Thank you for a great RENEGADE Festival!

Over the weekend for just a couple of hours we’ve become outlaws again under the leadership of our robot Renegade and we’ve returned to the sanctuary of Beach Park Mlékojedy. Changing the airfield for a beach, runways for sand. What didn’t change one bit though was the omnipresent amazing atmosphere all of the DJs were praising during the weekend, including the biggest names in the game. You’ve managed to preserve them smiles on your lips and it was this very vibe which became the source of energy for our robot leader as well as ourselves. And we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.


We’re also thankful to all the DJs, too. Ever since the early afternoon hours they were making you dance which gave Renegade a chance to charge up and get ready for the later hours. With the sunlight slowly diminishing, he was coming to life to eventually shine in full like a beacon for all of our lost Drum & Bass souls. By that time headliners were already coming in and out under his rather colossal stature only to serve us one unforgettable performance after another. After the rising star of dancefloor Drum & Bass, Millbrook, the matadors of the likes of Culture Shock and the unholy trinity Jade, MNDSCP & Coppa took over on the Friday evening, only to lead the whole night to a peak with A.M.C delivering yet another high-octane set to close things off. On Saturday we saw Something Something making you dance only to pass the baton to Kove, Muzz and Delta Heavy for some serious dancefloor damage. The set we’ve heard being praised the most though got delivered by one of the founding figures of neurofunk. Ed Rush got to perform outside of the UK for the first time in over 18 months and showed just why he’s still one of the most prominent figures of the scene after almost 30 years in the game already. This impeccable performance was a cherry on top for every neurofunk fan, with precise mixing being accompanied by unique selection only this man can deliver.


For both days there were another 5 hours of silent disco going on at the main stage, offering loads of fun and unique vibe yet again. And for those who wanted to get a little warmer, they found refuge indoors and got to see a plethora of great Czech/Slovakian DJs as well as Abis and Tobax performing.


With The Renegade Festival coming to an end, we’re getting some serious summer blues, but after a packed festival calendar over the past few months we can’t wait for Let It Roll 2022 already. But before that, we still have the fall, winter and spring to take on and we believe those months will also offer many unforgettable Drum & Bass experiences. As far as we’re concerned, you definitely shouldn’t miss us taking Let It Roll On Tour to Ostrava in October, as well as to Amsterdam in December for its postponed premiere. We’re looking forward to seeing you there Immortalz!


23/10 – Let It Roll On Tour Ostrava

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3/12 – Let It Roll On Tour Amsterdam

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