Our answer to the latest statement of the Minister of Culture regarding the festivals


I would like to briefly inform you about the current state of preparations for this year’s Let It Roll festival.

We are getting multiple questions about whether the festival will take place or not, what the situation is like and what is going to happen with the tickets. Last week we heard the statement of the Minister of Culture on the cancellation of major festivals, unfortunately, up to this date, we have no official document or resolution of the Government that would clarify the statement, so we decided to wait with the final decision. 

We are still in close communication with the Ministry of Culture and the festival association FESTAS and we will try to obtain complete and legally based information in the coming days, based on which we will provide you with a statement on Monday 18th May whether the festival will take place or not.

For me, the question of holding or not holding the festival means not only a responsibility towards the artists, the world’s drum & bass community and our team, but above all a responsibility towards you, our fans. The situation is improving day by day and we still believe that in the middle of summer there will be an opportunity to meet at the festival in the Czech Republic, whether in larger or smaller scale. We want to give you this opportunity and we decided to wait a few more days.

Monday, May 18th, is the day when we will let you know if and in what form we will meet this year. On that day, we will probably have definitive information for ticket holders. We want to have everything clear for you and based on the law with no more doubts and questions.

On behalf of the whole team, thank you all for the kind words of support you’re sending us. We really appreciate it! 

Hold on and see you (hopefully) soon 🙂

Suki & Let It Roll team