Parking & Camping

Parking & Camping


Festival parking will be opened: Wednesday 16:00 – 00:00, Thursday 09:00 – Sunday 06:00 (the latest possible entry to the parking). It is possible to buy parking pas when you come to the festival. Capacity is huge, so there is no need to be afraid of not having a place to park.

If you want to buy your parking ticket ahead you can find them here>>>


Festival Let It Roll offers wide variety of accommodation. Basic camp ticket can be purchased in presale or at the festival. If you want to camp at the festival you can choose from two types of camps and then from different camp services.

Standard Camp– traditional camp, where you can enjoy the festival together with your friends. Standard Camp Pas is valid for one person.

Comfort camp– for those of you who prefer to spend festival in camp with higher comfort, better social background and divided showers. Comfort camp allows you to enjoy the festival without worrying about free place for your tent. Every person sleeping in Comfort camp needs their own Comfort Camp Pass ticket (ticket is valid for one person only).

To camp in Comfort Camp you need one of the Camp services: Tent Inn/ Bell Tent/ Bell Tent Grande/ 1 Tent Parcel / 5 Tent Parcel

Comfort camp services and ready tents for you:

Tent Inn- ONLY VALID WITH A FESTIVAL TICKET AND STANDARD CAMP PASS. Want to camp but don't want to bother with bringing a tent? Rent one! A pre-pitched tent for two persons will be awaiting your arrival, comes with foam sleeping pads and blankets. Tent Inn reception also provides phone charging, lockerboxes and a pleasant reception service. Includes: Pre-pitched tent in Standard Camp at Let It Roll.

Find more information about tent inn here >>>

Bell Tent(SOLD OUT) – a luxury pre-pitched tent in a separate camp with non-stop reception. Tents are equipped with pillow, mattrace and light. The Bell Tent ticket could be shared with all people who will be sleeping in this tent. 

The Bell Tent ticket is valid only with Festival ticket + Comfort camp pass. Find more info here  >>>.

Parcel for 1 or 5 own tents in Comfort camp (1-Tent Parcel / 5-Tent Parcel – SOLD OUT)  if you will be sleeping in the Comfort camp in your own tent, you will need your own parcel there because of a limited capacity. That’s the only way how to be sure, there will be a space for you, your tent and a comfy place for relaxation. ONLY VALID WITH A FESTIVAL TICKET AND COMFORT CAMP PASS.

1 Tent Parcel (15m2 - 3x5m) is a parcel for standard tent for 2 persons (tickets could be shared in two persons then); 5 Tent Parcel (60m2) is dedicated for 5 own tents with standard size for 2 people, ie. up to 10 persons (shared ticket in a whole group).

Car & Tent Parcel- ONLY VALID WITH A FESTIVAL TICKET AND STANDARD CAMP PASS. Coming by your sweet ride and want to camp right next to it? Parcel for both of you and your tent is what you need. Includes: 9x3 parcel for your car or caravan & your tent at Let It Roll.