Let It Roll presents The Renegade Festival!

Although this summer lacks Let It Roll festival in its usual form which we are used to and which we have all been looking forward to, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let It Roll brings us a new concept – The Renegade Festival, which will take place from 31 July to 1 August in the popular summer location of Beach Park in Mlékojedy. 

This year’s summer festival was supposed to be the biggest in its history. We had a dream lineup ready for you, a new and even more sophisticated visual of all five stages, including a breathtaking opening show and another set of news for an even better festival experience. As our love for the drum & bass music is stronger than all obstacles of fate, we came up with The Renegade Festival. It will take place in a great summer location of Beach Park Mlékojedy that is in the middle of a natural area and features a beach and a swimming lake. As usual, you can look forward to a unique stage design and traditional audiovisual experience.

The main theme of The Renegade Festival is the robot Renegade that broke free of the other robots and is now travelling across space in search of a new home. This time he will land in Mlékojedy and take all Immortalz to an adventurous journey of drum & bass discovery. The music program of the festival will be divided into two parts – day, which will take place outdoors until 22:00, and night, which will continue indoors from 22:00. On the line-up, Let It Roll will bring together Czech drum & bass producers and DJs, which will be joined by several special guests from abroad – you can look forward to the best producers and DJs from different parts of Europe as you are used to at Let It Roll.

The tickets presale starts on Tuesday, July 7, at 14:00. The capacity of tickets will be limited according to current government regulations so we recommend not to hesitate with the purchase. Don’t forget to follow the social networks and websites of the Let It Roll festival, where you will be the first to learn about pre-sales and line-ups.