Let It Roll 2018 – BIG THANKS

Let It Roll 2018 – BIG THANKS

Let It Roll 2018 - BIG THANKS
It’s not easy to describe all of our feelings which are getting mixed up right now. But the most significant definitely is the feeling of gratitude and respect towards all the visitors who have done a great job creating an unforgettable vibe and atmosphere at the festival together, during the time of highest temperatures and and most severe drought in Czech Republic in the last few years.
The whole Drum & Bass world has united again at this year’s Let It Roll for one single purpose - to enjoy the three days full of great music spread across ten stages. As all of the 460 performing artist would surely testify, you have taken their breath away! The festival’s program was by far the largest in all 11 years of its existence.

The opening ceremony was a huge challenge for the festival’s production on its own. It took six world-class heavyweight producers and a large team of designers, pyrotechnists and lighting techs to make it all happen. The reward for this creative process which took a few months was astonishing and we firmly believe this was an epic show to remember for all of us gathering there to witness it. The festival story has revealed yet another of its chapters dealing with the war of the robots and their unification.
We were pleasently surprised to see the interest in Beats Evolution Conference which preceded Let It Roll for the third time already, bringing the scene’s most renowned experts to Prague to share their valuable knowledge and years of experience working in the genre. It’s great to see there’s a lot of young talents here and we are looking forward to book some of them soon - maybe even for the main stage!

One of the things you can’t separate from the festival is its site traffic. The heat wave affecting the whole middle Europe (Czech Republic included) did not avoid Let It Roll neither. In the beginning of July, a warning of very high temperatures and water scarcity have been issued and this nationwide status hasn’t changed since, unfortunately affecting the preparation and course of the whole festival.
During these severe heat, most of the waterworks and water-supply facilities are trying to save as much supplies as possible and hold the reserves for the needs of the area’s residents and emergencies. In spite of those unfavorable conditions, we have managed to secure the water supplies to the festival. The water has been supplied from various sources, some of them being up to 60 kilometres far from the festival site to ensure the capacities.  According to the consumption statement, a total of 650 000 liters of water was supplied to the tanks and reservoirs in both the festival’s area and camps. Another 1 000 000 liters plus have flown through the showers during those 4 days. Despite our best efforts to secure enough water the usual consumption has gone up exponentially thanks to the severe heat and dusty environment which resulted in insufficient water capacities at the festival.

The insufficient capacities also affected the showers a few times as there wasn’t enough pressure in them to secure a fluent flow. The whole system of showers is going to be rebuilt for the next year as we also aim to optimize the water supply chain to be more independent on local authorities and announcements. We are already looking for a foreign supplier for these services. Another goal for the next year is to improve the service for the mobile toilets. Even though we have added more than 15% extra toilets, the cleaning services didn’t go as planned. We are very sorry about this as even the repeated urging of the supplier didn’t yield the desired result and the contaminated toilets have caused issues. We aim to change the control mechanisms as well as the cleaning process itself dramatically.
We also have records of customers' complaints towards the members of security. All of the reported situations are being looked into right now, thus far all of them appear to be the failures of individuals. We have also reported those issues to the management of the security agency and we will draw the consequences.

To summarize our experiences from this year - we have a lot of work to do in the next year. We are fully aware of the shortcomings that have been revealed due to the extreme weather conditions at the festival site and we are committed to make up for those. We would like to show everyone that we are able to do something about all the things mentioned above.
Even though we are all exhausted after the festival, at the same time we are very happy to know Let It Roll has so many great fans and we never would have got that far without them. Thank you for sharing the moments worth living for with us!
We would also like to thank all of those who have taken part in keeping both the festival’s area and camps clean and therefore helped to reduce the amount of garbage that had to be collected by the cleaning crews after the festival.

Sale of eearly birds standard and combo tickets (LIR Winter 2019 and LIR 2019) stars on Monday 6.8. 2018!

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We don't know how to read the future, but we know something for sure - and that is unforgettable drum and bass festival, that takes place in one small country, situated  in middle Europe, next summer. And trust us, you will remember this one for a long time. And you guess it right - that small country is Czech Republic and that festival will be Let It Roll 2019!