Labels are coming back to Let It Roll

Immortalz, the labels are back!

Let It Roll 2022 comes with a couple of news. The first in line is the re-introduction of stage takeovers, this year in the hands of some of the forefront Drum & Bass labels. Each of the festival’s nights will bring a showcase of names connected to the respective record label on the Madhouse stage inside the festival area.

To start things off, we have a London-based label Hospital Records takeover on Thursday. This seminal imprint has celebrated its 25th anniversary just last year and is one of the longest-functioning labels in the genre. Their takeover will feature a carefully chosen crew including the Best Producer of Drum&Bass Arena Awards 2020, Metrik, and many more is sailing over to deliver a night full of melodies and dancefloor-orientated Drum & Bass!

On Friday, the takeover duties will be passed onto another legendary London-based imprint, Critical Music. As they are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, the takeover will be a part of their special tour for the occasion. The all-star crew under the supervision of the label boss Kasra includes the names like Enei, Fade Black, QZB and many more. We’re in for a night full of the finest futuristic tech sound!

On Saturday, the last takeover falls in the hands of the Belgian-born Alix Perez1985 Music. Despite its rather young age, at least compared to the previous labels in question, 1985 Music gathered thousands of followers already. A year after its inception it secured the top spot in the Best Newcomer Label category at Drum&Bass Arena Awards 2017. It stands out especially because of its uncompromising A&R as well as its distinct and easily recognizable visual presentation. Alix will be joined by a plethora of names like Monty, Visages or Kyrist, there’s also a special guest coming for their first ever Czech performance, so give it up for The Sauce trio! Mark this in your diaries, as the first Saturday in August is going to be a hell of a deep one!

We will be announcing more information about the names and everything related to the label takeovers in the following weeks, there’s also a lot of exclusive content planned, including artist interviews, DJ mixes, Instagram takeovers on our festival’s profile with the chosen artists and more. We begin today with the announcement of 1985 Music takeover!

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1985 Music
1985 Music