When: 22.02.2019 - 23.02.2019
Venue: Small Sport Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

Let It Roll Winter brings you a 2-day event right in the centre of Prague. Join the festival to experience a selection of great Drum & Bass producers, a magnificent stage design and last but not least - an unforgettable weekend in Prague.




FRIDAY 22. 2. 2019

SATURDAY 23. 2. 2019







The next edition of Let It Roll Winter (2019) will take place in Incheba Arena – Small Sport Hall. This time, we’re taking the action right to Prague’s city center to make it easily accessible to everyone.


Map of parking and entrance.


Cashless at Let It Roll Winter 2019

Following the positive experience, we are introducing a cashless payment system for the Let It Roll Winter 2019 as well. You can find more info right in this section. Please read carefully to get to know our cashless system. 



It will not be possible to precharge a cashless account online before the event. You can buy your cashless wristbands (and then recharge) right after arriving in the hall. Go to the cloakroom and then pick up your wristband at one of the Top-Up stations. The wristband is free, you pay only the amount of charge (credit).

  • TIP: We recommend buying pre-charged bracelets to speed up the buying process.

The cashless wristband serves only as means of payment, not as ticket. The color of the wristband only distinguishes the pre-charged amount.

The minimum balance for refund purposes is 2 BLTs. Refund fee for processing the refund is 1 BLT.

The Cashless Website for your account registration and refund: letitrollwinter.pay.intellifest.com. Please be informed that you cannot use your account from previous events and have to make a new registration.

You cannot pair more wristbands under one cashless account. Each wristband must be registered under a separate cashless account on the above mentioned website.

Opening the premises and launching cashless wristbands: 

The area will be open for visitors from 19:00, when the sale of cashless wristbands is also started. The visitor does not get the cashless wristband right at the entrance, but he has to pick it up in the lobby in Top-Up station. The top-up stations will be placed behind the hall entry and will be properly marked.

We strongly recommend an early arrival to prevent the creation of queues, so you would not miss any of the program. A purchase of pre-charged wristbands will also help speed up the buying process.

Accepted currency: 

Across the whole area payments only through cashless wristbands are accepted. 

The cashless currency is Bolt. Bolt’s exchange rate against the Czech crown is 1 BLT = 50 CZK (1 EUR = 22 CZK).

The exceptions are: 

  • Tickets > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by credit/debit card
  • Cloakroom > can be paid cashless as well as in cash (CZK and EUR)
  • Lockerboxes > can be paid only in cash (CZK and EUR)
  • Merchandise shop > can be paid cashless, in cash (CZK and EUR) as well as by payment card
  • Recharging cashless wristbands in Top-up stations > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by payment card


An ATM will be available on the premises, so it will be possible to withdraw cash on the spot.

Wristband recharging options & preloaded wristband values: 

At Let It Roll Winter it is not possible to charge the wristband online in advance and it is not possible to use the wristband from the last summer or winter festival. A sufficient number of Top-Up stations will be available on site to purchase pre-charged wristbands at these values: 

  • 8 BLTs = 18 EUR
  • 16 BLTs =  36 EUR
  • 24 BLTs =  54 EUR

You also have the option to charge a wristband in any size of in entire EUR (multiples of 5, e.g.  5 EUR, 10 EUR, 20 EUR, 50 EUR etc). 
If there were queues at the Top-Up stations, there will be 4 hostesses available during the Friday evening to buy pre-charged wristbands worth 16 BLTs from. Hostesses accept only card payments.
Every purchased wristband can be recharged once the pre-charged amount is spent. Recharging is only possible at multiples of 5 EUR. For fast orientation, a printed currency converter will be available at each Top-Up station.

  • TIP: If you register your cashless account after receiving your wristband and add your wristband number to it, you can recharge your account online and avoid any potential queues. We recommend you to do it primarily on Saturday prior to arrival.


Registration of the cashless account: 

You can set up your cashless account on site during the evening at letitrollwinter.pay.intellifest.com. To register your cashless account, you will need an email address and a few basic contact information. Once you have picked up your cashless wristband, add your wristband number to your cashless account – you will find the number on the other side of the chip (under the tape).

  • CAUTION! You can not use login data from last year, you need to register a new account.

We strongly recommend that you set up your account immediately after you arrive at the site and do not wait until the refund of the remaining funds. Thanks to this you will not only have the opportunity to recharge your funds online but also the possibility of blocking the wristband in the event of its loss or theft and the transfer of funds to a new wristband. Without a cashless online account, you are losing this opportunity.

Refund of financial balances: 

To refund the remaining funds from cashless wristbands, you must apply through the refund form at letitrollwinter.pay.intellifest.com. Refunds on site are not possible. The remaining funds will be refunded only by transfer to a bank account. The refund in EUR is according to the exchange rate of the sending bank. Eventual bank fees and charges come at the expense of the customer.
The refund form will be launched on Sunday 24 February 2019 at 06:00 and closed on 31 March 2019 at 12:00.
Refunds are only possible for cashless accounts with a minimum balance of 2 BLTs. Refund fee 1 BLT is charged.

