Next edition of Let It Roll Winter is ahead of us

Next edition of Let It Roll Winter is ahead of us

Are you having trouble getting yourselves out of the post-festival depression? Trust us, we get it, as we also left our hearts and legs at the Milovice airfield. Luckily enough, we have some great news - just like the years before, we are staying on our universal course and during the journey through space & time to another summer festival, we will make a short stop at Let It Roll Winter.

At the beginning of this year, you took our breaths away with the vibe that you created at the winter edition and we are looking forward to re-living this experience once again! You can look forward to a magnificent music dramaturgy that will take place during two weekend nights. All of this will be going down at our new Temple stage that literally screams for exploring its hidden corners. The unique opening show can’t be missing neither, as it will reveal another piece of the puzzle of our festival story.

Forget a long, cold and sad winter, all you have to do is to be at a right place at a right time! You can buy the weekend tickets in a pre-sale on our website and after the last year, we can only say one thing: don’t wait for too long, it's not worth it!