Let It Roll 2021 rescheduled – but summer is not over!


Despite our efforts, we are about to tell you something we hoped we would never have to tell you again after last year. We have been working on the #smashthevirus project for several months, which included a proposal for a safe festival, which we developed and submitted to the Ministry of Health in a record time. After multiple long meetings and discussions, no decision has been made in our favour to this day therefore we are forced to reschedule the festival for 2022. Despite the improving situation in the Czech Republic, it is still impossible to organize a festival this big. However, this summer does not end for us here. We have prepared a busy drum and bass summer for you, so keep reading!


What will happen to your tickets? You have three options:

  1. You can keep your ticket, and we will automatically transfer it for the upcoming year’s Let It Roll 2022 festival.
  2. You can request a voucher, which you can use for purchasing tickets for one of our events. Please, fill out the form at the end to apply.
    25. – 26. 6. 2021 – Renegade Prague: The Awakening Výstaviště Holešovice
    16. – 17. 2021 – Imagination: Daylight Gathering Ledárny Braník
    6. – 7. 8. 2021 – Let It Roll: Save The Rave Milovice
    20. – 21. 8. 2021 – Let It Roll Presents: The Renegade festival Mlékojedy
  3. If you are among the legal exceptions, you can request a refund. All the information about the refund can be found in the form at the end.

Security conditions for entering the festival

The current conditions of entry to the festival, division into sectors and capacity will be conditioned by the current wording of the TNO conditions (testing, illness or vaccination). Visitors who take part in these events must meet one of the 3 conditions.

  • 3 weeks after the first dose of vaccination
  • Within 180 days of suffering from COVID-19
  • Negative antigen test not older than 72 hours or negative PCR test not older than 7 days

Let It Roll will take care of this year’s drum and bass summer!

At Beatworx, we decided to take on another challenge and, given the current situation, prepare an event format that will ensure a smooth process. Together we will visit several new locations and enjoy sets of foreign and local DJs at open-air venues. Events you can look forward to are Renegade Prague: The Awakening, Imagination: Daylight Gathering, Let It Roll: Save The Rave and Let It Roll Presents: The Renegade festival Mlékojedy, which will take place in compliance with current measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find the information about the pre-sale and the program on our website and social media.


LET IT ROLL: SAVE THE RAVE 6. – 7. 8. 2021, Milovice, Czech Republic

The two-day drum and bass festival LET IT ROLL: SAVE THE RAVE will take place on the same date as the original Let It Roll, on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th August at the Milovice Airport. This is a completely new musical experience we came up with. The whole concept of the festival is adapted to the current conditions associated with the global pandemic. As one of the few drum and bass festivals in Europe, it will host a packed line-up composed of the biggest foreign and local DJs, all at two stages for 5000 visitors. The festival complex, together with refreshments, stalls, and accommodation services, will be divided into two sectors to maintain the maximum comfort of all visitors while taking into account their health. The ticket will be bound with your name and the pre-sale for this event will start on Monday, June 7th, on our website.

Thank you for your constant support and positive energy that we are still receiving from you, despite the difficult situation. We are incredibly grateful to you – our fans, and we are already looking forward to meeting you at smaller events, where we will enjoy DJs and producers together in the classic Let It Roll spirit.


We look forward to seeing you!