Refund form is open now.

Refund form is open now.

From Sunday, 24th February from 6:00 you can ask for a refund of your remaining funds from your cashless wristbands. For the refund, you must apply through the official refund form at and the remaining funds will be refunded only by a transfer to a bank account. To be able to ask for a refund, you must have the minimum of 2 BLT on your cashless wristband and 1 BLT is charged as a refund fee. The refund in EUR is according to the exchange rate of the sending bank. Eventual bank fees and charges come at the expense of the customer.

For a successful refund, you will need all the numbers from all your festival wristbands and also, you will need to set up a separate cashless account for each wristband. 

In case of incorrect account details in refund form and repeated refund payment an additional 2 Bolt fee may be charged. (Please enter your details with caution).

The refund form will close down on 31st March 2019 at 12:00.  

You can find specific information about Cashless system -> CASHLESS AT LET IT ROLL WINTER 2019