LIR On Tour is due to the measures taken by Ministry of Health being moved to 2021

On Saturday, October 10, we were supposed to meet again in Trojhalí, Ostrava, and enjoy the next edition of Let It Roll On Tour, but unfortunately we will not be allowed to do so by the Government of the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that in recent days the Ministry of Health has announced that its new measures are in favor of the organizers of music events, it has done the exact opposite. According to his latest decision, all events with a capacity over 1,000 must be exclusively seated. In case of non-compliance with this regulation, the organizer faces a fine of up to 3 million crowns. Negotiations in an effort to call off this new restriction were unfortunately unsuccessful.

It’s a big blow to us. We did everything we could to make sure the Let It Roll On Tour in October will go ahead. We have drawn up a proposal to implement an action divided into several sectors. Despite the fact that meeting all the requirements arising from the previous measures (sectors, revolving stage) was a huge cost and a lot of extra work for us, we wanted to keep our promise and organize the event for you. Unfortunately, the latest measure is an imaginary last straw with which we are no longer able to do anything. However, even today we would like to call for a drum & bass scene, even if it hurts, we have a solution ready.

We do not cancel the Ostrava LIR On Tour, we move it to Saturday, October 16, 2021. We will negotiate with all the performers so that we can soon confirm the line up you deserve. Your tickets remain valid for 2021. If the date does not suit you, you can request a voucher at with a subject “LIR On Tour voucher”. If it is not used by October 31, 2021, your money will be refunded automatically. The money for the purchased sectors will be refunded to you automatically.

We believe, and statements by Government officials have repeatedly assured us that the situation should stabilize permanently during the spring and all reasons for limiting mass action should disappear. We believe that we will meet in 2021 and enjoy Let It Roll as we are used to.

Stay strong!

Let It Roll & Beatworx team

Full version of Czech government announcement available here.