DJ contest at the Let It Roll festival?

You can find all contest on our website and official Facebook page. We will announce everything there when the time comes.

How do you choose the artists who play at the festival?

The artists are always chosen based on negotiation with their agents. In many cases, they are even booked one year ahead and it is sometimes complicated to build the right line up because of availability. However, we always choose by visitors’ and our own passion for the genre combined to built unique line-up each year.