CAUTION! For refund, you will need the numbers of all the wristbands you wish to refine. So do not throw the wristbands away!
CAUTION! If you have several different wristbands after the event, you will need to set up a separate cashless account for each wristband (ie you will need several e-mail addresses to register your cashless accounts). Therefore, we recommend that you buy the pre-charged wristband only once and then recharge it.


How do I set up my online cashless account and what is it good for?

At letitrollwinter.pay.intellifest.com, simply sign up through Facebook or fill out your information. The Intellipay system will then send you an email to confirm your registration, just click on the activation button and complete the registration on the web. Setting up an account is free.

Your account allows you to recharge your cashless account (wristband) online without having to stay in the queue, view history, check your spend, download online receipts, link accounts to social networks, deactivate the wristband in case of loss and apply for refund. 

How do I link my wristband to my account?

At letitrollwinter.pay.intellifest.com, you login to your non-cash account and simply link your wristband to the account by entering the numerical code from the inside of the wristband (Section Wristband > “I have a wristband”).

How many wristbands can I add to my account?

You can only add 1 wristband to a cashless account.

How do I find I have a low Bolt status on my wristband?

When applying a wristband to a payment reader, the status of your account will be displayed at the start of each transaction. You can check the balance also at one of the 4 places marked as “Control balance”.

  • TIP: The easiest way to add a credit to your account is to enable Auto Recharge (section “Cashless settings” on the main page) when you first charge. By activating this feature, your credit will automatically be increased to 10 Bolts when account finance drops below 3 Bolts. Your unused credit will be refunded after the end of the festival once the refund form has been completed. 

What happens when I lose my wristband? 

If you’ve registered your cashless account and added a wristband number during the evening, you will not lose your funds. Simply visit the place marked as Customer Care, there they will help you with blocking of the wristband and transfer the money to a new wristband. You can also block the wristband yourself in your cashless account: “Wristband” section> click the “Freeze” icon.

If you did not attach your wristband to your cashless account, you lose this opportunity just as if you were to lose your wallet.

What happens to the money left in my wristband?

Purchased Bolts that were not spent will be returned to you at the end of the event within 30 days of completing the refund form. You can apply for the refund up to 31 March 2019, 12:00, from your cashless account (Refund section). Refunds are only possible for cashless accounts with a minimum balance of 2 BLTs. Refund fee 1 BLT is charged.




Let it Roll Winter 2019 takes place at Expo Holešovice in Prague in Small Sports Hall. The area is situated in the walking distance from the underground line „C“ – station „Nádraží Holešovice“ (5-10 min) and from the tram stop „Výstaviště Holešovice“. The entrance to the Small Sports Hall is behind the Tipsport Arena (and above the „pyramid“)


GPS: 50°06’27.0″N 14°25’55.5″E

Festival area map:

Parking: You can park your car at the paid parking places in the surrounding area. You can find the reserved places for parking marked on the map. Please beware of parking freely in the streets outside the marked areas – at blue zones.

(click to enlarge)


Festival area:
22. 2. 2018 at 19:00, the venue is closing on Saturday 23. 2. 2018 at 06:00.
Saturday: 23. 2. 2018 at 19:00, the venue is closing on Sunday 24. 2. 2018 at 06:00.

Friday: 18:00 – 04:00
Saturday: 18:00 – 04:00

Friday: 18:00 – 04:00
Saturday: 18:00 – 04:00


Meet & Greet:
We have arranged the Meet & Greet sessions with DJs yet again. It will take place on the ground floor, on the opposite side from the toilets. The exact times will be announced shortly.


You can buy the tickets online in a pre-sale on our website in the TICKETS section. Printing out the tickets is not mandatory if you have bought them online. It is enough to show the ticket on your smart device with the exception of phones with damaged display – in this particular case it is necessary to print the ticket before the event.

We can’t promise there will be tickets available at the door. There is a huge interest for tickets and they are selling out very fast. Therefore we recommend an early purchase because there is a high chance the tickets will be sold out before the event. Check our website and / or our Facebook fan page for up to date information. 

Tickets for Let It Roll events are directly linked to your name, therefore the staff at the entrance will be checking the festival tickets together with your ID (or a different proof of your identity). Please have your ID ready before you enter the corridor. It will speed up the process at the entrance and you will help to avoid queues. If you have any problem with your ticket or you have the ticket with a wrong name, please visit a place marked as “AKREDITACE / ACCREDITATION” before you enter the corridor to solve it.

Free entry / Guestlist:
If you have free entry (competitions winners) you will get your wristband at the accreditation after the staff checks your ID. Please have your ID ready.

