Let It Roll On Tour: Ostrava 2022

22. 10. 2022

Trojhalí Karolina, Ostrava, Czech republic

Let It Roll will visit the roughest city in the Czech Republic again in 2022! We will meet you in Ostrava for the regular Let It Roll On Tour on October 22nd, where our intergalactic traveller Eve will welcome you with open arms at the Trojhala Karolina. Make sure you set your countdowns right, this is going to be hell of a ride!


Useful information

The eight annual Let It Roll On Tour will take place in the historic premises of Trojhalí Karolina. You can look forward to a newly renovated industrial space with a capacity of 3 000 people.

GPS: 49 ° 49’49,158 ″ N, 18 ° 17’0,530 ″ E

Adress: K Trojhalí 3361/5, 702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava


LET IT ROLL ON TOUR will be held for the seventh time in Trojhalí Karolina. These industrial premises are located right in the center of Ostrava, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy travel around the city.

GPS: 49 ° 49’49,158 ″ N, 18 ° 17’0,530 ″ E

Adress: K Trojhalí 3361/5, 702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava

These industrial premises are located right in the center of Ostrava, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy travel around the city. The nearest public transport stop is Karolina. The hall is located 800m/10 min. walk from this stop. You can easily get to Ostrava by train or bus.

How to get to Ostrava to Trojhalí Karolina?


Trains run to Ostrava from all major cities.

  • Ostrava – Stodolní (Regiojet) train station (1 km / 15 min. walk from the venue)
  • train station Ostrava hl. nádraží (Pendolino, Leo Express) (connection tram stop Hlavní nádraží Ostrava – stop Karolina)
  • Ostrava střed (ČD) train station (1 km / 15 min. walk from the venue)


  • Ostrava ÚAN bus stop (1 km / 15 min. walk from the venue)


Public transport:

  • Karolina tram stop (800 m / 10 min. walk from the venue).


We do not recommend driving to the event due to problematic parking around the hall. Possibility to park them only in the adjacent streets.


Whether you come to Let It Roll On Tour by train or car and want to see Ostrava, then go to K Trojhalí 3361/5, 702 00 Ostrava – Moravská Ostrava


The event area opens at 20:00, when the music production begins and closes at 6:00 together with the end of the music production. The minimum age for visiting the festival is 16. Visitors under the age of 16 will not be admitted to the festival. After leaving the premises, the ticket expires


A visitor who can prove himself/herself with a ZTP/P card (or 3rd degree of disability) and a ticket to the event is allowed to take his/her assistant with him/her free of charge. This exception does not apply to holders of disability (or degree II of disability).

Vstupenky je možné zakoupit také osobne a to na následujících místech: 
  • Prodejna Quiksilver – nákupní centrum Forum Nová Karolina
  • Klub Fabric – na baru během eventů (víkendy)

Cena vstupenky je 700,- CZK a je možné platit pouze v hotovosti.



Visitors who have bought a ticket in advance will come to the so-called strapping tent. Avoid buying tickets from resellers – all tickets pass through the reading device when entering the premises and their reuse is not possible. We recommend that you come at 20:00 to avoid unnecessary queues, not to miss some of the foreign performers and also to have the opportunity to buy Let It Roll merchandise.
Accreditations will open at 19:30 and are located as well as the cash desk in front of the hall. Don’t forget to bring your ID card, necessary for your identification at accreditations.




At the festival you can pay by card at the entrance, merchandise, cloakroom and at the main bar to the right of the main entrance. Of course, it is also possible to pay in cash, both in Czech crowns and in euros. There will be no ATM in the event area, so please bring enough cash with you.


It is forbidden to bring into the premises any drinks, food, weapons, drugs, pyrotechnics, laser pointers, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic bottles, camelbacks or any sharp objects that could endanger other visitors. Dealers who are caught on the premises selling drugs will be handed over to the Czech police with the assistance of security guards. If you meet such a person, please let our security guard know.
Every visitor is obliged to undergo a security check, for which we thank you in advance. We ask that visitors avoid pushing during the queue, as this will not speed up your entry to the festival. Smoking is prohibited in the Trojhalí Karolina hall – please respect it. During the event, our video team will shoot on the spot. Please be considerate of them and the reward for this may be your participation in the festival aftermovie.


The cloakroom will be available on the left side behind the entrance to the hall. It will be possible to store 1 piece of clothing for CZK 40, a backpack or other luggage for CZK 50. We ask all visitors to place their backpacks or other luggage in the locker room for the night and not bother other visitors, at the same time to prevent loss/damage to the thing.


There will be three large bars. As every year, you will find premium alcohol in the assortment. During the festival, a food stand will be open in the outdoor part of the hall.


In the hall there are ceramic toilets located in the basement. Outside in front of the hall, mobile toilets will also be available.


An emergency service will be present on site. Security and firefighters will also pass through the hall, ensuring the safety of us all. Please report any problem immediately to our security guard.


To save the environment from tons of waste, we again use reusable cups. The deposit for one cup will be 50 CZK. When purchasing another drink, each cup will be replaced with a clean one. The cups can be returned at the bars. Damaged or otherwise devalued cups cannot be redeemed.


Let It Roll On Tour will be sounded by a professional audio (PA) system from Funktion One. We recommend visitors to take earplugs with them to protect their hearing.


Photography and filming at the festival on cameras, camcorders and mobile phones is permitted. Recording with a professional camera is only possible by prior arrangement and approved accreditation. When using photos and recordings, it is always necessary to visibly mention where the shots are taken from.
If you are interested in press accreditation for the event, please contact us at info@letitroll.cz.


Smoking is prohibited in the Trojhalí Karolina lobby. Please respect it.


We recommend early booking in Ostrava and the surrounding area, so you can arrange accommodation according to your own ideas and at an affordable price.

LIR On Tour is due to the measures taken by Ministry of Health being moved to 2021

On Saturday, October 10, we were supposed to meet again in Trojhalí, Ostrava, and enjoy the next edition of Let It Roll On Tour, but unfortunately we will not be allowed to do so by the Government of the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that in recent days the Ministry of Health has announced that its new measures are in favor of the organizers of music events, it has done the exact opposite. According to his latest decision, all events with a capacity over 1,000 must be exclusively seated. In case of non-compliance with this regulation, the organizer faces a fine of up to 3 million crowns. Negotiations in an effort to call off this new restriction were unfortunately unsuccessful.

It’s a big blow to us. We did everything we could to make sure the Let It Roll On Tour in October will go ahead. We have drawn up a proposal to implement an action divided into several sectors. Despite the fact that meeting all the requirements arising from the previous measures (sectors, revolving stage) was a huge cost and a lot of extra work for us, we wanted to keep our promise and organize the event for you. Unfortunately, the latest measure is an imaginary last straw with which we are no longer able to do anything. However, even today we would like to call for a drum & bass scene, even if it hurts, we have a solution ready.

We do not cancel the Ostrava LIR On Tour, we move it to Saturday, October 23, 2021. We will negotiate with all the performers so that we can soon confirm the line up you deserve. Your tickets remain valid for 2021. If the date does not suit you, you can request a voucher at info@goout.cz with a subject “LIR On Tour voucher”. If it is not used by October 31, 2021, your money will be refunded automatically. The money for the purchased sectors will be refunded to you automatically.

We believe, and statements by Government officials have repeatedly assured us that the situation should stabilize permanently during the spring and all reasons for limiting mass action should disappear. We believe that we will meet in 2021 and enjoy Let It Roll as we are used to.

Stay strong!

Let It Roll & Beatworx team