Let It Roll 2018 will host 17 dnb labels!

Let It Roll 2018 will host 17 dnb labels!

We're making public a complete list of Let It Roll 2018 genre and label nights. There will be a wide range of top drum and bass artists to choose from this year. The world’s biggest drum and bass festival will be hosted by 17 labels. Spearhead Records, Technique Recordings, Get Hype, Methlab Recordings and Bunker will get the chance to introduce their shows for the very first time.


First on the list, the one and only RAM Records – the world famous drum and bass label led by legendary DJ and producer Andy C who needs no introduction. Almost everyone who has even touched drum and bass knows very well what to expect from RAM Records – only the best! Since we're talking legends in the field of DJs, the name A.M.C must also be mentioned whose progressive label Titan Records, known for its catalog of energetic hits, mustn't be left out of the festival.


Fans of melodic drum and bass will surely cheer at the mention of Hospital Records, belonging to one of the oldest labels on the scene – celebrating their 21st birthday this year. It's members, led by the incredible musician Tony Colman a.k.a. London Electricity, can't wait to play. They won't however be the only ones coming from Great Britain – they'll be joined by BCe's label Spearhead Records that, thanks to its catalogue full of beautiful 'soulfull' tracks, found an honorable place in the company of the best liquid funk labels.


Also, we mustn't exclude the British record label founded by the duo Matrix & Futurebound, Viper Recordings who have garnered a devoted fanbase thanks to the contagious dance hits produced by them since 2004. Next to this giant we have another label from our list, Technique Recordings , who do have a smaller following but in terms of production quality perfectly mach (and sometimes even superceed)VR.

The first novelty breathing new life into the line up of this summer’s label nights is the young Get Hype label, whose creators are the one and only Prototypes, and so it should come as no surprise that we've been hearing about it left and right.


The combination of quick tempo and a dark yet more sophisticated sound will be presented by members of Karses' label Critical Records, who are currently a sort of Mecca of hard, deep DnB. Contributions will also be made by the artists from Shogun Audio whose sound overlaps with more gentle musical spheres, and sowe can expect a wide selection and a superb atmosphere on the dance floor from our label nights.


The division representing the harder styles of drum and bass is ruled this year by the “born again” Blackout label, justifiably considered one of the main players in the field of neurofunk. There’s no denying that there will be a wicked party at this label night, although if you thought it couldn't get any harder, you’d be wrong.

Even hotter hell fires are expected from the hands of the Prague “butcher” Forbidden Society and his label Forbidden Society Recordings. Those who like to visit the extremes will definitely want to visit the shows of hardcore labels PRSPCT or Therapy Session.


Fans of more experimental drum and bass won't be left out either. This will be guaranteed by a few labels including D-Bridge’s imprint Exit Records, one of the biggest players on the dark and deep DnB scene and its various derivatives. On the opposite side of the sound spectrum we'll have Med School Music, the hive of musical talent that sees Hospital Records focus more on the quality and diversity of their sounds.

The last name on the list, which can be fitted into this category with přivření oka and is simultaneously another newcomer, is the young but that much more aggressive, Methlab Recordings. They have been making some serious waves on the scene lately. Even though there's a lot of neurofunk in their catalouque, Methlab focuses on signing new and original producers who create the sort of musical magic that cannot be grasped with reason.


This year will see to the return of Rough:Tempo – a popular bastion of the internet radio scene for their amazing selection of top quality jump-up, which has become an integral part of the festival lineup over the years. And we're getting close to the last name on our list which also takes care of our last piece of news.

We're talking about the popular DJ Mag Bunker magazine project, hosting a number of underground events and podcasts oriented towards slower rhythms like trap or footwork. People who want a break from the main program will be very pleased with this one.