Evaluation of Let It Roll 2019: Well done!

Evaluation of Let It Roll 2019: Well done!

Let It Roll 2019 will forever remain in our minds as an incredible year to remember. Last year’s edition was a difficult one due to the extreme drought that had spread across Europe, and so began a year of hard work for us to fulfil the huge promises we made to you to help improve the festival.
Today, exactly a year later, we are relieved to say that we have completed that work and delivered an event that we once again feel proud of. Your positive reaction to the changes we made, along with all the feedback you have sent, has made us all feel grateful to be able to put on a festival that means so much you to you all (and to us).
We would like to thank all visitors who created such a great atmosphere throughout the event. From the minute some of you landed at the airport, every second was filled with positive energy and a pure love for drum & bass. We also want to say thanks to the entire organisational team behind the scenes, and to all the employees who have been working tirelessly for months on end, planning the improvements and precautions that needed to be taken after last year’s edition.
With lessons learned from previous set-backs, we did everything we could to give visitors an increase of comfort in the camp sites, plenty of water, reliable running showers, clean toilets, creative zones on the festival grounds, increased shade, a better layout of the festival site and last, but not least, reduced the distance between the camp sites and the stages.
Throughout this year’s festival we also continued to gather feedback from you that we will be actioning for next year’s event (for example, better transport to/from the festival).
We can say that after five years in Milovice, Let It Roll festival is entering a completely new era. An era in which the comfort and well-being of festival visitors is one of the highest priorities for us, and through this we promise that we will continue to develop the newly established standard of Let It Roll.
We believe that we will all continue to have unforgettable experiences together in the years to come, all of which will be full of creative stories, breathtaking production and the best of the music that we all love so much.Next year a huge portion of the global drum & bass community will unite once again - destination: Let It Roll 2020.We are already working hard to raise the bar again and welcome you all back the festival. We hope you can join us.
With respect and great thanks,
Let It Roll team

Where we party next? Check it out HERE

Where do we party next?!

Where do we party next?!

Let It Roll 2019 is now officially over, but we’re nowhere near stopping! In the following weeks and months, there’s a plenty of events none of the true Drum & Bass fans should miss. Let’s take a look at where we can all meet again!


We don’t know about you, but we’ll be closing this summer on 24th August at Outdoor Rave in Svojšice near Pardubice. This ultimate 14-hour rave under the clear skies offers a great line up full of Czech and international DJs, performing both at Drum & Bass as well as Harder Styles stages.  You can look forward to the names such as A.M.C, Andy Svge, Feint, Hallucinator, Inward, Hanzo & Randie, Mad Dog and many more. You can find more info and get the tickets at www.outdoorrave.cz website.



On 25th October we’re writing history as there’s the very first stand-alone Let It Roll event in the UK taking place. Our portal will open at the infamous O2 Brixton Academy venue in London. You’re in for a breathtaking show with a massive lineup which is going to be revealed in the upcoming weeks. You can find more information about the event as well as get tickets on our website.



The end of November brings another year of Imagination Festival to the PVA EXPO PRAGUE halls. You can again look forward to amazing audiovisual show at two stages - Imagination MainStage and Devastator stage. We’re slowly revealing the names of artists performing, so we already know we’re in for a treat from the guys like Current Value, Koven, Madface and Muzzy or Angerfist, TNT and Deadly Guns. The pre-sale is already running through GoOut and Festicket services.



For December we’ve prepared a headline show of one of the most popular artists of recent years for you - Netsky! He’s gonna be coming to Prague for the first time this year. Many of us still recall his amazing set from Let It Roll 2018 and we firmly believe we’re gonna see yet another amazing show full of his classics as well as fresh sounds. The pre-sale is already running and you can get the tickets on our website.



In February there’s another Drum & Bass feast coming! Prague, a weekend full of great music - what else can we ask for? After the last year’s success, Let It Roll Winter 2020 is back for 2 nights - the whole city of Prague will resonate with the best Drum & Bass hall lineup on 22nd and 23rd February. We’ll be revealing the next part of the festival story and breathtaking stage design that comes along. You definitely shouldn’t miss that! The pre-sale tickets are available now!



The main part comes at the beginning of August 2020 - the world’s biggest Drum & Bass festival Let It Roll 2020 is here! A number of terrific design stages, amazing opening show, breathtaking lights, thundering sound systems, hundreds of the best DJs from all around the world, many improvements and countless day activities. You can already join the FB event and register for th early bird tickets, which are going on sale in October 2019.


