Refund Your Unused Bolts

Refund Your Unused Bolts

Take a moment to handle your unused Bolts from your cashless wristband. Refunding your unused Bolts is very simple, and there’s no fee involved! 

After the event, request a refund of unused Bolts in the NFCtron app. Just scan the chip, click on REQUEST A REFUND, and follow the instructions. 

If for some reason you do not want to download the application, request a receipt with a QR code at the top-up station, which you scan and you will see the option to return the credit directly on the main card.

The request is normally processed within 14 working days, i.e. until 8/20/2023.

Refund rules 

Refunding of unused credit is automatically controlled by the system. Your request may be temporarily denied, and you may be asked to explain the request in the following cases:

  • Repeating the same bank account across more than 3 requests.
  • A significant difference between the returned cups and the paid deposits.
  • Less than 2 completed transactions at the event. NFCtron does not collect any personal data; all information is used solely to pay the remaining credit to the bank account once.

Lost & Founds 

We are still collecting lost and founs. For updates please follow our FB event or website, we will share it soon!

Forgot cars at the Let It Roll 
As the Let It Roll festival comes to a close, there are currently 4 cars left within the festival area that need to be picked up. We kindly request that you arrange to retrieve your vehicle within the next two days to ensure a smooth and timely process. Thank you for your cooperation!