Answers to your frequent Let It Roll questions



What is the venue?

Milovice Airfield -> GPS: 50°14'18.33"N 14°55'20.32"E

What is the minimum age for Let It Roll?

Our festival is for visitors of 16+ years of age. Of course rules of no cigarettes and alcohol applies for under 18, but other than that they are more than welcome on Let It Roll.


Can I buy the festival ticket as a gift?

You can buy the tickets as a festival gift. Just fill in that person’s name in the Visitor name section in the buying process.

Does the festival ticket include camping?

No, it does not. The festival ticket allows you only to enter the festival.

Does the Platinum terrace include camping?

No, it does not. The Platinum ticket is only a service with all inclusive drinks (and food in case of Gold terrace), entry for the Day bar and Platinum terrace.

In case I couldn’t attend the event is it possible to refund the tickets?

Yes. For refunds or name change please contact Goout directly at info@goout.cz. Please include your request, full name and Order(s) details. Refund fee of 7€ needs to be paid.

Can I also refund Let It Roll Winter + Summer Combo ticket?

Yes, but there is an important rule that comes with it. You can refund it either before Let It Roll Winter event or if you do not attend Let It Roll Winter at all. If you have already visited Winter 2019 and the ticket has been scanned it cannot be refunded.

Can I refund my tickets even a week before the festival?

No, you can refund your tickets 14 days before the festival.

Can I change the name on the ticket?

Yes, you can, but only the owner of the ticket can do it. It's the same process as with the refunds - please contact Goout directly at info@goout.cz. A fee of 7 € needs to be paid. You will get all the information from Goout.

I paid for all my tickets but I can't find them in my mailbox?

Check your spam folder first. In case your tickets are not there, please contact Goout at info@goout.cz. They will help you with that.


Will there be a shuttle bus going from Prague?

Like every year, there will be shuttle buses available. Full offer can be found here.

Can I bring a shelter?

It is allowed to bring garden shelters or tents but in case of an upcoming storm or strong wind it has to be taken down.

Can I pay in euros at Let It Roll?

Let It Roll is a cashless festival where you can pay only with your wristband. Since Let It Roll is cashless you will be able to pay in cash only on the festival entry (EUR will be accepted) and the Let It Roll official merchandise tent.

What are the prices at Let It Roll?

At the meal stands and at the bars, you will be able to purchase drinks for the average price of 1-1,5 Bolts and meals for 2-3 Bolts.

Are there any places where I can charge my phone?

In the festival area will be placed a special tent with a service staff. You can put your phone or camera there for a tiny fee and pick it up when it is fully charged. If you are placed in Tent Inn can use it also at the reception.

Can I bring my camera to the festival site?

Cameras are allowed in the festival area but using the photo and video output for commercial means is forbidden and needs to be discussed with the festival promoters. For further information please contact us at info@letitroll.eu.

Will it be possible to store my valuables and luggage?

Every year you can store your valuables and luggage to ensure their safety. There will be a luggage depository available for the big luggage and smaller locker boxes on a key for your valuables for a small fee. You can use it during the whole festival happening - non-stop.


I have signed up for the cheapest Let It Roll tickets last year. Do I have to do it again?

No, you don’t have to. We will send you an e-mail with promo code once the tickets sale starts. And that already happened this year.

Will there be a DJ contest at the Let It Roll festival?

You can find all the updates about the contests on our website and official Facebook page. We will announce everything there when the time comes.

How do you choose the artists who play at the festival?

The artists are always chosen based on the negotiation with their agents. They sometimes are even booked one year ahead and it is sometimes complicated to build the right line up because of given available dates. However we always choose by visitors' and our own passion for the genre combined to built unique line-up each year.