Lost & Found – Let It Roll 2019

Lost & Found – Let It Roll 2019

Lost your stuff at the festival? Did you recognize it on the photos below? If that's the case, please contact us at info@letitroll.cz, write Lost & Found as the email subject and send us the numbers of the things that are yours and the most detailed description you can come up with.

Please, if you've lost your phone, try to send us the IMEI code or at least the description of your background photos, how damaged it is, list of installed applications, contacts we could check, etc. For other things like wallets and backpacks, please indicate the bag (brand etc) and the content of your luggage.

Your stuff can be picked up at LIR Events, s.r.o office on working days from 12 pm to 6 pm at the address Prokopova 15, Prague 3 - Zizkov. Ring the bell LIR Events, 3rd floor. In case of you leaving the Czech Republic or for some reason, you are not able to pick up your stuff there, it'll be sent to you via mail. In the case of sending the packages abroad, postage must be paid in advance (instructions will be sent by e-mail). All the stuff are stored for half a year - until January 2020.
Documents, student and payment cards:
Aaron John Phillip Le Herisser
Oto Uhlík
David Freudenthaler
Khéanu Philippe Demaison
Lukáš Bauer
M Lecuir Tristan
Nicolai Hackmayer
Alojsa Smajic
David Freudenthaler
Morgan Mcconnell
Tomáš Soukup

Cashless refund – Let It Roll 2019

Cashless refund – Let It Roll 2019

Do you have any remaining funds on your cashless wristbands? 💰 Read more about how to get your money back below! 


Register your wristband here: https://letitroll.pay.intellifest.com/. Registration of your wristband is necessary for refund.

A) I was recharging online with my smartphone -
Your money will be refunded automatically to your account (1BLT refund fee). Please note: If you used online top up and top up on the site, it is necessary to fill out refund form. The amount that was topped up online will be returned automatically, the amount topped up on the top up stand will be returned based on the refund form.
B)  Recharging at TOP-UP stations
 - we'll help you get your money back in the next steps.
- Prepare your bracelet with unique numbers found on the back of the chip
- Sign up with email and password (max. 16 characters) at https://letitroll.pay.intellifest.com/ (last year login cannot be used)
- Register your bracelet with a 16-digit number on the back of the chip
- Fill out the refund form and submit
- Your money will be refunded to you within 1 month from submitting your refund form. Please note that in case of incorrectly entered data, the refund time is extended.

- The visitor is responsible for providing true information. In case of re-sending the payment or in case of requesting a refund after expiry of the refund period, a one-time fee of 2 Bolts will be charged (please, pay attention to the correctness of the entered data and their timely sending in your own interest)
- Don't throw away your chip bracelet after the festival and don't give it to anyone if you still have money left on it.

The refund form will be possible to send from Sunday, August 4, 2019 at 12:00 until September 9, 2019 at 00:00

Do you need help? Contact us - cashless@letitroll.cz

Massive Thank You! Let It Roll 2019 is now a memory

Massive Thank You! Let It Roll 2019 is now a memory

It’s Sunday and we just don’t know what to say. Well, actually we do, but we also know that words can’t even begin to do it justice. Okay. The last night of the festival was absolutely breathtaking! Seeing thousands of radiant faces full of joy is a completely priceless and timeless experience.

The visitor numbers broke records this year – all the more reason to say a big thank-you to all the visitors, because you made the whole thing happen smoothly and without any issues. We are truly grateful to have shared this spacecraft with such an elite interstellar crew from all over the globe. We would also like to bow down to all the performing artists, because this sonic space expedition would be impossible without them. Wanna know a secret? They enjoyed it just like you did! Our thanks also go to the whole organization team who once again helped Let It Roll secure its place as the world’s best drum & bass festival. See you next year!

Pre-sale tickets for Let It Roll 2020 will be available since October 2019. Check out the highlights from Saturday here.

Right now we are working on aftermovie, video sets and photo reports. Expect it soon. We will upload Lost & Founds on Monday. Cheers, LIR crew! 

The Opening Show was beyond our wildest expectations!

The second night of the festival is over. The atmosphere you created was as thick and explosive as kerosene! The Opening Show was beyond our wildest expectations – as soon as the Mothership successfully lifted off the ground, we knew there was no way back. Did you enjoy the Bus Parties? From what we could see you did, because the asphalt beneath the wheels was boiling-hot! We are also glad that many of you took part in daytime activities as well – because the final night of the best Let It Roll to date is upon us!