The Renegade Festival: Lost & Found

The Renegade Festival: Lost & Found

Lost your stuff at The Renegade Festival? If that’s the case, please contact us at, write Lost & Found as the email subject and tell us what exactly you're missing. Please send us the most detailed description you can come up with.

Please, if you’ve lost your phone, try to send us the IMEI code or at least the description of your background photos, how damaged it is, list of installed applications, contacts we could check, etc. For other things like wallets and backpacks, please indicate the bag (brand etc) and the content of your luggage.

Your stuff can be picked up at LIR Events, s.r.o office on working days from 11 am to 6 pm at the address Prokopova 15, Prague 3 - Zizkov. Ring the bell LIR Events, 3rd floor. In case of you leaving the Czech Republic or for some reason, you are not able to pick up your stuff there, it’ll be sent to you via mail. In case of sending the packages abroad, postage must be paid in advance (instructions will be sent by e-mail).

ID's and other documents: 

Kristina Garwoodová 
Denisa Hlaváčová 
Tomáš Carda 
Jan Jakš 
Filip Smetana 
Tomas Vanek 
David Pichler 
Eva Novotná 
Tomáš Pokladník 
David Holeš 
Tomas Pavek 
Marián Drábik 
Nicolas Sola 
Michal Němec 

What was The Renegade Festival like?

What was The Renegade Festival like?

What happened last weekend at The Renegade Festival was something absolutely incredible.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all the fans who, despite the current situation, joined us and came with us to enjoy The Renegade Festival. It was a real Immortalz reunion with hundreds of fans from dozens of foreign countries and we are very sorry that due to capacity reasons we couldn’t meet all of you. We hope that the current situation will be over soon and together we will be able to meet at Let It Roll On Tour Ostrava and Let It Roll On Tour Amsterdam.

The day festival was a new experience for all of us and it left us with several feelings. The new “Renegade” stage has finally had its premiere and we have to say that it was perfect for this concept. We can’t wait for all the other stops on our On Tour that we will visit with it from now. Due to musical limits, we had to tame the inner stage a bit, which as you showed us, wasn’t a problem at all. The Silent Disco has been a great success for you! There we sang our lungs out and became convinced that for an unforgettable experience and atmosphere, the music doesn’t have to be blasting.

Thank you again to all the visitors and to the artists who came to play at the festival. For many of them, it was their first performance after the 6 long months and they were so carried away from the atmosphere that they didn’t want The Renegade Festival to end. The weekend celebration of drum & bass left us with an endless amount of positive feelings, energy and, most importantly, hope. Now we know that together we will overcome even the most difficult obstacles of fate and we are already counting down the days to Let It Roll 2021 we are all excited about. We will reveal more information about the summer festival soon, stay tuned.

* Lost & Found and photo reports will be published during the next days.



All you need to know about The Renegade Festival

All you need to know about The Renegade Festival

We can't wait to meet all of you on the sold-out Renegade Festival. Let's sum up the 10 most important points you should not forget about.



Please follow the festival's visiting rules and respect the strict ban on bringing weapons and narcotics into the festival grounds. Pay attention to the safety of yourself and your friends and do not exceed your limits.



We recommend planning your trip to the festival ahead so you arrive on time. It is possible that any inspections will take place on the access roads, which we unfortunately can't affect and which could delay your arrival to the festival. Please note that the headliners start playing earlier than usual this time.



Due to the current situation, we are following these measures:

  • Antibacterial gels will be placed in the festival area, please use them.
  • Follow the basic hygiene, wash your hands and avoid drinking from the same straws or cups.
  • In the indoor stage it is necessary to have a face mask on the mouth and nose.



At The Renegade Festival, you can pay mainly with cash or credit cards at the main bar. The payment is accepted both in CZK and EUR, however, if you pay with EUR, you will be given back Czech money depending on the rate said on the bar/entrance. 

At the merchandise stand HERE, you will be able to purchase a new collection of  merchandise created for The Renegade Festival. You will be able to buy unisex T-shirt, women tank top, sunglasses and hand fan. At the merchandise stand, only cash is accepted. 

The Renegade Festival is a day festival and the festival area opens at 13:00. The music production starts at 14:00, we recommend coming on time so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing music. We remind you that the headliners are playing during the early hours, don't miss them! The full timetable can be found HERE.

