Let It Roll 2020: The questions related to the COVID-19 situation

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions about Let It Roll 2020 and COVID-19. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the impact of the coronavirus spread on the summer festival. If the answer to your questions cannot be found there either, please email us at info@letitroll.cz r message us on our Facebook page

Will Let It Roll happen in August 2020? As there are approximately 4 months left before the festival is supposed to begin, we continue with the preparations for Let It Roll 2020. We firmly believe that the summer festival will take place on the schedule as a result of the current measures taken to protect public health. All updates about Let It Roll 2020 will be posted on www.letitroll.eu and Let It Roll Facebook page during the upcoming weeks. 

When can we expect the decision on whether the festival will be held? We are not able to tell you an exact date at the moment. The government has suspended the organising of cultural events until further notice and we do not know yet if the restriction will still apply this summer. However, we want to make the final decision on the Summer Festival in half of May when we will also bring you all the additional information.

What is going to happen if the borders stay closed? What about the artists? What can I do if I already bought the ticket but I won’t be able to come because of the closed borders? Closed borders are a situation we, unfortunately, cannot influence. Right now, the entire team is trying to come up with the plan to ensure the best and the most fair solution for you – the visitors. We have a few options in mind – keeping the ticket for Let It Roll 2021, voucher in the price of the ticket for any other events we organise, a refund of your ticket or giving you a secure way to sell your ticket. We will confirm the options and give you all the information as soon as we will know the final decision about the festival. We don’t want you to lose your money in any circumstances.

I am thinking about buying a ticket for Let It Roll, but considering the current situation, I hesitate. What is your advice? You donʼt take a risk when you buy a ticket for Let It Roll. In case of rescheduling of the festival to 2021, we again have a few options in mind to make sure you just won’t lose your money at any circumstances.

If the current situation will not get better, do you have a plan B? Let It Roll is a number 1 priority for us. We are doing everything we can to make sure it will go down as planned. We will make the final decision about what the festival will look like at the beginning of May. For now, we wanted to thank you for your patience.

If I cannot come to Let It Roll 2020, can I keep the ticket for Let It Roll 2021? If Let It Roll will take place as planned, it won’t be possible to keep the ticket for the festival in 2021. However, we will mention this again – we are doing everything we can to make sure you won’t just lose your money.

I won a ticket to Let It Roll. Will the ticket be valid for Let It Roll 2021 if I cannot come this year? If we move Let It Roll 2020 to the next year all the tickets won will be valid for 2021. However, if Let It Roll 2020 will take place as planned, the ticket won’t be valid for next year’s festival.

Did any of the artists cancel their set at Let It Roll 2020 already? No.