Let It Roll 2022: Stages Introduction

Immortalz, there’s just a little over 3 months left until Let It Roll 2022 finally takes place. We were thinking that you deserve some more information about it and since we’ve already revealed the full lineup a couple of weeks ago, today we’re gonna talk about our stages. So let’s dive in and take a look at what you can be looking forward to!


Let’s start with the big one, as usual. This year again, the main stage will be the space shuttle of our robots as they continue with their search of a brighter future. This is the place to be if you’re after seeing the biggest names on our lineup. Give it up for MOTHERSHIP! What needs to be said though is that this year’s look is the one yet unseen. And, as you might have guessed, this also has a little something to do with the performance of the legendary Pendulum LIVE. Are you ready to face this giant on 5th August? We definitely are!


The second open air stage will yet again be our infamous TEMPLE. This is going to be its last year on the festival though. Huge stone heads, flames and lianas, all of it will be there as our temple will be taken over by the sound of the current Dancefloor Drum & Bass, with a couple of the biggest Jump Up and Neurofunk DJs taking part as well.


And now for the arguably biggest news. Our stage number three, the huge tent. It used to be Madhouse, it used to be Portal, but for Let It Roll 2022, we’re completely changing the setting after all. Get ready for a brand new look and along with it comes a new name as well. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re giving you EVE’S SANCTUM! This sanctuary will take in all the label takeovers and over the course of the festival, you’ll be able to experience the best of Hospital Records, Critical Music and 1985 Music.


Even our popular hardest stage gets a facelift this year. The music and the overall feeling stays the same, but it’s our robot-outcast RENEGADE taking the reign over the former Shredder scrap yard. And it’s gonna be him who’s gonna offer his warm welcome to all of those who like Neurofunk and the harder sound of Drum & Bass in general.


Then there’s a smaller tent carrying the name of our beloved Prague club STORM which will offer the showcase of (not just) Czech and Slovakian talents. In the times when the other festival stages are silent, this tent will become your musical oasis.


Last, but not least, you’ll be able to hear more music in certain times from the legendary cyberpunk Red Bull Saurus vehicle and there might be one more little surprise on this front happening.


As we promised, Let It Roll 2022 means bringing the festival back in full force! What stage are you looking forward to seeing the most?






Let It Roll 2022 lineup looks lit!
Let It Roll 2022 lineup looks lit!