How does the first phase of the SAVE THE RAVE lineup look like?

Immortalz! The summer’s here and despite the unhappy prospects of the past few month, we’re coming back to the Mekka of the extraterrestrial Drum & Bass civilization. On the first weekend of August, the Milovice airfield is coming back to life with the alien sounds and we’re gonna have a shot at saving the RAVE together!

Apart from possibly one of the last performances of the legendary Dutch trio NOISIA as a part of their postponed Farewell Tour and the hot-right-now Koven we’re bringing you a whole another bunch of names set to join us.

Leading this all-star squad we’re having a couple of Drum&Bass Arena Awards holders from the past year. Joining the already mentioned Katie from Koven who was voted the Best Vocalist, the runway will be bursting out at seams during the set of the Best DJ, A.M.C, as well as the Best Producer, Metrik, who will finally get the chance to present his last year’s debut album Ex Machina to the world’s biggest Drum & Bass festival’s crowd.

But wait, that’s not all. We’ll also get treated to the unmistakable sound of the Dutch enfant terrible IMANU or to the UK’s very own dancefloor destroyer Kanine. The lovers of the straight up dancefloor Drum & Bass as well as Liquicity fans will be screaming their hearts out during the set of one of the leading figures of the up and coming generation, Andromedik. And for those of you who like it dark, we have a very special b2b set of Blackout Music artists Pythius and Neonlight.

The call to SAVE THE RAVE was also answered by the rising stars of the experimental dark sound pioneered by the progressive labels like DIVIDID or Nëu. Namely we’ll get to hear the German atmospheric virtuos Tom Finster who went from releasing his first music in 2018 to remixing Camo & Krooked 3 years later. And on top of that, joining the parade will be two French young guns in a b2b set – The Caracal Project and Skylark – whose music has been conquering the ears of thousands of news fans over the last couple of months.

We’re in for treat with a couple of established artists as well as a proper splash of new blood, and that’s just the beginning. In the upcoming days they’ll be joined by some more names and together we’ll take the festival summer back. The tickets are still available on pre-sale so don’t hesitate any longer and join us. SAVE THE RAVE!