Festival ticket:
Visitors who have either bought the ticket at the door or in a pre-sale can go straight to the corridors. Once the staff checks your ticket and ID, you can continue freely to the festival area.

Do you need to change the name on the ticket you’ve bought?
The ticket is valid only in the hands of the person whose name is written on it. The name can be changed on the doors for a flat fee of 250 CZK. Please print out your ticket and come to the Customer Care cash desk near the Accreditation.
WARNING: We do not guarantee the validity of the tickets bought outside official pre-sale.

Combo ticket:
Visitors who bought the Combo ticket for LIR Winter 2019 and LIR OA 2019 can go straight to the corridors. Once the staff checks your ticket and ID, you can continue freely to the festival area. This ticket is valid for both events – Let It Roll Winter 2019 to Let It Roll 2019 – so keep it save for further use.

It WON’T BE POSSIBLE TO LEAVE THE VENUE AND COME BACK during the event (i.e. you can leave the place at any given time but you won’t be able to regain access on the same ticket again). In case of purchasing the two-day ticket, it will be possible to return for the second festival night, 23.2.2019, from 19:00. The visitors can go to a marked area in front of and behind the Small Sports Hall in case they need some fresh air.

Important notice for the people on the guest list: leaving and coming back to the event won’t be possible (please see above). When entering the area, the wristbands will be cut so re-entry will no longer be possible according to the conditions for other visitors written above.

Outside of the hall you can find the heated Freedom Music smoking tent with a bar, table football, chill zone and music. You can attend the contest with hostesses and win a great prizes (eg. Instax Mini)
Please note that smoking is strictly forbidden inside the Small Sport Hall. Thank you for respecting this rule.

You will be able to buy drinks at our bars and food at fast food stands.
Also this year we are aiming for being nice to our mother nature so also this year eco-friendly refundable cups are in the game for your drinks. You can get them for 1BLT and if you do not want to keep it as a souvenir, you can return it and get the same cash back. Every cup also has a neat hook, so you can hang it by your belt when it’s empty or to carry more burs for your friends by hanging them on each other. 

Hall will be heated up. Standard toilets will be placed at the hall and at the outside area (ToiToi toilets).
Area will also include high capacity cloakrooms on 1st floor with prices 50 CZK / jacket, 70 CZK / backpack. Also you will be able to rent a special Locker boxes placed outside next to the hall.
You will be able to look for ambulance, firemen and security in the area as well. Look for a help next to the Meet&Greet.

Across the camp are accepted payments only through cashless wristbands, which you can pick it up at Top-Up boxes blind the cloakroom. The exception is: Tickets + recharging cashless wristbands > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by credit/debit card. Cloakroom + Merchandise shop > can be paid cashless as well as in cash (CZK and EUR).

Do you want to meet your favorite artist performing at Let It Roll Winter? You will have a chance! Timetable of M&G will be stated on-site.

At DNB Store stand you can get yourself some Let It Roll merchandise and souvenirs with a special limited edition of clothing and accessories. Check out www.dnbstore.czwww.escapewear.cz  to see what’s in stock. You can be paid cashless as well as in cash (CZK and EUR) and card.

At the festival area an ATM machine of Moneta Money bank will be available and supplied with CZK.  

You cannot enter with your own drinks & food, with weapons and any kind of narcotics! Every visitor has to undergo a security check. Please respect the queue order to avoid unpleasant situations and pushing. You can take your photos & videos with your mobile phoe or a classis compact camera but use of professional equipment is possible only after a official accreditation. 

If you find any lost items, please give to the cloakroom. The full list of lost and founds items will be released few days after the event on www.letitroll.eu.



The main principle of the Schengen Area is the free movement of persons across country borders within the European Union. In other words, when you’re travelling from one EU country to another, you don’t need any special visa – a valid passport or personal ID is enough.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule: countries that are required to have visa. You can find the list of such countries including information on how to obtain visa HERE

Also please keep in mind that you need to get medical insurance. This is very important when you’re travelling abroad, as you never know what might happen and when you may be in need of free-of-charge medical care.

The easiest way to travel to the festival is to take our Bus Tours. You can find everything in the Bus Tours section.

If you’re heading for the festival from far away (even across the ocean), we advise taking a flight landing at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. You can find the cheapest flight tickets on SKYSCANNER.



If you’re from one of the countries neighboring Czech Republic, you can opt not only for a plane, but can also take a train or a bus going to Prague. Bus lines stop at Prague’s main bus station at “Florenc” which is also a stop at underground line “C”, so you can get on board of the tube and get off two stops down the road at “Nádraží Holešovice” station.


All trains stop at Prague’s main railway station, if your train stops at “Prague-Holešovice” station though, you can get off the train there and either walk 10 minutes to the expo or take a tram (it’s the first stop after you get on board).

