What is the minimum age for Let It Roll? 

Our festival is for visitors to 16+ years of age. Of course, rules of no cigarettes and alcohol applies for under 18, but other than that they are more than welcome in Let It Roll. In case you are under 16, you can visit the festival with your legal guardian (parents only).

Do you have a discount for people with disabilities? 

We do have a discount for the person accompanying a disabled person. The person needs to have documentation that he/she needs accompanying. In that case, the person can come for free.


Will there be any tickets to Let It Roll without a name? 

No, there won’t. Everybody needs to have the ticket with their own name. This is due to the elimination of ticket counterfeiting and the black market with tickets. Please note that we are not liable for the authenticity of tickets purchased from unauthorized sources (for example, from social networking groups and events). We suggest you buy tickets only on our official website www.letitroll.cz and from our official partners GoOut (www.goout.cz) and Festicket (www.festicket.com). Festival services such as camping, parking and others are not bound by the name.

I paid for all my tickets but I haven’t received them? 

If you have checked your spam folder and still couldn’t find your tickets, please contact our ticket seller GoOut directly at info@goout.cz, where they can help you to solve your issue.

What if from some reasons (health, other serious reason) I am not able to attend the festival? The ticket is on my name, therefore I can’t sell it or give it to anyone. Is it possible to change the name on it? 

You can request the change of the name on the ticket online up till 14 days before the festival. In case of this request, please get in touch with the ticket seller (GoOut) directly at info@goout.cz. The name change fee is 150 CZK.

A friend bought tickets to camp and his name is on these tickets. Will there be a problem at the entrance?

The Camping tickets are not bond with a name. The system puts the name of a buyer automatically. You don’t need to worry. In case you will decide for another camp or any other form of accommodation. It is not a problem to give this ticket to some other friend since it is not bond with a name.

Can I change a name on the ticket on site? 

Yes, name change on site is possible. More information about a stand, where the change will be possible and also information about the price will be published 14 days before the event the latest. Please note that we are not liable for the authenticity of tickets purchased from unauthorized sources (for example, from social networking groups and events). We suggest you buy tickets only on our official website www.letitroll.cz and from our official partners Goout (www.goout.cz) and Festicket (www.festicket.com).

Can I buy festival tickets as a gift? 

Yes, you can buy tickets as a gift. Just fill in the lucky person’s name in the “Visitor name” section during the buying process.

Can a friend pick up a festival ticket for me? 

Yes, he/she can. It is enough just come to GoOut store, say the name that should be on the ticket and pay for it. In online pre-sale, you can fill in each name separately for each ticket.

Does the festival ticket include camping? 

No, it does not. The festival ticket allows you only to entrance to the festival. We sell these services separately because not all of the visitors use these services.

Does the Gold Zone ticket include festival ticket and camping? 

No, it does not. The Gold Zone is a service with all-inclusive drinks and food that can be used on Platinum Day bar and Platinum Terrace only, where is the best view on the Mothership stage.

Will there be festival tickets on-site? 

Yes, festival tickets will be available at the door. Camping services, locker boxes and other services are usually sold out in advance and we cannot confirm their sale at the door. We highly recommend buying tickets in advance

Is it possible to buy a one-day ticket? 

On Friday, you can only buy a Weekend Ticket that will give you access to the festival on Friday and Saturday. One-day tickets can only be purchased at the festival site for Saturday, at a discounted price and the ticket will be for Saturday night only (the price will be confirmed soon). Other tickets will be at full price


Can I bring a shelter? 

Garden shelters or tents (3x3m) can be brought but in case of an upcoming storm or strong wind must be taken down. Please take care of your own and your friends’ safety.

Can I pay in Euros at Let It Roll? 

Let It Roll is a cashless festival where you can pay only with your cashless wristband. Since Let It Roll is cashless you will be able to pay in cash at the festival entry (EUR will be accepted) and the Let It Roll official merchandise tent only.

Will it be possible to store my valuables and luggage? 

Every year you can store your valuables and luggage to ensure their safety in our locker boxes. There will be a luggage depository available for big luggage and smaller locker boxes (30x30x50cm) with a key for your valuables for a small fee. You can use them during the whole festival. To be sure that there are still locker boxes available, you can buy the tickets online in the TICKET section.

What is the difference between campsites?

Independent Camp where you can build your own tent anywhere you will find a place at. However, you can also camp right next to your car (Car & Tent) or in your own caravan (Car & Tent Spot). Moreover, there are enough ToiToi facilities and there is a small fee for using the showers.
Capital camp and this option generally offer more comfort. You can either build your tent on an already marked place (Spot for 1 tent / Spot for 5 tents) or you can rent a pre-built tent either for you and one friend (Tenn Inn) or for a group of friends (Bell Tent). Capital Camp offers free showers, ladies zone with mirrors and charging plugs for hair-dryers, zones for grilling, more shade and the option to use charging plugs in a big tent with a bar.

Can I sleep in my own car at the official parking lot? 

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to sleep in a car at a parking lot


How do you choose the artists to perform at your events? 

We choose artists based on a combination of multiple criteria. Some of the artists are booked well in advance (even as much as a year before the event), so it’s sometimes challenging to put together a fitting lineup as we have to work around free dates and given options.

When do you release timetable? 

The timetable will be released at least 14 days before the festival.

Will there be a DJ contest at the Let It Roll festival? 

We can’t confirm this information yet. Follow our social media profiles for up to date info about special events and competitions.