Make sure you’re on time for the Friday’s Opening Show!

Make sure you’re on time for the Friday’s Opening Show!

For the quickest entry at the festival venue of the Let It Roll Winter, please arrive in advance. Even though we have increased the capacity at the entrance, as the festival is sold out, some queues might form during the evening resulting in a slow entry to the party. Therefore, arrive on time and remember our three steps for a quick entry - prepare your ID with a ticket, put your clothes and bags into the cloakroom, and pick your cashless bracelet and charge it up. Also, don’t forget that the opening show by Current Value and ABIS starts at 11PM, you don’t want to miss this.

The Friday’s set by Dirtyphonics is replaced by Drumsound & Bassline Smith

The Friday’s set by Dirtyphonics is replaced by Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Today, we got a message that Dirtyphonics won’t make it to the winter edition of Let It Roll festival. The Friday’s show was cancelled and currently, we are working on re-booking them for another time. 

British producer project will take their place and make a grand return to LIR. Ladies and gentlemen! We’re happy to announce that Drumsound & Bassline Smith are going to play at Let It Roll Winter 2019!

We introduce the new festival app for Let It Roll Winter 2019

We introduce the new festival app for Let It Roll Winter 2019

For the winter edition of the festival, we are delighted to announce that we have collaborated with Woow to present the official Let It Roll App. You will find a lot of new tools there that will make your experience at Let It Roll Winter 2019 even better!

The app is designed around an interactive map that enables you to locate your friends real-time and check out which artist is playing at which stage. No longer will you need to meet “somewhere 40 meters in front of the outer right part of the mainstage” or “next to the tall guy in the blue shirt at the 3rd bar left from the entrance” – with Woov, you’ll find your friends not only easily but also pretty quick. Apart from that, you can also create a personal timetable, which means you’ll never miss your favourite artist again. With the Woov timetable, you will always have an overview of who is playing when and where. Set your favourites in order to personalize your festival planning and Woov will send you a reminder when you need to get moving. Last but not least is the festival messenger where you can talk to your friends AND other visitors of the festival.

Download now and have even better experience at Let It Roll Winter 2019!

Cashless at Let It Roll Winter 2019

Cashless at Let It Roll Winter 2019

Following the feedback we received last year, we have introduced a cashless payment system for Let It Roll Winter 2019. You can find more information below. Please read carefully to get to know our cashless system. 


It will not be possible to precharge a cashless account online before the event. You can buy your cashless wristbands (and then recharge) right after arriving in the hall. Go to the cloakroom and then pick up your wristband at one of the Top-Up stations. The wristband is free, you pay only the amount of charge (credit).

  • TIP: We recommend buying pre-charged bracelets to speed up the buying process.

The cashless wristband serves only as means of payment, not as ticket. The color of the wristband only distinguishes the pre-charged amount.

The minimum balance for refund purposes is 2 BLTs. Refund fee for processing the refund is 1 BLT.

The Cashless Website for your account registration and refund: Please be informed that you cannot use your account from previous events and have to make a new registration.

You cannot pair more wristbands under one cashless account. Each wristband must be registered under a separate cashless account on the above mentioned website.

Opening the premises and launching cashless wristbands: 

The area will be open for visitors from 19:00, when the sale of cashless wristbands is also started. The visitor does not get the cashless wristband right at the entrance, but he has to pick it up in the lobby in Top-Up station. The top-up stations will be placed behind the hall entry and will be properly marked.

We strongly recommend an early arrival to prevent the creation of queues, so you would not miss any of the program. A purchase of pre-charged wristbands will also help speed up the buying process.

Accepted currency: 

Across the whole area payments only through cashless wristbands are accepted. 

The cashless wristband currency is Bolt (BLT). Bolt's exchange rate against the Czech crown is 1 EUR = 22 CZK (1 BLT = 50 CZK).

You can add credit to the cashless wristband with cash or card at a ‘Top Up’ station during the event.

Cashless wristband payments are the only form of currency throughout the entire event, with the exceptions of:

  • Tickets > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by credit/debit card
  • Cloakroom > can be paid cashless as well as in cash (CZK and EUR)
  • Lockerboxes > can be paid only in cash (CZK and EUR)
  • Merchandise shop > can be paid cashless, in cash (CZK and EUR) as well as by payment card
  • Recharging cashless wristbands in Top-up stations > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by payment card


An ATM will be available on the premises, so it will be possible to withdraw cash on the spot.

