RAVE is saved, long live the RENEGADE!

Immortalz, after a long 2-year wait we’ve been blessed with an opportunity to reunite again at the Milovice airfield. There, despite some more severe weather conditions than we’re used to, we’ve all together managed to fulfill our mission to SAVE THE RAVE. And for that we’d like to thank you from the very depths of our sleep-deprived souls.

We would like to thank you once again for your cooperation, patience and also unrivaled enthusiasm thanks to which the atmosphere was yet again unforgettable throughout the whole festival…from the very begging to its very end. And even the unfortunate weather circumstances in the form of heavy raining and strong wind which made us evacuate the festival premises for the first time ever in the festival’s history on Saturday night for about 2 hours didn’t stop us. We always take your safety as our highest priority and the base of all our efforts. We are also facing a lot of questions about why we built the venue the way we did. Believe us when we say that if we could put the stages on concrete, we would. However, there was no other way to build the festival area as the other parts of the airfield were rented out to different companies. Our usual part of the airfield was used by film makers where a lot of damage was made. That is why we had to use the part where the ground was drained but it wasn’t prepared for such heavy rain. Moreover, the stages must meet certain conditions such as them being pointed out away from the city so the music doesn’t disturb the people living in Milovice.

That being said, ever since the early afternoon hours we’ve been blessed by one amazing set after another from all the Czech and Slovakian DJs performing as they were warming you up for the evening and night to follow. That’s when the foreign headliners started to take over with many of them delivering the highlight performances in the history of the whole festival. Did you enjoy the experimental madness of Tom Finster, IMANU or the French duo of Skylark b2b The Caracal Project? Did you ruin your vocal cords by singing along with Koven or did they hold up until Netsky’s set? Are your legs still hurting after dancing your shoes off to the high-octane performances of A.M.C, Neonlight b2b Pythius, Metrik or Zombie Cats? Did the premiere joint performance of Camo & Krooked b2b Mefjus lived up to your expectations or are you still shedding tears after one of the last ever performances of the legendary NOISIA? Be it as it may, we believe we’ve enjoyed those 2 days full of Drum & Bass together to the fullest after such a long wait!

Huge thanks goes out to all the artists performing at the festival who, despite all the difficulties, rose up to the challenge and joined us in our efforts, as well as to all our partners and helpers. Without their support and hard work, we never could have organized a festival of such magnitude.

Last, but not least, don’t forget the summer’s not over yet and in less than 2 weeks from now, we’re returning to the Beach Park Mlékojedy venue for the second edition of The Renegade Festival. The full line has been announced in Let It Roll presents: The Renegade Festival Facebook event so don’t forget to check it out! ☀️ The tickets are still available.