Rollin’ Green at Let It Roll Winter 2019

Rollin’ Green at Let It Roll Winter 2019

At Let It Roll, we care about the environment and our planet and because music events are the most common place where a lot of waste is created, we came up with Rollin Green - a project that tries to reduce the environmental footprint. Are you interested in the specific steps we took in order the lower the plastic production to the minimum? Check out our list of improvements.

Returnable cups
The returnable cups are not really a new thing and we dare to say that most of the Czech festivals are using them by now. Their advantage is that they are easy to wash and used again. Also, they don't end up in the woods or in the dumpster as we create cups with Let It Roll design that most of you take home as a souvenir.

Bioplastic straws
You might have noticed that recently there was a huge talk about plastic straws and their impact on our planet. That's why we removed them from our festival and replaced them with bioplastic straws. They are made from corn, therefore they are easy to process. They also don't contain any allergens, they are not tested on animals and they are not made from animal material. Still, if you want one, you will have to ask for it.

Food packaging from the easily processed material
On Let It Roll festival, you can look forward to food by Petite Bruges. Delicious burgers, Belgian fries and wraps. However, they also have a huge plus as their packaging is made of easily processed material.

Separation of waste
The most traditional way of lowering waste is separating it into different trash bins. At the winter edition of our festival, you will find three colours - yellow for plastic materials, white for cans and green (that is placed at the entrance) for glass.