Let It Roll 2023 Information

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Festival LET IT ROLL 2023 will traditionally take place in Milovice in the period 3 – 4 – 5  August. It will be 3 festival nights – Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is possible to arrive at the festival already on Wednesday afternoon and it is necessary to leave the area on Sunday.



Name on the ticket
Each visitor enters a name when purchasing a ticket. When entering the festival, it is essential that the name on the ticket matches the name on the valid visitor ID. Name changes can be made online up to 14 days before the festival. To change your name, please email info@goout.cz, where the name change will be made upon payment of a fee of CZK 150. The name change will then also be possible on site for a fee of CZK 300.

Tickets to the festival are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the festival for any reason, it is possible to sell your ticket and then change the name on the ticket. Tickets can also be sold securely using Ticketswap.

Tickets ZTP/P
Visitors who present their ZTP/P (or 3rd degree of disability) card and a ticket to the event are allowed to bring their assistant for free. This exemption does not apply to holders of a Disabled Persons Ticket (or Disability Level II).

Festival Ticket

This is a standard festival ticket for the entire festival. Accommodation and other services must be purchased separately. The ticket is not refundable.

Combo ticket

The combo ticket entitles you to attend both Let it Roll festivals in the same year. In this case, LET IT ROLL Winter 2023 and LET IT ROLL Summer 2023. Accommodation and other services must be purchased separately. The ticket is not refundable.


The Goldzone ticket together with the standard festival ticket entitles you to use the VIP zone. The ticket includes the consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks in the VIP zones and access to the Goldzone terrace, which gives you the best view of the main stage. The Goldzone ticket is only valid in combination with a festival ticket. It does not serve as a separate ticket.


From abroad

By air

If you are going to the festival by plane from abroad, we recommend heading to the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, where you can purchase the LIR Shuttle bus that will take you directly to the festival (TBA). Alternatively, you can use public transport to the city centre and then take the train from “Masarykova Nádraží” train station in Prague to Milovice station (Nymburk district). There will be a shuttle service between the Milovice train station and the festival grounds (tickets can be purchased directly from the bus).

Bus Tours

If you are coming to the festival from abroad and would like to travel with other Immortalz, you can use our Bus Tours that depart from several European cities (TBA).


The festival is located in Milovice in the Nymburk district. It is possible to get to Milovice by train or bus. For travel from Prague we offer buses that will take you directly to the gates of the festival (TBA).

If you want to go on your own from Prague, we recommend taking the train from “Masarykovo Nádraží” railway station to Milovice. There will be a shuttle service between the Milovice train station and the festival grounds (tickets can be purchased directly from the bus).

By car

If you are going to the festival by car, the coordinates are 50.2381661N, 14.9097592E. Try to get in touch with other Immortalz to use full capacity of your car. You will come across the festival signs around the festival that will point you in the right direction. If you plan to park in the festival area, be sure to purchase a Parking ticket. You can leave the parking spot as needed during the festival. For safety reasons, it is not possible to sleep in cars in the parking lot.

Are you arriving by caravan, van or car and planning to stay overnight? Then Car camp is the right place for you. If you need electricity to operate your caravan, we recommend Caravan Spot (tickets > camping > add-ons).
If you are coming by car and would prefer to pitch your tent next to it after all, choose the Car &  Tent Spot (tickets > camping > add-ons). Each of you who will camp at this spot has to have own Immortal Camp ticket.

By bike

Have you decided to take the most environmentally friendly route and come to the festival by bike?
No problem. Our Bike Point will be able to safely store your bike during the entire festival.


At the festival

Your plan is to enjoy the festival from the beginning to the end. Are you looking forward to camping with friends and sunrises from the tent? Then don’t forget to buy your Immortal camp ticket.

