Water – The giver of life at festivals (and anywhere else)

Water – The giver of life at festivals (and anywhere else)

The whole world is currently struggling with extreme weather. This is why we put together a few rules and tips that will help you and all other visitors enjoy a more comfortable stay at Let It Roll. You may have read the news article summarizing all the improvements we have come up with for Let It Roll 2019.

However, there is one thing, something we struggled with last year as well, that can hardly be dealt with without your help – extremely dry weather and the associated water shortage. We are doing all we can to provide visitors with as much water as possible, e.g. by increasing water supply capacities for this year. Despite that, we would like to ask you – the visitors, the heart of the festival – for a bit of extra help. Please join us in trying to enhance the comfort and safety of all Let It Roll visitors by sticking to the following rules. Can we count you in?

1) Please keep in mind that the drought does not mean only water shortage but also an increased risk of fire. This needs to be taken into consideration at all times, including your time at the festival.

2) When you finish your cigarette, please make sure you stub it out properly in order to prevent starting a fire. Please mind your own safety as well as the safety of other visitors.

3) Whenever you turn on a water tap – whether you want to drink, refresh yourself or brush your teeth – please check that you have fully turned it off afterwards. This way we can make sure that there will be enough water for all. Also, please think of others and do not pull out the water hoses from water tankers. They cannot be plugged back in due to high water pressure, and, as a result, the whole contents of the tanker will leak on the ground, wasting the precious resource and leaving other visitors thirsty.

You can find water tanks in the music area as well as at the camping area, which will be refilled regularly.

  • If you notice a running water tap, please close it.
  • If you come across a water hose torn out from the tanker, please report the issue to the nearest festival crew member (Security, Customer Care etc.).
  • Large bottles of drinking water (1.5 l) will be available for sale at the INFORMATION BOOTH.
  • You can take empty plastic bottles with you to the festival area and refill them from water tankers.
  • If you bump into any issue or defect related to water tankers or showers, please report it to the nearest festival crew member (Security, Customer Care etc.)

    If you happen to spot any fire, even if it is a small one, please report it to the nearest festival crew member (Security, Customer Care etc.).

For more information about the drought and other related issues, please go to the INTERSUCHO website: https://www.intersucho.cz/en/. This is a project run by scientists and other specialists, publishing the results of climatology research and drought monitoring in the Czech Republic, Europe and USA.