Pendulum Trinity are the first headliners of Let It Roll 2021

We’re announcing the first confirmed headliner for Let It Roll 2021 – Pendulum Trinity. This magic trio originating from Australia, and, without a doubt one of the biggest names in the history of electronic music, will take over the main stage at the next summer’s Let It Roll.    Three small steps for a man but giant leaps for Drum & Bass After a long hiatus, the legend of Pendulum is coming back to perform on the big stages in its original three-man composition. Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul “El Horner” Harding formed the project in their native Australia back in 2002. They met at a Drum & Bass night. The random accidental failure of the Rob’s and Gareth’s performance computer’s hard drive led to Paul stepping in and offering to perform in their place. That “lucky” mishap created a bond destined to set the future path of the genre in the upcoming years.   Their very first release “Vault” caused enough of an uproar amid the scene for this trio to ride the wave by moving to the Drum & Bass’ promised land, the UK. After a couple of singles they have released their debut album “Hold Your Colour” in 2005. And that changed everything. It performed well both in the UK’s as well as Australia’s top selling music charts and for thousands of people from all around the globe, this was THE album that made them convert to Drum & Bass.   Not too long after this successful debut, the trio became a sextet. This band then went on to become the most notorious live act in the genre’s history, performing at the biggest clubs and festivals worldwide. The fact that there hasn’t been anyone or anything nearly as successful some 14 years later speaks volumes about their status. The peak of this era, alongside 2 new albums “In Silico” and “Immersion”, was recording the live DVD of their late 2008 performance at the iconic London venue O2 Brixton Academy.   The power of three Almost all things Pendulum revolve around the number “3”. Three original members, three studio albums, usual three-year gaps between key releases, also their three-year-long full hiatus. We’ve already covered the three crucial moments in their career above, so let’s take a look at the three moments exceeding the Pendulum project.  

  1. Knife Party – Knife Party is a duo consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, whose formation lead to the end of Pendulum’s first era. In their new venture, Rob and Gareth broke free from their DnB roots and started producing and DJing other electronic music like Dubstep, Electro and House.
  2. Mainstream production – it’s no secret that Rob Swire has also ventured into the fields of popular music production, for instance he’s worked with the famous US pop star Rihanna on her “Rude Boy” single or with the famous UK grime MC Tinie Tempah on his “5 Minutes” single.
  3. Rob Swire on the mic – Rob has also lended his signature vocals to other famous electronic music producers like deadmau5 (Ghosts ’n’ Stuff, Monophobia) or Eric Prydz (Breathe).

  Three tunes We’ve picked three tunes by Pendulum you should definitely know.   

  One reason That’s all we need! Seeing this unique live show is simply a must for any Drum & Bass fan. So see you at Let It Roll 2021! In the meantime, you ought to check out their recent live stream from Spitbank Fort.  



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