Own tent

If you have your own tent and an inseparable group of friends with whom you want to build your own camp, an Immortal camp ticket will be enough and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

If you prefer order to chaos and want your place to be secure? You can book a parcel for your tent on top of your Immortal Camp ticket. Whether you’re camping alone in your tent or need a place for 4 other friends’ tents, you only need one parcel/spot (two sizes in offer) to share with your group. All of the campers need own Immortal Camp ticket. How you get along is up to you (Get your parcel – tickets > camping > add-ons > spot for 1 tent/spot for 5 tensts).

If you would like to have a safe place to keep all your valuables during the festival, we recommend booking a Lockerbox (TBA)

Travelling light

Going to a festival from far away and don’t want to lug all your camping gear? Or do you just want to be comfortable and save yourself the trouble of setting up a tent? You can buy one of our prebuild tents on top of your Immortal camp ticket.

Are you going alone or with a partner? In that case, one of the Tent Inn tents (tickets > camping > add-ons), which is just right for 2 people, might be enough for you. Each of you need your own Immortal Camp ticket as well. You can also book an airbed, to get some extra comfort.

Are you coming with a group and want to have enough space to chill together during the day? Book one or two Bell Tents on top of your Immortal Camp tickets and there will be a tent ready for you with airbeds at the festival. Book your Bell tent in section Tickets> camping > add-ons. You can choose between two sizes – for 5 or 7 people.

In Prague

Are you planning to combine your visit to the festival with exploring the capital of the Czech Republic? Or do you just live in Prague and don’t feel like camping?
If you plan to stay overnight in Prague, you can use our Shuttle buses that will take you to and from the festival every day. (TBA)
Are the Shuttle buses not convenient for you? You can use the taxi service.
If you want to travel from Prague on your own, we recommend taking the train from “Masarykovo nádraží” railway station to Milovice. There will be a shuttle service between the Milovice train station and the festival grounds (tickets can be purchased directly from the bus).

Around the festival

Do you like your peace of mind and after a long night, what you appreciate most is a hotel bed and a good night’s sleep? The best way for you may be to book accommodation in the vicinity of the festival. In that case, you can use our taxi service for transport between your accommodation and
the festival during the festival.


Map of the area

A map of the festival will be available about a month before the festival.


The time lineup will be announced 14 days before the festival.


Drinking water taps are located on the site and in the campsite. You can bring empty PET bottles to fill up with water. Please turn off all taps to avoid unnecessary emptying of cisterns, which results in frequent
water shortages.

Photo and video

Photography and filming at the festival with cameras, camcorders and mobile phones is allowed. Recording with professional equipment is only possible with prior arrangement and approved accreditation. When using photos and recordings, it is always necessary to visibly mention where the shots are taken from.

Payments at the festival

Let It Roll Festival is cashless. All payments in the festival area are made via a cashless wristband. Please read the full information carefully on our website.


Thank you for respecting the security check at the entrance to the festival and music venue.
• There is a strict no-fire policy throughout the site, including the campsites and car park,
except in designated barbecue areas. Only grills in metal containers are allowed there. Please also take care when smoking and dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.
• It is forbidden to bring your own food and drink, full camelbaks, narcotic and psychotropic
substances and weapons into the music section of the festival grounds.
• It is forbidden to bring glass bottles, loudspeakers, aggregates, gas burners and other explosive substances, tools and material for building “homemade” unsecured structures – tarpaulins, wooden poles, etc.
• It is possible to take a 3x3m scissor tent to the campsite.
• A maximum of 20 beers and 1 litre of hard liquor or wine per person (in plastic only) may be brought into the campsite only once. You can bring your own food into the campsite in unlimited quantities.
• From 06:00 to 12:00 there is a quiet regime in the campsite – no music production from own players, cars, speakers.
• All animals are not allowed in the grounds and campsites (landowner’s regulation).


The new Let It Roll collection can be found at the Let It Roll Merchandise stand in the music venue.or at the e-shop store.beatworx.cz. At the booth you can only pay with a cashless wristband or
credit card.