Stream 4 Rollin’ Charity – Help with Us

You can’t be with us, so here’s a present from us! We’re giving you Stream 4 Rollin’ Charity where we will stream every Thursday at 18:00 CET. You can look forward to sets we previously haven’t published and now it’s time for those to get unleashed for the pleasure of Drum & Bass fans. Watch your favourite artists from the comfort of your home. Are you ready?


UPDATE 15th April 2020:
Were you with us during the streams from 2013 and 2014? Our streams support the making of masks for doctors and nurses that are working during these times. After our last Stream 4 Rollin’ Charity, we got the amazing news that doctors in more than 100 medical facilities across the Czech Republic have already received 11 467 masks. Tomorrow at 18:00 we continue with yet another stream and this time we will return to the year 2015.

UPDATE 9th April 2020:
Let It Roll team launched a crowdfunding stream campaign last week to support the creation and distribution of face masks for doctors and nurses in the most vulnerable hospitals. Let It Roll now regularly streams the headliners’ sets from the previous years on Facebook and Youtube.

The project named Stream 4 Rollin’ Charity runs every Thursday from 6 pm with funds being donated through Donio The first batch of streams last week was seen by over 50,000 fans around the world and the festival plans to improve reach of the campaign by involving the participating foreign artists and their social media.