Winter Let It Roll’s opening show will take you to the orbit and back!

Winter Let It Roll’s opening show will take you to the orbit and back!

Do you already have the tickets for the Winter Let It Roll? Yeah? Good thinking! Not yet? In two minutes you will! Because on Friday evening, when the gates of the festival open, you will be taken for a colorful ride through a completely new audiovisual universe.

This will be the very first time for this show to appear on LIR Winter, but you won’t miss anything, including an absolutely unique screen projection on a huge LED screen. We’re dead serious: The total screen area of nearly 250 000 square meters will draw you right into the midst of the story about the Space-Time Portal– even if you don’t want to! You will be there to witness the activation of the show’s supersonic circuits, and a new character of the festival story will arise from its planetary nebula. It is of course your choice whether you want to be cautious and stand in the back or to make your way to the front row, but one thing is for sure – you won’t forget this experience anytime soon!

The musical aspects of the ceremony, guaranteed to melt your eardrums into a blissful goo, will be the responsibility of the best of the best – the sonic engineer Abis. Assisting the procedure will be the German sound magician Current Value.

So make sure you come in time – late-comers will be sorry!

85% of ticket capacity for Let It Roll Winter is sold out. Don't waste time and BUY THE TICKETS!