Statement about moving Let It Roll 2020 to 2021

Dear Immortalz,


The period we are all going through at the moment is incredibly difficult and together we are facing something that we did not even have nightmares about. You, the fans of our festival, are our main energy from which we draw all year round, and together with the love for drum and bass you are the reason why we organize the festival. Without you and your support, Let It Roll would not be the biggest drum & bass festival, so the following lines are not easy for us to write.


This year’s summer festival was supposed to be the biggest in its history, and with this vision, the entire LIR crew has been working on it since last summer. We had a dream lineup ready for you, a new and even more sophisticated visual of all five stages, including a breathtaking opening show and another set of news in regards to the site plan for an even better festival experience. We simply went “all in” this year because we wanted to prepare a festival you will never forget. We are all sorry that we have to inform you with heavy hearts that due to recent pandemic situation and official information from the Czech Government we are forced to postpone this year’s Let It Roll 2020 for the summer of 2021, specifically for August 5-7, 2021. This summer we will unfortunately not meet at the Milovice airfield. We will now devote all our energy to the preparations of Let It Roll 2021, especially its line up, which we will try to put together for you at least as good as we planned for this year.


Huge thanks to all of you who have shown their trust to us and bought a ticket for Let It Roll 2020. All tickets, including services or tickets won, remain automatically valid for the next year and tickets do not need to be changed in any way. If you have the opportunity to keep your ticket for the next year, we will be more than grateful if you do so. Thanks to you, we will be able to cover the costs already incurred for this year’s festival, and thanks to you, the next year will be able to take place in the style and size we are all used to. You will be Superimmortalz for us forever and you can be sure that you will be properly rewarded for your loyalty next summer.


An alternative solution is to issue a voucher. In compliance with the law, we will simply return the money from the purchase of a ticket to the issued voucher. You will be able to use it for any of Let It Roll or Beatworx event, which will take place until October 31, 2021 and repeatedly, until its value is spend. To issue a voucher, please use our form and do so also in case you fall under the exceptions listed in the law entitling to a refund In the most serious cases falling outside the above exceptions please contact us via this link and we will deal with these cases individually. Applications are open until June 30, 2020.

In case, you won’t use your ticket, but you would like to give or sell it, the name changes are for free until the end of 2020.



It amazes us how the whole drum & bass community is coming together in these difficult times and is ready to help each other out. Several of you have brought us to our knees with messages that even if the festival is canceled, you will not return your ticket and that, on the contrary, you would like to buy a new ticket for the following year. Many thanks to all these Immortalz. You can also support Let It Roll by buying a limited edition of Let It Roll merchandise we will bring during this week.

Let It Roll has been here with us for 18 years and we believe that it will continue for at least another 18 years. Most of us remember the rainy Oplatil or extreme temperatures in 2018. But we didn’t stop and Let It Roll has improved every year to its current state we know today – thanks to you as well. We keep going and even though the festival will not take place this year, we want to offer you a different version of it. Follow us on social media and we will soon introduce a new concept to you. We look forward to meeting you again at the Milovice airfield in 2021 and to the fact we will be celebrating the love for drum & bass together.

Thank you for your patience, understanding even in this difficult situation and endless support!

Suki & Let It Roll Crew