Travelling to foreign countries can be challenging and stressful. In this article you will find useful info on how to easily get to Let It Roll 2018 in Czech Republic.


Visa and health insurance:


The basic rule of the Schengen Area is the freedom to cross any border within its jurisdiction. If you’re travelling within the European Union, you don’t need visa at all. For this kind of travelling, only a valid passport or ID is required.


There are some countries which are subject to a visa requirement to travel to the Czech Republic. You can find the list of those countries as well as information on how to obtain a visa at Ministry of Foreign Affairs pages.


Don’t forget to secure health insurance which is very important for your travels. You never know what can happen and receiving medical treatment can be very expensive.



Travelling to Czech Republic:




There are several international airports in the Czech Republic. For the easiest travelling options to the festival itself, we recommend using one of the following three airports – Václav Havel Airport Prague (the capital), Pardubice Airport, or Brno-Tuřany Airport. You can find cheap flight tickets at


To get to Let It Roll Festival…


From Václav Havel Airport Prague -> Prague Main Train Station -> Taxi or Public Transport –> Milovice


Way from Brno-Tuřany Airport –> Brno Main Train Station –> Prague Main Train Station –> Milovice


Way from Pardubice Airport –> Pardubice Main Train Station –> Prague Main Train Station –> Milovice





When you arrive in Prague, you can catch one of the Shuttle Buses that will take you straight to the festival site. You can get your shuttle bus tickets either from our website or The shuttle buses are running from the following places:


Václav Havel Airport Prague

1) Prague > Let It Roll

a) 1. 8. 2018, 19:00 

b) 2. 8. 2018, 16:00

2) Let It Roll > Prague

a) 5. 8. 2018, 6:00

b) 5. 8. 2018, 13:00


Price: 660 CZK

The journey length: approx. 1.5 – 2 hours without stopping


Prague City Center


1) Prague City Center (Unlimited return journeys, including these times:)

a) Prague > Let It Roll

▪ 2. 8. – 19:00

▪ 3. 8. – 19:00

▪ 4. 8. – 19:00

b) Let It Roll > Prague

▪ 3. 8. – 5:30

▪ 4. 8. – 5:30

▪ 5. 8. – 5:30


2) Prague > Let It Roll

▪ 1. 8. – 19:00 – one way

▪ 2. 8. – 19:00 – one way

▪ 2. 8. – 12:30 – one way

▪ 3. 8. – 19:00 – one way

▪ 4. 8. – 19:00 – one way


3) Let It Roll > Prague

▪ 2. 8. – 5:30 – one way

▪ 3. 8. – 5:30 – one way

▪ 4. 8. – 5:30 – one way

▪ 5 .8. – 5:30 – one way

▪ 5. 8. – 10:00 – one way


Price: 330 CZK

The journey length: approx. 1 – 1.5 hours without stopping


Shuttle Buses from Festicket supported hotels


This Shuttle bus service is only available to ticket holders that have bought their hotels through

1) Unlimited ticket including these times:

a) Hotel – Let It Roll

▪ 2. 8. – 15:30

▪ 3. 8. – 15:30

▪ 4. 8. – 15:30


b) Let It Roll – Hotel

▪ 3. 8. – 6:30

▪ 4. 8. – 6:30

▪ 5. 8. – 6:30


Price: 1 210 CZK

The journey length: approx. 1 – 1.2 hours with no more than 4 stops 





If you are coming to Let It Roll from within the European Union, you can use our BusTours service (for more information about BusTours, check out BusTours section or click on this paragraph).





If you are coming to Let It Roll from countries near the Czech Republic (Austria, Slovakia, Poland or Germany), we recommend travelling by train. There is a train station in Milovice.


The best option is to find a train arriving to Prague Main Train Station where you can board a direct train heading to Milovice with the journey taking approx. 45 minutes. You can find all the necessary info about the trains at GoEuro.





So you have finally made it to Milovice Train Station! In front of the train station you can board the shuttle transport going straight to the Let It Roll Festival site. These shuttles run approx. every half an hour. This part of the journey will only take about 15 minutes based on traffic.


Here’s the additional info:


Boarding stops:

1) Milovice Train Station

2) Let It Roll Festival Site – near the main entrance


Departure times:

▪ Wednesday 1st August 2018 – 13:00 – 22:00

▪ Thursday 2nd August 2018 – 10:00 – 23:00

▪ Friday 3rd August – 06:00 – 23:00

▪ Saturday 4th August – 06:00 – 23:00

▪ Sunday 5th August – 05:00 – 17:00


Ticket price: 50 Kč / 2,5 Eur per way / person

You can get the tickets directly on the bus (no presale) and you need to pay in cash (both CZK andEURare accepted).





If you’re using an up to date GPS, you should get to Milovice (Nymburk district) without a problem. Please note that the city of Lysá nad Labem is closed due to the road repair, so please remember you need to take this closure in to account.


If you’re taking the D10 highway after leaving Prague, use EXIT 27 and follow the main road to Milovice.

If you’re taking the D11 highway after leaving Prague, use EXIT 25 and continue through Nymburk to Milovice.

GPS coordinates of Milovice airport, where Let It Roll Festival is located: 50°14’30.1″N 14°51’10.5″E





Each year there is a camp site at the Let It Roll Festival site where you can accommodate yourself for a small fee. The camp site is separated from the vehicle area as a safety precautions. It is also forbidden to enter the camp site with dangerous objects which may cause harm to other festival goers (see rules for visitors).


With a festival ticket you can choose from two camping options – Standard Camp and Comfort Camp.


If you don’t want to take your own tent with you, we offer the possibility of hiring a tent. These are called ‘Tent Inn’. You can hire a tent in both the Standard and Comfort Camps based on your camping preference. 



Accommodation near the festival site – hotels, guesthouses, domestic hostels:


If you’re not looking to spend the festival in a tent and would prefer a hotel, we recommend booking one through ticketing company gives you an extra option to buy the tickets for Shuttle Buses running directly from/to your hotel (more info in „Travelling” section). 

If you want to book your accommodation elsewhere, you can try websites such as or Given the fact that the festival takes place in the countryside with only a few small villages around, plus many attendees book their accommodation a year in advance, it’s practically impossible to get a hotel near the festival site. You can always try your luck though, the following cities are the closest to the festival site -> Lysá nad Labem, Nymburk, Benátky nad Jizerou, Milovice, or alternatively Prague from where you can travel daily using either the Shuttle buses or direct trains to Milovice from where you can take the festival shuttle transport (more info in „Travelling” section).







Each year there’s plenty of food stalls in the festival area for you to try. You can choose from a wide range of foods like Asian, pasta, soups and many more. The complete list of all food stalls will be up on our website a month before the festival for you to check out.


If you’d like to take a walk and leave the airport to grab something to eat, there’s a few restaurants in the town of Milovice.





Every festival ticket is tied to a name and is non-transferable. The name of the ticket holder is printed on the ticket and you are required to identify yourself on the main entrance with either a photo ID, passport or driving license to obtain a festival wristband.


You can get the festival ticket, camp ticket or parking spot through our website or Please note that you may not be able to purchase some of the festival services on site. We recommend to book in advance.





Let It Roll festival uses a cashless payment system. All festival goers can pay directly by using their festival wristband with a chip to pay at a payment terminal.


Because of this, you don’t have to worry about losing your cash, as you recharge your cashless account either online or directly on the festival site at the TOP UP stalls. The cashless account registration and topping up is available 14 days before the festival at


You can find more info about the cashless system on our website.