Let It Roll On Tour is heading to Ostrava!

A traditional highlight in the off-season event calendar, Let It Roll On Tour CZECH 2021, is about to go down in less than 2 months from now. It’s about time we start preparing for one hell of a night that’s ahead of us on 23rd October in Trojhalí Karolína. Let us also remind you the presale of tickets is still running, you can find them here.

The previous forced hibernation means that apart from the impeccable lineup we’re also in for a treat in the form of the premiere of the new Let It Roll On Tour events concept. Our robotic outlaw The Renegade is taking over to watch over them from now on. It’s gonna be his first time visiting elsewhere than Prague/Mlékojedy and he’s destined to also visit Amsterdam before the end of the year. That’s also gonna be the first time ever Let It Roll will set foot in there. But back to Ostrava.

The cherry on top of the lineup of this forthcoming October night is without a doubt the performance of the Dutch trio NOISIA. Being the part of their Farewell Tour it is more than likely destined to be the very last performance of this holy Drum & Bass trinity ever in the Czech Republic. And if we are to take their Save The Rave performace as a hint, we’re in for a heavy nostalgia-infused ride full of faces being screwed by the heavy bass, eyes lit with drops of their biggest hits and gallons of tears once the last tone gives up the ghost.

The rest of the headliners won’t let us rest easy either, though. The prominent hitmaker in the current Drum & Bass scene Culture Shock, the versatile producer and awesome DJ Levela, the eccentric phantom of pristine sound Muzz as well as the German Neurofunk bandits Neonlight are all confirmed to make their way down to Ostrava as well. So we’re in for a long night and our legs won’t be thanking us once we wake up on Sunday.

A numerous crew of amazing Czech DJs won’t be missing this one either. They will warm you up at first only to deliver the killing blow at the very end of the night. Bifidus Aktif, C.Phone, Elvis, Madface, N:Force, Pixie, Schooler or Thiew won’t go easy on us.

So – get your tickets, prepare your voice cords, massage tour legs and see you in a couple of weeks in Trojhalí. We already cannot wait to dance with you lot!