Explore the Central Bohemian region on your way to Let It Roll!

The festival weekend is more like a vacation for you. How about the next time you go to Let It Roll, you also take time to explore the hidden gems of the Czech Republic? Many of them are located in the Central Bohemian Region where Let It Roll is taking place so you can easily make it your holiday. Check our tips below and take your LIR vacation to a next level.


1. Nymburk

For many Czech people the city Nymburk is connected to Bohumil Hrabal, a Czech author of “Closely watched trains”, this city near Milovice has much more to offer though. Take a walk around the picturesque Gothic walls and the romantic streets of the Great and Little Walls, see the English park on the Island, the Art Nouveau waterworks and the figurine on the altar of the Gothic Church of St. Jiljí, who has both legs left.

GPS: 50.1860544N, 15.0416719E

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2. Lom Velká Amerika

The Great America limestone quarry (Lom Velká Amerika in Czech) is a popular destination for tourists. No wonder, it is about 800 m long, 200 m wide and 100 m deep flooded quarry with absolutely clear water which calls for a swim and it is located not too far from Prague. Be careful though, the gate to the quarry is permanently closed and there is a strict ban on climbing in the quarry. We recommend that you see the quarry directly from the lookout at the parking lot or from the footpaths leading around The Great America.

GPS: 49.9601642N, 14.1997953E

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3. The Look-out Máj

It probably won’t be a surprise to you that we have a soft spot for massive buildings and amazing views. The look-out Máj is considered one of the most beautiful views to the river Vltava. It’s not hard to get there either, it is located just outside of Prague. Can you find it? Your reward will be an amazing view of dense forests, a rocky canyon and a river flowing into the shape of a horseshoe.

GPS: 49.8310925N 14.4559819E

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4. Poděbrady

We can all agree that after Let It Roll, we could all use some relaxing time. When you take a small turn on your way back to Prague, you can visit Poděbrady – a city known for its spa and wellness! Get massages for your aching body and then wander around the city as a local!

GPS: 50.1424186N, 15.1188122E

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5. Drábské Světničky

Another tip by the Let It Roll crew is the amazing Český ráj, where are also located Drábské Světničky. The remains of a former rock fortress from the 13th century are surrounded by the beautiful nature of the protected landscape area and are definitely worth a visit.

GPS: 50.5313731N, 15.0319200E

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6. The castle Karlštejn

If you are a fan of both Let It Roll and majestic buildings, you should definitely check out Karlštejn. The medieval castle was built by Charles IV. in 1348 and is located over a small city and together they create a breathtaking view over the forest. In the gothic castle Karlštejn you can explore not only the Czech coronation jewels, but also a collection of holy relics.

GPS: 49.9391167N, 14.1882903E

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7. Kutná Hora

The next stop on your trip around the Czech Republic should be a city registered on the UNESCO list. Kutná Hora, located just an hour away from Milovice, offers a rich past, a significant historical center and several breathtaking buildings. Check out the gothic church of St. Barbora, Cathedral of the Assumption or the ossuary.

GPS: 49.9483886N, 15.2681647E

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8. Kokořínsko

If you decide before or after Let It Roll to explore the beauty of the Czech Republic. You should definitely pay a visit to the protected landscape area Kokořínsko. Get lost in the woods, escape from the city life and enjoy views of romantic gorges, unique sandstone towers, beautiful lakes and villages with folk architecture that you will not find in another area of the Czech Republic.

GPS: 50.4854281N, 14.5595150E

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9. The castle Kačina

When you’re on your way to Kutná Hora, don’t forget to visit the castle Kačina that is located just a few minutes from Kutná Hora. The castle Kačina is one of the most important empire buildings in our country and we have to say that when walking through the gardens or indoor spaces, you will feel like rulers of the world.

GPS: 49.9816875N, 15.3460250E

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10. Koněpruské caves

LIR crew tips 4 trips are gonna end with style! Drive a few kilometres from Prague and take a trip under the ground. In the protected  landscape area Český kras you will find Koněpruské caves which are the longest cave system in Bohemia. Their total length is 2050 m and they also have three floors between which is the height difference of 70 m. Don’t forget to wear jackets because it’s cold inside.

GPS: 49.9151278N, 14.0673389E

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