There are two stages at The Renegade Festival - one outdoor, that will play from 14:00 to 22:00. After that, the stage switches to a Silent Disco and after borrowing the headset, you will be able to enjoy proper drum & bass in an original form. The official afterparty will continue on the indoor stage and it ends at 5:00.

The whole festival area is located at the outskirts of Mlékojedy city and because of that we would like to politely ask you to respect the night calm between 22:00 and 06:00. Be considerate of your fellow ravers, who might want to have a good sleep. Also, don’t forget that the musical area is closed between 5:00 to 9:00.

The festival area of The Renegade Festival offers many sports activities + swimming. We would like to ask you to be careful and safe while swimming in the lake. Swimming is at your own risk.

In the festival area, there will be a food zone. You will be able to buy yourself breakfast, burgers, vegan food, pasta and also ice cream.

It’s time for a treasure hunt!

It’s time for a treasure hunt!

Immortalz, its time for a treasure hunt! 🌍

At The Renegade Festival, we will hide six packages with a festival ticket for Let It Roll 2021 and other prices from Beefeater CZ 🎁 

We will release the clues for the packages on our event and IG stories during the festival, so keep watching and find yours 😍

Good luck! 🎉



Create an Immortalz aftermovie with us!

Create an Immortalz aftermovie with us!

Do you have a phone full of videos after a festival? 🎥 Your chance is right now! We want to prepare a second aftermovie from The Renegade Festival directed by Immortalz  😎

Send us your horizontal videos from the festival or ideas for music via Wetransfer and we will use the best ones for the aftermovie 🎬 

We will mention the owners of the used videos in subtitles and we will reward you with a ticket to Let It Roll 2021.

You can send videos until 10. 8. to email and the videos you send have to have together a maximum of 5 minutes 🙌


The timetable for The Renegade Festival is finally out!

The timetable for The Renegade Festival is finally out!

During the two festival days, the beach venue of Beach Park Mlékojedy will present you many DJs and producers from both abroad and Czech Republic and it’s just up to you what you will choose to discover.

The six international headliners will take over the festival during the day, so if you wanna enjoy their sets, don’t wait around as the night programe is meant for the Czech support.

Have a look at our timetable and find out who will dominate the Renegade stage, who will welcome you in the inside stage and who will make you dance at the Silent Disco.

Go on, scan it through and start planning!

Shoot a new merch collection with us!

Shoot a new merch collection with us!

CASTING TIME! We are looking for Immortalz to shoot our new merchandise collection with :camera_with_flash: 

Do you want to appear on our social media and get the Renegade merchandise? Send us your photos to the email by Thursday, June 30., 14:00 and we will select a few of you who will shoot the new merchandise with us at Let It Roll presents The Renegade Festival :heart: 

Don’t forget, you have to own a ticket to the event.


Useful information about The Renegade Festival

Useful information about The Renegade Festival

Looking for useful information about The Renegade Festival? Read our complete overview of the festival, which includes information on transport, tickets, meet & greet, merchandise, and other useful stuff. We will continuously update this article as the festival approaches. 



The Renegade Festival takes place on 31. 7. to 1. 8. in a favourite beach location of Beach Park Mlékojedy. That is located approximately 60 minutes from Prague. More information about the venue can be found HERE




Are you unsure about how to get to the festival? We prepared all information about transport for you. 


For easy transport, we have prepared shuttle buses that will go from Prague to the festival (street Wilsonova) and back to Prague (street Lazarská). You can buy tickets for the buses HERE

From Prague:

FRIDAY: 12:00, 14:00, 15:00
SATURDAY: 12:00, 14:00, 15:30

To Prague:

SATURDAY: 2:30, 5:00
SUNDAY: 2:30, 5:00, 12:00, 15:00


There won't be any Taxi coordinated by us. 


For parking at The Renegade Festival, it is possible to use parking nearby. The number of parking places will be limited and you will be able to buy the ticket for our parking on our website soon. The parking is for the owners of the parking ticket only. When arriving, each car will get a parking cart that will allow him to park there during the whole festival. It is not possible to put your tent in the parking lot. Any other parking is not recommended.

Parking tickets on sale HERE.



The festival starts on Friday 31. 7. and the gates of both the camp and the music area opens at 13:00. On Sunday, you need to leave the venue at 15:00 the latest. 