Train info:

Incheba Arena – Small Sport Hall is situated in Prague’s Holešovice district. You can easily get there by taking a tram or underground line “C”.


There are 3 possible ways to get to Incheba Arena – Small Sport Hall (in the area of Expo Holešovice) – by taking underground line “C” (red line), tram, or, if you’re adventurers who’d like to see a bit of the city, you can get there by foot (it’s about 3 kilometres / 55 minutes from Prague’s main railway station and about 2 kilometres / 40 minutes from Prague’s main bus station).

If you opt for the tram, head for the “Výstaviště Holešovice” stop. If you opt for the underground (red) line “C”, head for the “Nádraží Holešovice” station from where you can either take a tram to the “Výstaviště Holešovice” stop (it’s the next stop) or get there by foot in about 10 minutes.

Public transport info:


Uber and Taxify are the ideal forms of transport in the city of Prague. Get the app and your vehicle will arrive in a few minutes.

Taxi info:


Lines numbered 93 and 94 stop at the station “Výstaviště Holešovice” during night time. If you’re heading to Prague’s main railway or bus station, it is best to take  line 94 as it also stops at “Masarykovo nádraží” station from where you can get to both stations in less than 5 minutes by foot.

Night service info: 


Accommodation in Prague

February is the perfect month for the 2-day Let It Roll Winter 2019. Prices are favorable during these months and there’s plenty of free accommodation to choose from. We advise booking your accommodation in advance to get the best deal.



Get your own stylish outfit to show everyone just how much you’re looking forward to your favourite festival. At DNB Store stand you can get yourself some Let It Roll merchandise and souvenirs with a special limited edition of clothing and accessories. You can get awesome clothes and access from DNB Store and Escape Wear e-shops. 

At Let It Roll Winter 2019 you can be paid cashless as well as in cash (CZK and EUR) and card. You can get awesome clothes and access from DNB Store eshop.


What is the minimum age for Let It Roll?

Our festival is for visitors of 15+ years of age. Of course rules of no cigarettes and alcohol applies for under 18s, but other than that they are more than welcome in Let It Roll.


Can I buy festival tickets as a gift?

You can buy tickets as a festival gift. Just fill in the lucky person’s name in the Visitor name section during the buying process.

In case I can’t attend the event is it possible to refund the tickets?

Yes, that is possible. For refunds or name change, please, contact Goout directly at info@goout.cz. Please include your request, full name and order details. A refund fee of 7€ needs to be paid.

Do you need to change the name on the ticket you’ve bought?
The ticket is valid only in the hands of the person whose name is written on it. The name can be changed on the doors for a flat fee of 250 CZK. Please print out your ticket and come to the Customer Care cash desk near the Accreditation.

Can I also refund Let It Roll Winter + Summer Combo tickets?

Yes, but there is an important rule that comes with it. You can refund your ticket either before the Let It Roll Winter event. Tickets can be refunded 14 days before the festival at the latest.

Can I refund my tickets even a week before the festival?

No, you can refund your tickets 14 days before the festival at the latest.

Can I change the name on the ticket?

Yes, you can, but only the owner of the ticket can do it. It’s the same process as with refunds – please contact Goout directly at info@goout.cz. A fee of 7 € needs to be paid. You will get all the information from Goout. You can’t change the name on your Combo ticket at all.

I paid for all my tickets but I haven’t received them?

Check your spam folder first. If your tickets are not there, please contact Goout at info@goout.cz. They will help you with that.


Will there be a shuttle bus going around Prague?

No, there won’t be. The venue is easily accessible by public transport. You can get there also very cheap with an Uber or Taxify.

Can I pay in Euros at Let It Roll Winter?

Let It Roll Winter is a cashless festival where you can pay only with your wristband. Since Let It Roll is cashless you will be able to pay in cash only at the festival entry (EUR will be accepted) and the Let It Roll Winter official merchandise tent.

What are the prices at Let It Roll Winter?

At the meal stands and at the bars, you will be able to purchase drinks for the average price of 1-1,5 Bolts and meals for 2-3 Bolts.

Can I bring my camera to the venue?

Cameras are allowed in the venue but using photo or video output for commercial purposes  is forbidden and must be discussed with the festival promoters. For further information please contact us at info@letitroll.eu.

Will it be possible to store my valuables and coats?

Every year you can store your valuables and luggage to ensure their safety. There will be a cloakroom and smaller locker boxes with a key for your valuables for a small fee. You can use them during the whole night. To be sure that there are still locker boxes available, you should arrive early.


How do you choose the artists who play at the festival?

The artists are always chosen based on negotiation with their agents. In many cases, they are even booked one year ahead and it is sometimes complicated to build the right line up because of availability. However, we always choose by visitors’ and our own passion for the genre combined to built unique line-up each year.