Royal Visit at LET IT ROLL 2018!

Royal Visit at LET IT ROLL 2018!

They say that two heads are better than one. But what if there are three? And if they are the heads of three well-known veterans right from the very cradle of drum and bass? Trust us, that’s a recipe for nothing else than pure FIRE!



LET IT ROLL 2018 | 2.8. - 3.8. - 4.8. 2018 / Prauge, Czech republic

Yes, we are talking about the relatively new producer supergroup called Kings Of The Rollers, which is going to perform their unique show at this year’s Let It Roll! Everybody loves a good roller. Fast beats relentlessly galloping forward along with rolling bass lines – that’s a mixture that will get anybody moving and grooving. And Kings Of The Rollers are called exactly that for a good reason (their packed booking calendar speaks for itself). But who are the faces behind the curtain?

As was already hinted at, this is a project of three English gentlemen who have been around for years – the sound designer/magician Serum, the jump-up enthusiast Voltage, and the veteran pioneering producer Bladerunner – who joined their skills and talents to create something entirely new. And we have to say they’re doing pretty well so far, whether in the studio or in the DJ booth, and that’s probably where they are at their strongest. Their sets are a masterful fusion of various subgenres ranging from old-school jungle to liquid funk or cheery jump-up, teeming with outstanding diversity and a huge funk infusion. And they’re really incredibly fun! If you don’t believe us, we dare you to come see and hear for yourself – at this summer’s Let It Roll!