Wristband recharging options & preloaded wristband values: 

At Let It Roll Winter it is not possible to charge the wristband online in advance and it is not possible to use the wristband from the last summer or winter festival. A sufficient number of Top-Up stations will be available on site to purchase pre-charged wristbands at these values: 

  • 8 BLTs = 18 EUR
  • 16 BLTs =  36 EUR
  • 24 BLTs =  54 EUR

You also have the option to charge a wristband in any size of in entire EUR (multiples of 5, e.g.  5 EUR, 10 EUR, 20 EUR, 50 EUR etc). 
If there were queues at the Top-Up stations, there will be 4 hostesses available during the Friday evening to buy pre-charged wristbands worth 16 BLTs from. Hostesses accept only card payments.
Every purchased wristband can be recharged once the pre-charged amount is spent. Recharging is only possible at multiples of 5 EUR. For fast orientation, a printed currency converter will be available at each Top-Up station.

  • TIP: If you register your cashless account after receiving your wristband and add your wristband number to it, you can recharge your account online and avoid any potential queues. We recommend you to do it primarily on Saturday prior to arrival.

Registration of the cashless account: 

You can set up your cashless account on site during the evening at To register your cashless account, you will need an email address and a few basic contact information. Once you have picked up your cashless wristband, add your wristband number to your cashless account - you will find the number on the other side of the chip (under the tape).

  • CAUTION! You can not use login data from last year, you need to register a new account.

We strongly recommend that you set up your account immediately after you arrive at the site and do not wait until the refund of the remaining funds. Thanks to this you will not only have the opportunity to recharge your funds online but also the possibility of blocking the wristband in the event of its loss or theft and the transfer of funds to a new wristband. Without a cashless online account, you are losing this opportunity.

Refund of financial balances: 

To refund the remaining funds from cashless wristbands, you must apply through the refund form at Refunds on site are not possible. The remaining funds will be refunded only by transfer to a bank account. The refund in EUR is according to the exchange rate of the sending bank. Eventual bank fees and charges come at the expense of the customer.
The refund form will be launched on Sunday 24 February 2019 at 06:00 and closed on 31 March 2019 at 12:00.
Refunds are only possible for cashless accounts with a minimum balance of 2 BLTs. Refund fee 1 BLT is charged.

CAUTION! For refund, you will need the numbers of all the wristbands you wish to refine. So do not throw the wristbands away!
CAUTION! If you have several different wristbands after the event, you will need to set up a separate cashless account for each wristband (ie you will need several e-mail addresses to register your cashless accounts). Therefore, we recommend that you buy the pre-charged wristband only once and then recharge it.


How do I set up my online cashless account and what is it good for?

At, simply sign up through Facebook or fill out your information. The Intellipay system will then send you an email to confirm your registration, just click on the activation button and complete the registration on the web. Setting up an account is free.

Your account allows you to recharge your cashless account (wristband) online without having to stay in the queue, view history, check your spend, download online receipts, link accounts to social networks, deactivate the wristband in case of loss and apply for refund. 

How do I link my wristband to my account?

At, you login to your non-cash account and simply link your wristband to the account by entering the numerical code from the inside of the wristband (Section Wristband > "I have a wristband").

How many wristbands can I add to my account?

You can only add 1 wristband to a cashless account.

How do I find I have a low Bolt status on my wristband?

When applying a wristband to a payment reader, the status of your account will be displayed at the start of each transaction. You can check the balance also at one of the 4 places marked as “Control balance”.

  • TIP: The easiest way to add a credit to your account is to enable Auto Recharge (section "Cashless settings" on the main page) when you first charge. By activating this feature, your credit will automatically be increased to 10 Bolts when account finance drops below 3 Bolts. Your unused credit will be refunded after the end of the festival once the refund form has been completed. 

What happens when I lose my wristband? 

If you've registered your cashless account and added a wristband number during the evening, you will not lose your funds. Simply visit the place marked as Customer Care, there they will help you with blocking of the wristband and transfer the money to a new wristband. You can also block the wristband yourself in your cashless account: "Wristband" section> click the "Freeze" icon.

If you did not attach your wristband to your cashless account, you lose this opportunity just as if you were to lose your wallet.

What happens to the money left in my wristband?

