Your three day winter drum & bass holiday!

Your three day winter drum & bass holiday!

Winter is slightly coming and that means only one thing... Let It Roll Winter is coming! This year Let It Roll Winter is going to be a two day event. Let It Roll crew have put together a three day itinerary for you to go to Prague, the heart of drum & bass in Europe and enjoy the best bits the city has to offer. Oh… and visit one of the best drum & bass festivals in the world!

Your weekend begins on Friday morning, get ready... If you haven't got your drum & bass pass for this wicked weekend yet, grab it here!

Prague has great public transport – it’s super cheap and gets you around the city easily (and on time).

Or take an Uber or Taxify… Never grab a taxi on the street. It’s a tourist trap and very expensive!

You can get the best brunch at Eska in Karlín. Try one of their delicious menus and don’t forget to order their fresh-from-oven pastries.

Turn off your phone data, close down the Maps App and have a walk around Prague. The city is really easy to navigate around because of the river, so go get lost exploring!

Some must see attractions...

Getting cold while wandering around the city? Then it’s coffee and cake time. Don’t miss Caféfin where you can get warm and get some great food.

Have a lovely walk and find your nearest Lokál pub. They will serve the best beer in the city and serve some traditional Czech food. Not into meat? Then we recommend heading to Maitrea near Old Town where the entire venue is vegetarian (with loads of vegan options).

Party, party, party. With top-notch line-up (as always) and new venue to explore, Let It Roll Winter will give you the music to dance to and keep you warm.

Get your hangover cured at Mr. Hot Dog! Nothing beats a hangover like a Chilli-Cheese Hotdog with Chedar Cheese Fries (psst… they also do cocktails!) 

While you’re at Letná, don’t miss Prague metronom (Kyvadlo). It has the best view over the city and looks amazing at dusk when the lights turn on!

Cross Club café is not far from Let It Roll Winter venue and has a great selection of food. If it’s not too cold then make sure you check out the outside area with all the metal art!

If you’ve got what it takes to face part 2 of Let It Roll Winter 2019, then come back to the venue and we’ll have another night of amazing drum & bass waiting for you… (Don’t forget to get a Let It Roll T-shirt as a souvenir of your trip!)

Go back to your favourite restaurant… Eat as much as you can and then head to the airport and home!… You made it!