FRIDAY 13:00 - 05:00

Main stage: 14:00 - 22:00 / 02:00 (silent disco)
Indoor stage: 22:00 - 05:00 


SATURDAY 9:00 - 05:00

Main stage: 14:00 - 22:00 / 02:00 (silent disco)
Indoor stage: 22:00 - 05:00 


SUNDAY 9:00 - 15:00



The Renegade Festival is sold out and due to capacity reasons, any more tickets won't be added. Tickets purchased online do not need to be printed, just presented on your smartphone. The only exceptions are phones with a cracked or otherwise damaged displays. In this case, it is necessary to print the ticket in advance. 


The name change on the spot is not possible. The name on the festival ticket can be changed online until 29.7. 12:00. In case you need to change the name, please contact GoOut at that will process your request for a 150 CZK fee. 


The camping tickets are sold out and due to capacity reasons, any more tickets won't be added. If you want to camp near the venue but you didn't get to buy your camping ticket, here are some tips for camps/hostels/hotels nearby.



WARNING: We would like to warn you about many fake sellers. We strongly advise you not to buy from these sellers as we do not promise the validity of these tickets.

We recommend arriving early to prevent long queues, not to miss any international headliners and to have the opportunity to buy a new piece from our festival merchandise.

ZTP/P: A visitor who presents his / her ZTP/P card (3rd degree of disability) and a ticket to the event is allowed to bring his / her assistant with him / her free of charge. This exemption does not apply to holders of ZTP card (2nd degree disability).



Visitors will be able to rent a limited number of Locker boxes for 150 CZK / night (+100 CZK key deposit). There will also be a possibility to rent a powerbank for 60 CZK + 340 CZK deposit.



The Renegade Festival IS NOT cashless. The visitors will be able to pay with cash or credit cards both in CZK and EUR. If you pay with EUR, you will be given back Czech money depending on the rate said on the bar/entrance. 





Due to security reasons, there won't be any Meet & Greet at The Renegade Festival. 



There will be several bars at the festival and their offer includes premium alcohol brands. A food zone will also be opened during the festival, however, there won't be any food zone in the camp.



Also this year we are aiming for being nice to our mother nature so also this year eco-friendly refundable cups are in the game for your drinks. Every cup also has a neat hook, so you can hang it by your belt when it’s empty or to carry more burs for your friends by hanging them on each other. The deposit for one cup will be 50 CZK. 



There will be mobile toilets available on the premises. There will also be a limited number of showers. 



There won't be an ATM in the venue. The closest ATM is approximately 10 minutes from the venue. Credit cards will be accepted at the main bar.



For The Renegade Festival, we have prepared a new merchandise that will be available at the merchandise stand. If you want to buy some older collections, you can do that at our eshop 



We are preparing many day activities including volleyball, paddle boards and others.


The Renegade Festival will use a professional audio system. We recommend that visitors take earplugs with them to protect their hearing.



Photography and filming at the festival on cameras, camcorders and mobile phones is permitted.



It is strictly forbidden to open fire in the whole venue including the camp and parking lot. We also kindly ask you to be careful with cigarettes and not to throw away any garbage outside of the garbage bins. 

It is forbidden to bring any drinks, food, weapons, drugs, pyrotechnics, laser pointers, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic bottles, camelbacks or any sharp objects that could endanger other visitors to the music area. You are allowed to bring food to the camp but it must be in a plastic bottle. Every visitor is obliged to undergo a security check at the entrance. We would like to thank you in advance for respecting this condition. Dogs are not allowed in the venue.

There is a quiet time from 22:00 to 12:00 in the campsite. It is prohibited to play music from any kind of speakers or cars.

It is forbidden to bring your own speakers into the camp. It is also forbidden to bring any tools and anything for the construction of shelters, sails and unsecured structures. Barbecues are prohibited on the festival grounds and campsites.

Possibility of bad weather: This year's event will take place in a place where there will be mostly sand. We recommend that you bring suitable "festival" shoes. It is advisable to bring both sports shoes and "flip-flops", also boots and a raincoat. Both of our stages are partly covered.

If the storm is very strong, the music production will be interrupted and all visitors will be asked to leave the premises until the situation gets better. Please respect this measure, which is necessary to avoid possible dangers.

Our video team will be filming on site during the event. Please treat them with respect and consideration, and you may be rewarded with finding yourselves in the festival aftermovie.

Thank you for your support and we hope you'll enjoy The Renegade Festival!