Purchased Bolts that were not spent will be returned to you at the end of the event within 30 days of completing the refund form. You can apply for the refund up to 31 March 2019, 12:00, from your cashless account (Refund section). Refunds are only possible for cashless accounts with a minimum balance of 2 BLTs. Refund fee 1 BLT is charged.

Customer support

If you have any issues with the chip, payments or top-up (before, during or after the festival), please contact our customer support – either at the Customer Care booth or at Our staff are always happy to help you.

Please read carefully the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you have any other questions, please take a look in the FAQs section first – the answer you’re looking for may already be there.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Let It Roll Winter 2019!

LIR Merchandise at Let It Roll Winter 2019

LIR Merchandise at Let It Roll Winter 2019

Festival's merchandise collection will be available straight at Let It Roll Winter! Get your new festival clothes or accesories at MERCHANDISE SHOP located in main hall where is the main stage. Visit & enjoy! :)


Official LET IT ROLL merchandise can be purchased at:


Check the map of Let It Roll Winter 2019

Check the map of Let It Roll Winter 2019

Let It Roll Winter 2019 is getting closer every day, that's why we finally reveal the map of the venue. Plan your festival journey, map where the entrance, wardrobe, bar and stage is, and find a meet point for you and your friends in case you lose them in between all the people. That can be for example our new chill out zone that we created for you this year. chill out uklidni se in this non-smoking area with comfortable seating in forms of sofas and chairs, great lighting and a bar.

Next to the merchandise, you will find Hard & Smart stand. You can find information leaflets about different effects and potential risks of illegal drugs, earplugs, condoms, alcohol and drug counselling and mainly, help in case of an unpleasant condition associated with acute intoxication. All this for a safer experience at the event.



Let It Roll Winter 2019 is SOLD OUT!

Let It Roll Winter 2019 is SOLD OUT!

It`s real! We are happy to announce that all tickets for Let It Roll Winter are gone which means that the festival is sold out! The winter edition takes place in Small Sport Hall on the 22nd and 23rd of February and we honestly can`t wait. You can look forward to an insane party full of the best of drum and bass completed about magnificent stage design. The story continues and you can look forward to another chapter lead by Sub Focus, Camo & Krooked, Dimension, Gydra, and many more.

You can find all the practical information about the important times, transport, cashless system, accommodation or venue in the respective sections in the LET IT ROLL WINTER 2019 event.

See you there!

Winter Let It Roll’s opening show will take you to the orbit and back!

Winter Let It Roll’s opening show will take you to the orbit and back!

Do you already have the tickets for the Winter Let It Roll? Yeah? Good thinking! Not yet? In two minutes you will! Because on Friday evening, when the gates of the festival open, you will be taken for a colorful ride through a completely new audiovisual universe.

This will be the very first time for this show to appear on LIR Winter, but you won’t miss anything, including an absolutely unique screen projection on a huge LED screen. We’re dead serious: The total screen area of nearly 250 000 square meters will draw you right into the midst of the story about the Space-Time Portal– even if you don’t want to! You will be there to witness the activation of the show’s supersonic circuits, and a new character of the festival story will arise from its planetary nebula. It is of course your choice whether you want to be cautious and stand in the back or to make your way to the front row, but one thing is for sure – you won’t forget this experience anytime soon!

The musical aspects of the ceremony, guaranteed to melt your eardrums into a blissful goo, will be the responsibility of the best of the best – the sonic engineer Abis. Assisting the procedure will be the German sound magician Current Value.

So make sure you come in time – late-comers will be sorry!

85% of ticket capacity for Let It Roll Winter is sold out. Don't waste time and BUY THE TICKETS!

Enjoy the loudest weekend in Ostrava! The combo tickets for LIR On Tour and Devastator Hall are out now!

Enjoy the loudest weekend in Ostrava! The combo tickets for LIR On Tour and Devastator Hall are out now!

Two parties, one place. Let It Roll On Tour and Devastator will bring the loudest parties to Ostrava. Friday night will be full of the hardest music that will be lead by N-Vitral, Act of Rage, Floxytek and Sirio. On Saturday, you will portal to another dimension full of the best of drum and bass with A.M.C, Hybrid Minds, René Lavice, Gydra, and so much more. Lose yourself in the unique vibe of the industrial location of Trojhalí Karolína and enjoy the two parties that you won’t be able to forget.